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  1. I am glad we are getting a 727 finely but I am a bit bummed no 100 is planned. In my opinion the 727 is one of those classics that you need all the trimmings to go along with it. Historically the 727 was often released like this in the FS world. I can get that in this day and age its may not all be coming at once but when they said no 100 is planned it sort of makes me want to wait for the next guy who does all the variants.
  2. Since the server issues that started last week I have had some potentially serious problems with MSFS. A lot more random stutters and I am now getting severe memory leakage issues. First the sound goes by randomly cutting out and after that 5 to 10 minutes later MSFS starts locking up. At first very long 20 second pauses and after a few other long pauses it gives up the ghost completely. Before the server issues not an issue at all except for maybe the random half second stutter a few times during a session. I suspect M$ is still having server issues!
  3. Any theories when the MAX will drop? Its rumored to be 99% complete and PMDG has said themselves it will drop during the 777 release cycle. I am guessing August - September time frame.
  4. This is really good news. I am usually a longhauler most of the time in the past but it seems in MSFS I was sort of forced to do a lot more flights that are much shorter. I think my first flight will be SFO-NRT in UA livery if its an option on release day. I am sure it will be available shortly if not.
  5. I have been an Active Sky user for many years and I welcome it in MSFS. It may have its limitations but in a way it always has. I have noticed since using it that the fidelity of the weather and immersion has increased 10 fold. Well worth it in my opinion! I just installed the latest Beta update 8920 but have not tried it yet. I am confident it will improve things even further. Plan to check it out tomorrow!
  6. I like the FSS E-Jet series. Its still a work in progress but has come a long ways now but still has further to go before its feature complete. Its taking a long while but then again it is taking many developers a long while these days. At some point I sort of expect things to blossom and we get a constant flow of aircraft every month and if what you want is not out yet it will be along soon but we have not reached that point yet. With FS2024 on the horizon it will probably be at some point after that release that we truly start getting a nice steady flow of aircraft. I hope FSS eventually does the E2 versions and them doing it would be logical but I think I they had mentioned somewhere its not planned because of lack of data on the new model. Maybe eventually!
  7. I have both the E170/175 and E190/195 packages and for me it was simply logging into Aerosoft One App and downloading the free freighter package. I remember reading somewhere from FSS that it should be hosted by whoever you purchased it from shortly. If not they have a way to redeem it somehow that was not complicated. You do have to own both though! I have not actually flown the freighter yet but I have taken the updated E-175 up for a spin with the latest update. I had a problem with the last update when the plane sort of took over and the throttles would firewall and it would point itself towards the ground at random times. Usually on final approach. However so far in the latest build that comes along side the freighter version does not do that!
  8. This morning I tried to load the 739 and it was partially running with gauges lit up. Yoke was centered but would not move. Yesterdays trick that worked by hitting ESC and and Restart is not working today. Its going to have to be officially patched by PMDG!
  9. On my setup when I load a flight and hit ESC I don't see an option to Restart. I tried a bunch of hidden spots but nothing I could find. So far I have launched the sim and selected the PMDG 737 and had the yoke turned left. Sometimes things work but the yoke does not but most of the time no gauges and the yoke stuck hard left. If I close the sim and reboot it without turning the computer off the and relaunch the sim the PMDG 737 will work. Takes a lot longer and if I could simply load a flight hit ESC and hit a restart button that will be quicker. That fancy Restart button is missing on my screen must be a trick to see it! Edit: Okay I see...I was in windowed mode and when you are in this mode it does not show everything. Since i am typically multitasking I run in windowed mode it was hidden. Simply pressing ALT-ENTER going into full screen showed the restart option. That is much easier way to do it!
  10. Just took the PMDG 737 up for a quick spin post Sim Update 15. My plane was working normally except the yoke was not moving. I was able to set the auto pilot and engage the AP but again the yoke was frozen. I don't think the knobs were spinning either! Will tinker with it in the coming days and see if I can get the yoke working by reloading the aircraft.
  11. I could have sworn seeing in a different forum in the past few months someone else was working on a payware SEA. Could it be SEA from Inibuilds? Menzies is a tiny clue. Not much but something!
