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  1. Hi, now with sim update 14, anyone know when the inibuilds a320 Neo will come out?
  2. Ohh, so the fuel quantity actually changes but I just doesn't show on the panel? So I could just import the weights and not modify the weights and balance panel and I would be fine?
  3. Yes, I selected the model I was using( I used the default 787 and the horizon sim 787-9) and I completed the flight with a bit a fuel left( maybe enough for some go-arounds)
  4. Hi, I'm kind new to the 787 and I have some questions regarding the weight and balance configuration. I usually import my data from simbrief, but I noticed that only changes the info in the FMC, not the actual payload. So I look at the numbers in simbrief and I set them in the weight and balance tab. Even If I have the tanks full or the weights exactly like I should, I always get an insufficient fuel message. Any idea what I should do, or any tutorial that can help?
  5. Yeah, I imported from simbrief. No idea what I did wrong.
  6. Well the weights and trim were set, I checked them. No idea what might be the cause. Tho I'm afraid of something. After I installed the aircraft, the game acted like I just installed it and made me redo some of the settings( not all of them). Some of my Thrustmaster tca quadrant settings got reset, but I set them back. I hope this doesn't have to do anything with my sensitivity or other settings and calibration getting reset
  7. Hi, first flight here in the horizon sim 789 and I have a problem :). When I reach rotate speed, the aircraft doesn't want to lift, instead keeps rolling until 190 kts( I'm only able to rotate at 190kts). It happens multiple times, and I don't know what's causing it. Any ideas?
  8. Well I kinda had some Vnav problems. When I start my descent( at the calculated TOD) the plane just starts descending at -4000 to -5000 ft per minute. I don’t know what the problem is.
  9. Alright. But is there another enhancement I can download for the 787 other than the Kuro 787-8?
  10. Alr then. One more question though. I installed it and I went to download the heavy division enhancement, but it said the it was unavailable and that it will be updated and return. Is that my bug or something or is it for real?
  11. And just to be sure, I buy the premuim deluxe upgrade from the in-game marketplace?
  12. Hi, now with the horizon simulations enhancement, is the LVFR a321 Neo worth it? And is it VATSIM friendly?
  13. Wow. Thanks for all the responses:). I was already almost convinced to buy it, but now I’m sure it’s worth it. Looks like this debate finally ended now with the horizon simulations enhancement. I’m looking forward to fly all of the new planes. Thank you:)
  14. Hi, I really want to fly the 787 in msfs and the airports and other planes in premium deluxe are cool too. So to end this debate, is the premium deluxe worth it? ps: I already have the standard so I would be upgrading
  15. Hi, I recently bought the Thrustmaster tca quadrant and so far it works really smooth. Only one problem. Since I started using the quadrant at random times, the flaps and spoilers go to full without me doing anything. Also when that happens, the plane instantly goes to a really low speed like 118 kts. It happens with every plane and I have no idea what triggers it or how to fix it. Any idea what I can do? PS: I only have the throttle and the sidestick, I don’t have the flaps and spoilers add-on.
  16. Hi, been recently flying the captain sim 777-300ER and I noticed that the interior is not modeled all the way to the back of the plane, therefore I can’t get the back windows wing view:(. Do you know if I can find any windows modelled in the back so I can get my wing view?:). I found some for the FBW a320 on flightsim.to so I was wondering if anyone made anything for the cs 777-300ER
  17. Hi, I was flying the 737-800 recently and I noticed that the triming was kinda broken. I was using the AI auto trim setting, but with that active, the plane randomly starts to go nose nose up, nose down constantly. It stops after some time eventually. if I turn of the setting, it’s very hard to trim. I was on final at 2000 feet and the plane was descending, but the nose was up like in the climb phase. do you know how I can trim it easily? or how can I make the auto trim setting work better?
  18. So my friend recently bought msfs and we’ve been playing on shred cockpit mode. We want to do that on Vatsim, but I was wondering, does one of us need to connect as an observer and the other to connect normally, or can we both connect normally? Or like what’s the procedure of flying in shared cockpit on Vatsim?😅
  19. Hi, now that I started flying on Vatsim, I wanted to know what to do in case of a go around. So I watched tutorials. Everywhere, the go around procedure is already inserted in to the FMC when the flight plan is configured, but for me, it’s just a small part of it.(like just the beginning of the procedure) any idea what I’m doing wrong? btw I’m flying the fenix a320
  20. I’m really not sure what to do, because if I need to make a new account, it will take a lot of time to make my settings and install everything back
  21. @AviationEnthusiast, your tip sounds the best for me, on question tho, if I get the eneba version, will I have all the planes that I downloaded and liveries already installed as before? Or do I have to re download everything over again?
  22. So the In game offer is the only one? Isn’t there another option with a smaller price?
  23. Hi, I recently decided I want to upgrade from the msfs standard edition to the premium deluxe one. Do you know what the best offer is? Should I buy it from the in game marketplace for 100 and something dollars, or do you have any other good price offer?
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