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  1. Nice. Thanks Mark. That was extremely easy with the included documentation.
  2. how does the native application handle frequency lookups from MSFS @markcellis? I'm finding that my frequency being set to say, "Minneapolis Center" is not being properly categorized as "center" and gets set to "approach" etc.
  3. @Dave-Pilot2ATC is there a place where P2A generates the list of SAPI voices that I can "delete"/refresh to see if it can populate the neural voices?
  4. Continuing to share info as I get it. Lorby Axis And Ohs (which uses SAPI) is showing both versions (Standard and Neural), but P2A is not: The full list of Polly voices are listed in registry @ `Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens`:
  5. Here's API (non-SAPI) documentation for reference: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/machine-learning/upgrade-your-amazon-polly-voices-to-neural-with-one-line-of-code/
  6. https://i.imgur.com/MNtbdQs.png <--P2A screenshot today vs. an older screenshot where it shows (Standard) and (Neural) ---> https://i.imgur.com/ReUb3se.png https://pastebin.com/qpCHc9B8 <--pastebin of polly `aws polly describe-voices` The Amazon Polly Player for windows has been deprecated...im not sure if thats a contributing factor...but I can't seem to get the Neural voices to show up in the list for P2A. Here's a link to documentation on how to do it non-SAPI, I'm not sure how these are making their way to P2A but I'm hoping that if a voice has `"SupportedEngines": Neural`, that it would be an option to select that voice. Any help is appreciated!!
  7. I mean, it's fine to give your opinion, but this statement (and the rest of the post) ignores the concerns that people have in this thread and concludes "ASFS gud because it does a thing".
  8. would be really useful if this was possible, even if its a hacky fix. Is there a way to restart only the "voice engine" part of P2A without having to instantiate the entire application again @Dave-Pilot2ATC? The current "workaround" is Start P2A Wait for it to load Click `Config` Go to `Voices` tab `Test` one of the voices that uses Polly If no sound comes out, quit P2A Start back at 1 ..sometimes you need to do this 4, 5 times...maybe more 😞
  9. I get random crashes, also 64GB of ram, running a 5900X and a 3090. No idea if its FSUIPC related though. It seems random.
  10. Just wanted to write this in case it gets indexed by google and gets found, or if anyone is searching the avsim forum regarding P2A, (or Pilot2ATC, Pilot 2 ATC, etc 🙂): I am really impressed with Dave's responsiveness and deployment frequency for beta versions of this app. His responsiveness to his customers, and the resulting iterative development, makes P2A one of the best supported addons for MSFS (and X-Plane). In a sea of abandonware (even from well known companies in flight simming), this has been a breath of fresh air. So, thanks Dave! I hope you're making at least a little money off from us and I am very happy with my decision to purchase P2A last year.
  11. This was fixed by dave in Beta 5p1 03/08/2023
  12. I had an aircraft reg with "X" as the last letter, TTS was pronouncing it as "The tenth ray" because it's parsing "X-Ray". Is it possible to have it parse "ex-ray" or something similar so that it's pronounced correctly? I am using Amazon Polly. On the latest beta, if that matters. Thanks dave.
  13. (v2.6.4.2 beta 5o) Description: If you are approaching your last cleared altitude (e.g. you were cleared to FL180 but FL360 is final) during a handoff, co-pilot autoreplies to an altitude that hasn't been cleared yet. Example written out: You get IFR clearance to 7,000ft On takeoff, you are passing through 5,800ft on ascent and you get the handoff from tower to approach (or any other handoff similar) Your co-pilot (if you have auto-reply enabled checks in and says "{callsign} is at 5800ft climbing to FL180" The next message from ATC is basically "{callsign} good afternoon, radar contact" then "climb to FL180" The fix for this would be to ensure that the FL change instructions by ATC must precede the check in, or that the check in must happen, then the FL change instructions. let me know if you need further explanation!!
  14. Are you saying that this could be used with P2A for offline clearances using CPDLC? If so, this is exactly what I was talking about in the fenix discord a few days ago. I would be very interested in this.
  15. I am assuming this is known...but: Seems like any STAR that terminates in vectors, P2A ATC is: Prematurely vectoring the aircraft off the STAR Vectoring the aircraft in nonsensical directions (completely off course, away from the airport, and not toward the approach)
  16. bumping this in hopes someone can help
  17. Hello! Can anyone comment on whether this is possible in MSFS? I want to bind the slider axis of the TM Warthog Throttle to zoom the view in the sim. I dont see any default variables to set the zoom, only ones to INC or DEC, which isn't what I need (I dont think?). Any guidance is appreciated!
  18. It's very easy. Use AXIS_THROTTLE1_SET with AAO, or, if you are not up to it...use the default MSFS axis.
  19. This assumes that this (first publicly available, 1-day-old) version of FSLTL Live Traffic will also be the last, and that they will never improve the app or injection logic 🙂
  20. Correct. Flight plans are injected by hitting the FR24 API and augmented further if you also use the flightplandatabase API. No static flight plans are stored locally like with AIG.
  21. None of the things you describe, besides the (unrelated and already reported if you had looked in the forum) simbrief issue, sound like a P2A issue. Your FSUIPC install probably isn't working correctly, and I would question whether you properly uninstalled (cleanly, no leftover files in %appdata%) P2A, or whether you needed to at all. I recommend not coming into the forum so full of emotion...people want to help you...try to be objective and offer empirical, clear information in order for folks to try to help you troubleshoot. No need to fly in here full of complaints with zero commonality with each other.
  22. import IFR flight plan validate File Request clearance, receive clearance with wrong runway (this is fine that it's "wrong", but i want to request a different runway) Request taxi and get taxi instructions to "wrong" runway (expected) Me: "<Callsign>, request departure runway 05L" ATC: This is ground, you need to be on Clearance delivery" Change radio freq and repeat step 6 above No response from Clearance This is with latest public beta. Alternatively, if you DO successfully get a runway change request from clearance, my taxi instructions are still to the original "wrong" runway. I will try to get some log files for this if it's helpful, but I have had this happen at least 3 times in the past week. Thanks!
  23. Yes thank you Dave...great first release of this feature...such an improvement in user experience. Hopefully CRZ FL and other fields can be imported in future iterations!
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