  12. Yeah, I have no idea if the warning came from ASFS or the PMDG 737? I have been flying the PMDG 737 since it came out in all sorts of conditions and I never got a windshear warning from it. So I am guessing the warning actually came from ASFS. Damian might be able to explain this feature? Non the less it was kind of shocking and pretty cool. It seems when you are in windshear conditions controlling the airplane becomes challenging. Sort of like driving on an icy road. At first you have no reaction so you naturally tend to over react and finely when you get bite on the wings you over correct. Seems pretty realistic but I am not a real pilot so what do I know? Its possible the warning came from RealTurb but again I never heard it give a windshear warning from that program. I am guessing the actual warning came from ASFS! Another thing I noticed and this is so far out there I am not giving it any sort of official notice is my ground textures and detail were pretty high up there. Either Asobo has been messing with the ground detail or ASFS somehow eases resources so your ground textures seem improved. Its hard to say is occasionally it just is better for some unknown reason but the detail flying into LAS was pretty solid using ASFS. I think its safe to say such findings are unscientific but we can hope!
  13. I picked up ASFS last night and just took my first flight from PAE to LAS in the PMDG 738. Today for reals was a very sunny day in the Seattle area and of coarse that was well depicted in the sim without a cloud in sight. I was getting some minor bumps on climb out but nothing real bad. I also have Realturb installed and I am not sure if it was ASFS or Realturb causing those affects but it definitely added to the immersion whatever was doing the work. In route over the mountain areas I was getting knocked around pretty good and it was consistent. This can happen with Realturb but usually its very severe but isolated turbulence. South of Mount Rainer it started getting partly cloudy. Clouds looked different over what we normally get with default weather but I am not smart enough to tell you exactly what type of clouds they were. On approach into LAS it was a fantastic ride. It was 33c and it seemed thermals were modeled pretty well and overflying the mountain range west of LAS created a lot of chop. It smoothed out a bit over the city but again towards Lake Mead I was getting knocked around pretty good. On final into Runway 25 at LAS I got a wind sheer warning and controlling the airplane was a challenge. When you see those YouTube videos of a pilot really fighting the yoke that is what it was like. For now I feel it was well worth the investment and adds a lot of immersion. Since you are dealing with real world weather I will just have to wait until I fly in more severe weather to see what its really like but compared to default it is several steps up. One thing I noticed right away is the temperatures seem to be more accurate. It seems default temperature settings are set at sea level. With default if its 33c in LAS it will be noticeably colder at ground level in Vegas. With ASFS it was right non the money at 33c in the sim as it was in real life. This should make hot and high takeoffs much more challenging!
  14. I have been a very long time user (since early FS2004 if memory serves but might have even been FS2000 or FS98) of Active Sky and have always been very impressed with the product and support from HiFi SImulations. I will be purchasing this version for MSFS as close to day one as possible for no other reason then to support the developers. I have no doubt that when HiFi gets more access to the internal workings of FS2020/2024 they will put out an absolutely fantastic weather generating program as they have always done. I think its even likely this new version of Active Sky will push the limits of what we have seen already. A lot of new people in this hobby since FS2020 came out and I don't think they understand the importance of developers like HiFi are to the hobby. Sometimes you gotta through them a bone every once in a while so they can continue to develop the product.
  15. I hope we get the Fenix A320 Block 2 in Alaska Airline colors. The A320 looked exceptionally well in Alaska Airlines livery. I am sure someone is working on it but it will take time since its a complex livery. The first version of the A320 had Alaska Airlines colors.
  16. I remember setting up my payload and fuel in the tablet and importing it but I noticed usually the plane will settle on the gears a bit but it did not do anything. With B2 you can now set your fuel load via the FMC. I am not sure you could do that in B1 I never tried. I set 20,000 lbs of fuel in the FMC and that imported that fuel load into the airplane. Took off and it felt rather sporty so I doubt I had any payload onboard. Will have to tinker with it on my next opportunity for a flight! I will need to familiarize myself with Simbrief. I have heard about it but i am kind of a lazy simmer. I take some things seriously and other things not so serious. I fly direct most of the time!
  17. Wow this thread is moving so fast... I was on a relatively short sector of about 500 miles. I set 160 passengers and about 10,000 lbs of payload so fairly full. Fuel load was set at 20,000 lbs and I landed with 12,000 lbs remaining. If published fuel burn is at 5,100 lbs total it would be about right I would think. I can't remember my gross weight but probably around 153,000 lbs give or take a few. Maybe at that weight the fuel flow may still be a tad bit low? It could just be atmospherics which are not always perfect in the simulator obviously! Only thing I am not 100% sure is if it actually imported the payload into the airplane? I did push the button but it felt rather sporty climbing out compared to what I remember from the first build. Next opportunity I look into it further to see if I can tell what it is doing?
