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Tips for Microsoft Flight has detected a corrupted installation...

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Hi All,


Just wanted to share a few hours of pain with you I had when installing Alaska. Actually it wasn't too bad in the end thanks to some helpful internet folks, and I think the tips I've picked up proved very useful so I've started this topic so the faithful can refer to should future DLC's cause any concerns.


Just wanted to say I've had no issues at all with installations in Flight up until the Alaska pack, maybe I was unlucky with this, there isn't too much in the forums so hopefully these events are pretty rare - but downloading large files always has the potential to cause issues.


Microsoft Flight has detected a corrupted installation and will now exit :shok:


Yeah, so some of you may have seen this, if you haven't you don't know what your missing! Of course this means the Flight install has been corrupted. This happened during the install of the Alaskan Wilderness Pack for me. After much tinkering I decided to remove Flight altogether, but that meant at the time downloading Flight again, the title update and all DLC... YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS - so a few simple steps now could save you hours later on.


How to fix a corrupted installation: :dance:

  1. Reinstall the main Flight package.
  2. Install the latest title update.
  3. Remove recently added DLC using the Games for Windows Client.
  4. Check Flight install (playing the game for 5 minutes usually is enough to verify if the install is ok).
  5. Download DLC again.

If you still have issues it means one of the DLC components (there are 7 with Alaska) has been corrupted. In this case what I had to do was delete using the Games for Windows Client the latest DLC downloads and then install each one again but checking the Flight install each time. As it happens with me it seemed the Alaska Share Resources was corrupted so when downloading this again it fixed the Flight installation.


Another thing which may have caused me issues was the initial download Alaska Wilderness Pack the first time round didn't install first, because when going back to Flight before this had finished it asked me to download the others files and one of them finished before the download for the Alaska Wilderness Pack. I can't say if that caused any issues but it probably wasn't a good thing.


Preparing for a corruption :sad:


Removing Flight base package


Ok removing the base package does absolutely nothing with the DLC so it's completely safe. You profile is taken online so you lose none of your achievements. Perform the following to remove the Flight application - thanks Bill! (n4gix).

  • Uninstall Microsoft Flight from the Add/Remove Programs screen
  • Delete the following directories (if they exist). Navigate to them by pasting the paths given below in the address bar of Windows Explorer:
  • %UserProfile%\My Documents\Flight
  • %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Flight
  • %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\XLive\DLC\4d5308d2
  • %AppData%\Microsoft\Flight

Installing Flight base package


To make the reinstall steps above easier to follow you can capture the main Flight download from the Games for Windows Downloads folder prior to clicking on the install. The other DLC packs install automatically but the main package needs a prompt. Copy something like the file shown below before picking install to another folder and unpack. The GfW Client Settings page will show you where your downloads are if you've forgotten.


The archived download will look something like



For the title update do a search for the msi package however if you don't do this straight away when installing the title update, the file will eventually be deleted - as this is smaller though re-downloading is less of an issue...

dir TitleUpdate.msi /s


Copy parent folder for 'Content' containing the TitleUpdate banary to a safe location. i.e. as below this would be 4d5308d2.



After installation you will be prompted to redownload your online profile so make sure you are logged into Windows Live.

That’s about it, you can now continue to redownload the DLC and hopefully a second time it will be ok...


Still no luck with the install... :help:


If the install still doesn't work. The Game for Windows Client writes out a log file at the following location - but also check the Windows Event Viewer as well.



Issues with updates can sometimes also occur when Flight has crashed or is still running. Make sure Flight is shutdown before reinstalling the main package, title updates and even DLC. I.e. use GfW client. If you still can't get any DLC working, then it may be another issue with your computer or even the DLC itself. If it gets this far then it can't be a bad idea to look online or post something within this topic and I'm sure the technical wizards on here will be happy to assist.


Good luck and enjoy Alaska! :yahoo:




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Thx for sharing!

Flight Simulation is the Virtual Materialization of a Dream...

Uninstalling flightsims is a Temptation I can never resist...



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Thanks for posting that, it obviously took a while to put together.


Before going through all that I would recommend that anyone experiencing the "corrupted installation" run Windows update. It has fixed that problem for me a couple times.




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Yeah, so some of you may have seen this, if you haven't you don't know what your missing!

well, I know this very well. Got 6 of these in a row after I installed Alaska and the various additional packs. Hate this. Funnily after a few reboots it works. until I close flight... so I wonder whether it can really be just a download issue?

Phil Leaven

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I was having this error big time after the update and it is true, one of the DLC updates had become corrupted. It was easy for me to find out which one. In Windows7, just check your \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Flight folder. Every time Flight crashes it creates an error log file named ContentErrors.log. Open this file and you can see which DLC is causing the problem.


Your DLC content is saved in \Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive\DLC.


I had one DLC update causing me trouble. I started up Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace off of the start menu. There you can see your downloads and you can delete and re-download the offending update.


It took me a while to get past this error. It appears that some of the downloads get corrupted in the downloading process. With my slow DSL service I'm surprised I can download anything these days.

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Well, after 5 days of preforming perfectly with the Alaskan Pack, troubles imerged this morning and I recieved the "corrupted installation" warning :Waiting: . I ran bubba04's check and came up with this in my contentErrors file:


(20.898650, -156.430458): Failed to verify file 'C:\Users\Jerry\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive\DLC\4d5308d2\00000002\09f31425a816b0a0b0e1bc32c64297b7b4ada251\Content\Content.pak' [hr=0x80092004] [catalog size=113644 crc=b9fee376]


I see that the 4d5308d2 file is listed in dtrjones's post under his "Removing Flight base package" list.


From this, I really can't tell which download I have to replace, unless the word "Content.pac" means the actual Alaskan Wilderness pack. I'm not that sharp with computers and files, but would like to get this fixed. Right now, I just feel like I spent $14.95 for a corrupted file. Thanks in advance for any help.


Regards, Jerry (N60JC)

Regards, Jerry

Gamertag: N60JC

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For snurdly, the file you need to download again is the Alaska Shared DLC. 4d5308d2 is the main folder that all of the DLC is located. You would browse to the C:\Users\Jerry\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive\DLC\4d5308d2 folder, then open up 00000002, then open 09f31425a816b0a0b0e1bc32c64297b7b4ada251, and finally open the Content folder. In this folder is a file called FileLocator.config. Open this file with notepad and it will tell you what DLC is causing a problem.

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Thanks so much bubba. I'll give this a shot again later today.

Regards, Jerry

Gamertag: N60JC

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