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  1. Not sure what your talking about as I need none of this stuff. Why would I need a tree, building or airport enhancement? Cloud textures, seriously? None is a requirement! Your over the top on what is necessary to use P3D!
  2. The way it is looking right now you will eventually be spending a large sum on MSFS as well. Navdata is out of date. Planes are all basic, already many scenery developers are selling addon products. Of course the companies you mention will develop for MSFS. The fan base is much larger pulling in casual gamers who just might purchase their stuff. I don't believe a simmer will not be investing more money then the base game. I don't think P3D/XP are going to be idle and let their products die. I don't have a clue but we will see. I'm not going to pick apart your P3D dissection. You apparently feel MSFS is currently superior to it. Right now it is not in many ways. Some ways absolutely.
  3. You are correct on P3D and XP11. Use both as well. They both do real flight simulation much better where we are at present. The fact people won't except this is certainly true. If don't believe either of these other companies are throwing in the towel any time soon. In MSFS you are correct the C172 is mostly what I use as well. In does off a very good GA/VFR experience. Contrary to what many think here I'm not a hater of MSFS, Just a realist amoungst much nonsense about what the future will be like for it. I'm not buying the hype train like others. It does hold promise no doubt but I have a much more neutral wait and see attitude.
  4. There are two side to the state of this game. I'm not praising nor defending anyone. It is simply way to early in the release post Alpha to draw much conclusion from using the product. I have the game and not disappointed by it, but it still needs very much work. The hype train was out of control on Avsim long before release. I think I mentioned that months back. The developers as I see it have only pushed the Flight Sim Genre forward in one direction at present. It's all about the scenery. It might be a good way for them to show off Bing Maps as I don't know many people using it for real world purposes.
  5. Thank You. This forum is filled with MS/Asobo defenders and crusaders if you point out the current state of the game. Fortunately my response is pretty accurate. People here are incinuateing I posted a personal attach on the OP. Hardly the case!
  6. Great to see your optimism for the next 12 months. 12 months from now it may very well be on the same level. If perfection comes from imperfection I sure don't see it with this development team. 1 step forward 2 steps backwards is hardly improving anything. We are 6 weeks in which is 1-1/2 months. They have broken more then they have fixed.
  7. I don't see anywhere I stated there have been no patches. I'm fully aware of the two we have. Never did I previously state there weren't any. It has been basically 1 month between the 1st & 2nd patch and we will find out today hopefully when another is coming. It will be more then two weeks for sure. Unacceptable for many people that can't even load the game.
  8. 14 Years ago when released these other sims where probably/possibly cutting edge for available hardware. As hardware improved so did these other simulators. It is kind of a lame excuse. I'm not throwing any fits just being a realist here with all of the extreme views I've read.
  9. Starting threads like this just incites many opinions. I wouldn’t call any of it hate. I see so many heaping praise on a new game that was very similar to all the hyping people were doing before the game released. I think just posting gobs of praise on what is yet very unfinished from what was promised is part of the problem. People are boasting all will be well give it time etc. I’m still playing the game but quite reserved about much improving. I will be quite happy when it works as advertised.
  10. It's absolutely is a standard answer here and on other forums! It then makes this product not much more advanced then the other offerings. For example "weather" was highly touted from the beginning of development. While some may claim it works fine many others can't say so. I still have winds that are somewhat accurate on a first flight. Once re-fueled and taxing for my next leg the weather is back to 225/03. At least in North America. As for "StoneDoor" saying buy it yourself...I was in early ALPHA and do own the premium deluxe version. I'm not at all regretting my purchase, but I'm solidly convinced this game is far, far from acceptable. The "tied of progress hopefully is unstoppable" because this game has much room for improvement before I invest in any 3rd party stuff.
  11. Why are you defending any of this stuff. MS/Asobo embellished us with plenty of videos and talk of how realistic this stuff was going to work, especially with the partners they have on board. Not every issue should or has to be resolved by 3rd parties. If I have to purchase a bunch of add-ons to bring this to the level of other offerings it basically doesn't make it any better, other then the pretty scenery in certain areas.
  12. This overblown praise for the game is incredible. I own, use it and like it. It's still a game. No I'm not a troll as someone else has tried to imply. The G1000 is laughable! Weather is far from accurate. Flight planning is laughable. Select a couple of points on a map and let it make your plan. ATC hmm I would get lost trying to follow it. I could continue and list many other areas that this game is lacking in. For GA/VFR it works for sightseeing that's about it.
  13. Right now other than eye candy these other products I speak of work much more reliably then MSFS2020. I wouldn't be posting here if I wasn't interested in the "new" game. I have been using this game since very early in the Alpha. I have seen the progress. It has been painfully slow. So many of the bugs and issues have been around for a very long time. I have no vested interest in any of these companies, frankly could care less who succeeds and who doesn't. This new game might be short lived like other attempts Microsoft has made. No one really knows. I'm not one to speculate what the future holds. Right now the product is nothing more than a game.
  14. Two updates that broke more things than were fixed. Pretty sad for all the hype of the size of these companies and there supposed large development team.
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