  18. I just completed my flight from SFO to SEA in the UA A320 IAE engines. Flight went well without any issues. Weather in SEA is pretty bad with multiple layers of clouds. I got all the payware add on scenery you can get for this area. My computer these days is lower mid level now but even then I did not really suffer any severe performance issues. I could tell I was loosing frames when flying between clouds but its hardly noticeable. I have the 8K textures installed and next flight might give the 4K a go and see if its even better. Landing behavior seems improved over the previous versions of the Fenix A320. About the only thing I noticed is the fuel burn seemed to be a tad low but not sure? I am not real familiar with the A320 but at FL320 cruising at Mach .78 I was seeing about 2500 lbs per engine. Maybe that is accurate but maybe it was not? Overall pretty impressed. Can't wait for the Sharklet versions and the A319 and A321. I am thinking and hoping that most of the dirty work was done when creating this version of the A320. The rest is 80% modeling and tweaking things for the different versions. The A319 and A321 might be sooner than we think. Maybe summer and worse case the end of the year. I am no developer though so take it with a grain of salt but hopefully its not year(S) away!
  19. Just took up the UA bird from SFO to SEA. Flies absolutely beautifully so far. Been flying 737's and older airplanes recently so a bit taken by surprise by the automation the A320 series planes offer but otherwise everything is working out great. Amazing airplane. So far this deserves airplane of the year if such a thing exist.
  20. I got it working. Like in the old days you have to launch the app before the sim when loading this aircraft. I am sure in a future update it will go back to not needing to do that! The new model looks good...real GOOD!
  21. Installed the new Version and the plane loads fine but its completely dead otherwise. I get some kind of error message making sure the the fenixsim.exe is running but from what I can tell it is. I am going to try and launch it separately like we had to do it in the old days.
  22. Will this show up as an update Fenix A320 Manager like in the past or will it be a completely new fresh install?
  23. Really looking forward to B2 release of the Fenix A320. It has been a long wait but likely worth it! I hope at least soon we get an America West A320 with the IAE engines. Many years ago (Like 25 plus years ago) I was flying PHX to SEA in a brand spanking new A320. It still had the plastic on the seats and that new car (plane) smell. The pilot in the right seat was a French fellow. I can't help but wonder if he was some sort of check pilot from Airbus? Ride was very nice and trouble free. It was one of if not my first A320 ride and I admired how roomy it was compared to the 732 I was on before it. I also remember flying out of ZQN in a Air New Zealand A320 with the IAE engines. It seems we took off and climbed like a homesick angel and just when you thought the engines were at max thrust more power was poured on and we climbed even faster. Never experienced that on a CFM powered A320. I heard the IAE Airbuses have some sort of power boost mode that is seldom used. Airbus calls it something but I can't remember.
  24. Since PMDG is a real growing business I kind of doubt its a 717. They will stick to stuff that they know will sell well. No disrespect to the 717 and would like study level version of it in my MSFS but again I doubt PMDG will take it on. I can certainly see a smaller developer taking it on though! Now if they take on the complete DC-9 series including the MD-80's, 90's and 717 that changes the game a lot. I am kind of surprised Leonardo has not decided to take those projects on but if he has not than somebody else will. I am sticking with another Boeing. We have a huge hole in MSFS right now without a 727. The freeware development out there is spotty at best. In a lesser degree I could see it being a 757/767 and a 787. Still rumors out there that PMDG brought on some of the Quality Wings developers and purchased the project from them. I think the 737 Classics (300,400,500) have been forgotten in MSFS land as well. So that is a possibility but 737 fatigue as mentioned by RR is a real thing. Someone else will likely take those on and sell a ton of them but it might be a better business move for PMDG to do something else. I think it will be a Boeing its just anyone's guess what it will be!
  25. This thread is really making me think. I can't come up with anything conclusive in my mind. Its really anyone's guess. I really don't think it will be any sort of business jet. More than likely it will be an airliner of some some sort. I believe our hobby needs a kick start for classic jetliners. The 727 is almost a flight simulator requirement and just about every flight simulator created during the internet era had a quality 727 available. I am going with a 727 package!
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