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  1. Just figured it out by back tracking through folders. I see the KSLE_KSLE is located in two places and the one in the databases\FPLN is where it seems mine need to be because it does indeed see them in this location.
  2. I'm having a similar issue that maybe you can assist with. Why is my GTN750 only seeing the KSLE_KSLE.gfp plan as an option for import and not the others that are in the same folder? Using a text editor my plans appear to be accurate to work on the GTN750.
  3. I only fly airliners and find exception to this although you my wish to try yourself. X-Plane 11 with the Zibo 737 is excellent for VR, it actually should be a study on how to implement VR in other planes.
  4. tpete61

    New Oddysey Plus Owner

    Not to hijack the thread! I have the Samsung Odyssey+ and it is quite good. That being said I can't get the VR controllers to show in the Prepar3D V4.4 Cockpit. The headset works fine. I can't find very much troubleshooting information about why they don't work. In X-Plane everything works flawlessly. Prepar3D not so much. Can you advise if your WMR Controllers work in Prepar3D?