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  1. Likewise DO NOT rely on YouTube influencer's or Twitch streamers for a independent critique. There is virtually no one on YouTube or Twitch that is an honest unbiased reviewer.
  2. Seriously???? How can you assure us they haven't been abandoned? Once again someone is here boasting they know more than the rest of us!!! Please cite where your super secret knowledge comes from that you know something the rest of us don't!!!
  3. Yes, It certainly adds to the topic of this thread! The topic has definitely de-railed at this point. My original reply if people want to quote me is how the state of this game relates to the Reno Air Race Add-On. Many are quoting much of what I said out of context. Total wasted post. Sorry I have to waste another post to point this out.
  4. That's one of the problems here with so called experts that seem to know how development is done. You see, most customers could care less how it is done, and once again I will point out you and anyone else... we know very little about how MS/Asobo goes about there work other than what they tell us in public facing ways. I'm a customer that purchased a product I don't really care how it is developed. Most all people here should or could care less. Pointing out issues about what doesn't work and how to make a product would serve a much better purpose. By the way, the product I purchased is buggy, and will crash at times. Not what I paid for. I don't expect Reno Air Races to eliminate CTD's.
  5. No different then "Defenders" popping in here to defend MS/Asobo. All the word "Defenders" want to defend the product to no end, kind of silly when real issues do exist. I don't need to write paragraphs here to explain my position. Using the game speaks for itself. After 10 months it still has a multitude of issues and it's laughable that people are here defending the "Reno Air Race add-on". In the end it could end up being a mess just like other issues so I have absolutely no praise it! Not sure why gobs of praise are always spilling onto this forum for this game! It simply a mediocre product with very good scenery.
  6. Your quite quick to reply to people without reading what they write completely! The G1000 that comes with the game was coded by MS/ASOBO this is what I was referring to. I didn't originally say otherwise as I'm fully aware of working title. Please go back and read what I wrote! Since working title has nothing to do with my original post I'm not expecting them to be involved in this little Reno Air Race Side Show!
  7. I have your product it is working very well!!! My post above is in reference to MS/ASOBO taking there time to recognize the problem and let you have a go at getting it right! I said nothing in regards to your team being the problem! Quite the contrary.
  8. I'm fully aware! It's improved but after 12 months in for MSFS2020 and the late start it still has a long ways to go. It certainly seems we are on the 10 year improvement plan. I'm hoping Reno doesn't include a P51 because the Elevator Trim Tab might fail and crash my computer.
  9. Your guessing!!! You only know what leaks out or they choose to tell you. If there are "teams" why is it taking months to get stuff working??? I mean Reno Air Races when the AP and G1000 are a mess just for starters. Take the RENO team and put them on the G1000!!!!! Crazy!!!!
  10. Playing out more and more as a video game all the time and no serious consideration to making a simulator. 12 months in I would expect more urgent working on the very long list of problems!
  11. They are very few good honest reviews of flight sim products. Most YouTube stuff is click bait or YouTubers reviewing stuff given to them for free. Elsewhere reviews are all over the place, some raving about something while others slam it. To each his own but I wouldn't recommend wasting money on most all of this stuff. The default scenery is plenty good.
  12. Not sure why you would waste your money. All of this 3rd party scenery appears to be rushed to market to see who can complete an airport first and grab peoples money. After purchasing a couple they really aren't that much better than what is included in the game. Seems like a total waste of money!
  13. Even more redicullous is letting some "streamers" with advance access or knowledge announce the non-announcement. Another reason one should pay absolutely no attention to the people putting up mostly Youtube garbage!
  14. They claim to be onboard big time since last August. Why is this request for assistance showing anything different. The post is rather vague about what they are looking for! You are inferring they are "onboard big time". Kind of a wild assumption!
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