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TOPCAT & Navigraph on Ipad

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Apologies if this is blatantly obvious to some! As I am sure most of you are aware many operators are switching from onboard laptops to Ipads for crew to carry out pre flight performance calculations and store charts.


Myself and a fair few other simmers have been pleading with the TOPCAT and Navigraph creators to port there products on IPads and various other tablets not only for realism but ease of use. Both company's have stated that they are very busy and have no plans to do it in the near future.


Anyway, to cut a long story short, inspired by the thread over on the PMDG 777 forum regarding step climbs and monitoring the aircraft on route, I decided to download Teamviewer HD onto my Ipad & a very old laptop that was gathering dust on my shelf but was still connected through wifi to my home network.


After installing TOPCAT, Navigraph, and a whole other bunch of FS utilities to monitor and update the sim, I connected my IPAD and the old laptop via Teamviewer HD.


The result, even though my old laptop is closed and tucked away under my desk I have full access to the desktop, all my FS applications, company ACARS, and preflight capabilities from anywhere that has a wifi connection. I can even configure it to switch to my FS PC and view the virtual cockpit enroute.


Everything was up and running within minutes :) I guess it is stating the obvious, but has made things a lot easier for me :)







Rob Prest


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Nicely done. I'm using Splashtop 2 as a second monitor connect to my second computer (not FSX).

Different program, same result I think.

Does it pretty nicely, ideally suited for Aivlasoft EFB also!

Michar Breems

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What a great idea :-) If I had a tablet of some sort I would copy that for sure!

Sander Rutte

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Interesting idea! It seems much more convenient than having to convert (to PDF) and e-mail all of my Navigraph charts after every revision.

My YouTube

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Navigraph mentioned in their forum that they are working on an iPad charts app but I think they've got a few other priorities at the moment.

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