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Found 9 results

  1. I have flown C414AW a couple of times without issue. However, now I cannot get the engines started. I also tried to bring up the EFB. No matter where I click on the triangular window, there is just no EFB tablet to be seen. I am using the PMS50 GTN750 livery. Anyone, please help. Thank you
  2. I have always dreamt about of having an all-in-one package, and the Fenix A320 brings it one step closer in that regards. What I mean is that you do not have to leave the sim to do anything. Everything that you need is there and included in the plane. What I'm referring to is the EFB. Gone are the days where you need a separate app running for each and every thing. I used to have to open PFPX for my flight planning, and TOPCAT for my calculations, and so forth. Having to TAB out back to the desktop and back into the sim really kills the immersion for me. The only thing that I wish was part of the EFB or sim, would be a full-fledged and feature packed flight planner like SimBrief that either shows up as an app on the EFB or built into the core of MSFS. I just want a sim that has everything included so that we do not need to rely on 3rd party apps. Thanks to KatiePilot for working on the EFB. You have done such an incredible job. The details are above and beyond what most of us have ever imagined. I really hope you can put the envelope further and add more useful apps on that thing to make the experience even better.
  3. Hi all, I haven't been able to ascertain whether Fenix devs allow us end users to import our own sourced airport charts (pdf's) directly into the EFB. I don't need navigraph, as the tools I have at my disposal are more than sufficient. Otherwise if not, that would be a shame as it would be tantamount to a "Captive Market".
  4. I purchased the MILVIZ C310R from the MSFS2020 MARKETPLACE! i just want to know how to get this product working as advertised. I mean it's not exactly cheap. I have uninstalled and re-installed several times, but it's still the same. NO RADIOS! EFB DOESN'T WORK! PROP FEATHERING DOESN'T WORK! Other than that, the plane flies beautifully! Any constructive advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  5. Hi all,I'm flying the NGX using Aivlasofts EFB to do my flightplanning and VoxATC6 for the ATC. I seem to be having a little problem though with a SID, and I wonder if anyone can help? (It's probably something daft I'm doing or not doing but I can't figure it out!) ((Also the VoxATC is not important here i just used it in this case to determine the active runway))I'm trying to recreate a Ryanair 738 flight from Liverpool EGGP to Shannon EINN. I created the flightplan in EFB and exported in in 3 formats, first the EFB format, second the standard .pln format for an IFR FSX flight and third as PMDG .rte file so I could load the flightplan as a co route within the FMC. So far, so good! See the 'WAL2V track Aivlasoft EFB.jpg' screenshot for the created track, clearly showing using runway 09 followed by a 180 turn to the left to intercept the the Wallasey 277 radial.I started FSX with the IFR flightplan loaded, immediately started VoxATC and powered up the NGX. Went through the usual routine of APU start, ILS alignment etc etc, then started entering in the flight into the CDU. As I loaded up the company route saved from EFB and activated it in the CDU you can see from the screenshot 'efb flightplan WAL2V EGGP loaded as co route into ngx.jpg' the purple track on the nav display shows exactly the same as the EFB screenshot. Great!However, the WAL2V SID was not shown as selected within the CDU, so....I went to the ARR/DEP page and selected runway 09, and WAL2V SID in the CDU as the departure. As you can see from the second screenshot 'efb flightplan WAL2V EGGP loaded as co route into ngx then WAL2V selected in FMC(2).jpg' the nav display now shows a dotted white line added which the FMC clearly thinks is the route it should follow for that newly selected WAL2V departure from EGGP, and it's not the same as in the EFB flightplan!?Both EFB and the NGX's navdata are from Airac cycle 1201 so there should be no conflict there.Why do two SIDs from the same Airac cycle show different tracks in EFB and the NGX?Thanks for any help or enlightenment you can pass my way! :)Kevin
  6. As you can see in the pic (click link below), the FSX logo bleeds through the PMDG 747-8 EFB. I also have the bleed-through problem in the PMDG 777, but not in the NGX or any other aircraft. I uninstalled and reinstalled the 747-8 and it temporarily fixed the problem, but it returned. The EFB opened in a 2D window displays just fine.I've used Steve's DX10 Fixer to no avail. Interestingly this problem does not occur with DX9, but DX9 causes OOMs with this bird so I need to use DX10.Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any ideas? CLICK HERE FOR PIC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5o5jqs1tj6rfzz/Picture1.png?dl=0 Gus WhiteUAL1063
  7. Hi, Do you want to use professional EFB-tools with your FSX? Then take a look at the program: XMapsyV2 found on http://www.xmapsy.com. This helpfull tool sends data of own simulator aircraft and AI traffic information over your local network (UDP port 49002) to various EFB solutions - successfully testeted with ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot on IOS and Android devices. Michael
  8. I was hoping that things would change with MSFS, but the amount of apps I have to run alongside the sim is starting to gradually increase over time as more 3rd party add-ons come out. Here's a list of some of the apps that I run alongside with MSFS: Pilot2ATC SimToolKitPro Little Navmap Web Browser Discord The Skypark Aivlasoft EFB That's 7 apps! Now if more addons come out such as ActiveSky for MSFS, that will be even more apps I have to launch. What I have been dreaming all along is for a single app that can include most of these functions. I would love to have an EFB that can be used as a full functioning Flight Planner (PFPX, SimBrief, LNM), PDF Viewer to view my charts and documents, Built-in web browser so that I can have Discord, YouTube, AVSIM forum and whatever else I feel like surfing during my flight. I would love to have the clean and modern UI of The Skypark for this. I really hope some talented devs can ever come up with such an elegant solution. I would pay to have something like this. The app would need to have a slick UI and have the option to pin the window on top. Like The Skypark does. I wish the developers at //42 can add more "apps" to their home screen to cover some of those missing features, so that we don't have to have 1 app for every feature that we need. An all-in-one but elegant and streamlined solution would make the flying experience that much better. The Ultimate EFB would need to include the following features: Built in web browser PDF Viewer Navigraph Charts Flight Planner Moving Map Perhaps the EFB can be modular, meaning that devs or other 3rd party devs can create or add to the existing feature set by creating "apps" that live inside the EFB. Kind of like an iPhone, where you have many different apps that do different things. A dev can release features to the EFB by creating an app that lives on the EFB.
  9. Dear Simmers! I would like to share a story with you all because something has amazed me a lot. And the developer behind this product has shown, an GA Plane can truly become not only study level, but also outstanding visual quality, system depth, immersive and have so many features wich even convinced me, as normally a P3D A320 and PMDG fan, a P3D beta tester, to step out of my comfort zone and fly GA in MSFS. Some of you may know me, some not. I'm a passionated simmer especially in VR. I love being actual "there". The MSFS start was hard, not really convincing for me. I sticked at P3D first, thousands of euros invested in that platform. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Some not, that's ok. But this is NOT about me. It's about a developer and true friend of mine. He became visible to me via P3D Beta testing. His name is @simbol. He is known from products like AILRP (P3D) and also does a lot behind the scenes, out of love, for level42, freedom FOX, immersion packages, etc. Simbol, his passion for development has reached me, other beta testers and others behind that and he has shown us things never shown before. He took us on a trip of his development, made us to beta testers and Involved us beta testers without hesitating, left handed and full of ideas, ups, downs, he worked in night shifts over more then a year, tears, persistence, courage, politeness and never stopped making his dream, development of a very high level Sting S4 GA, for MSFS, come true. When I sleep, he works, and we live in almost the same time zone ;-). We spoke about his plans. It was risky. Because MSFS was full of issues, full of limitations and full of changes from month to month. He was actually trying to develop something on a moving target. We have seen this more often. But Simbol is different. He does not stop. He finds ways of making his ideas come to reality. Simbol is a developer who wants the thing perfectly. No way he would not solve a problem. He has so many contacts. He helps others, others help him. He thought about this all before starting, invested lots of money BEFORE even 1 single copy can get sold. I'm talking about thousands of euros. Something we as users often do not see. Devs need tools, models, licences etc. Expensive stuff. But Simbol didn't hesitate. He got the needed approval of his other half (:-)) and started. He said...I will start developing a plane with features never have seen before. One of his, for me now well known words, from Simbol: "I need learn to walk first, then run!" Well, his learning curve was more like a runner being born. We had contact every single day over the whole development period. I heard him yell, getting angry, being MAD about the lacking SDK, he puked almost every day for the first weeks. But at some day his mind has changed. And then it happened. His positiveness, persistence, emotion, and motivation became to a standard. Since that day his learning curve was steep, the outcome is a masterpiece. I'm not making marketing here. I don't need it (I do this out of my passion as a user to thank him) and he doesn't need it as well. Because he has found his own way to reach his goals. But one thing is important. Money was not the main reason behind this. It was his passion and his dream. That is what he stands for. That is what is making him a top tier developer! Not only his products are great and have outstanding quality. But also his support. I know him. Support is important he told me. "I need to tread my customers well, they make this possible". "And this will help me being successful". That's @simbol! A true one man company delivering his first GA Plane Sting S4 with the quality level at least at PMDG Level or even above! Even I was confessed now, that GA is fun, especially in VR. Yes, the interested simmers need a good performing product too to use it in VR. Here are some features which are only a handful: - Superb textures almost photorealistic - Outstanding Audio\Sounds - Realistic flight dynamics tested by real life pilots - Exact 3d model developed with real data directly from the production company! It can't be done better! - Top notch reflections - Too Notch system depth - A EFB packed full with features like wear and tear, tire pressure related to air temperature, maintenance pages, coolant wear and fill, oil wear and fill, battery drain and needed battery load, etc. Etc.... - Tires can blow at hard landings - tired will wear more of at hard landings, depend on surfaces - tires will drag if to soft - brakes will wear off dependend on your usage. More hard braking is more wear and tear - canopy could be opened at flight and you will get shocked! Sounds are blowing your head of! This is really immersive. How many pilots do forget to close the canopy at hot days - Failures can be used with different features to set - the animations are super smooth, stick, brakepedals etc. - Brake pedal reflection on spring are even modelled! - Rain at the canopy is super real - powerfully 100hp engine fully realistic handling of the plane. - A BRS will save your life when the engine brakesy because you forgot to reduce power? Or did not check the oil? Pull the chute! You will be shocked when the rocket fires the chute out and you thumbling down. -3 realistic flight models. One for the ground handling, one for the flighty one for the chute - and I surely forgot the most to mention here. All of this has convinced me, if a dev puts in his true emotions and passion, the product will be outstanding. Combine this with hard work, more then a year, much more, night shifts, tears, etc.....you will get a study level superb looking GA Plane from a dev who supports you when needed with never seen features before! And this all for Dollar 24,99! Here are some links to convince yourself. Some parachute impressions here Article here FSElite https://fselite.net/content/fsreborn-announces-sting-s4-for-microsoft-flight-simulator-comes-with-full-brs/ Twitch stream 3 hours with Simbol explaining his "Dream"! Not 1 minute boring! Twitch Stream 1 with the developer explaining Today streamed by Twitch Stream 2 by BeMint Discord link to join us and have fun with us https://discord.gg/XC82TqvKQ3 Or at Facebook search for FSReborn I know from him there is more to come....and the quality will for sure be equal to what I've seen here. The features? Under NDA 😉 I wish you all happy flying....and a nice Sunday! Marcus
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