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Oshkosh EAA, best day to go, what to see?

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Haven't been to this event in over 20 years. I can only spend one whole day there, any suggestions on some must see things there?


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Warbirds and the Classics! Also don't miss out on the ice cream there its pretty good on those hot days.

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Well, you've got one day to experience the largest fly in and one of the largest aviation shows on Earth!  I'd get a map and set an efficient route starting with the Warbird Section and moving South to the Vintage Area.  Try and hit the vendors in the merchandise area, static displays in show center, then get free stuff at the tents (Embraer, Cessna, etc).  Don't forget to buy a brats, skip the relish! Wear your favorite walking shows and keep the pace up. I've done the entire show in one day, including the seaplane base.


For those that haven't been and can spend more than one day... I devote one day for each section and carry a seat:


- Seaplane base.  I love the atmosphere over there.

- Warbirds section.  Hang around all day and you'll meet some very interesting people.

- Vintage aircraft.  I always run into friends from home here.

- Exhibits (Museum, static displays, ).  I usually try to save this for the rainy day.  Walking on wet pavement sure beats trudging through wet grass.

- Shops in the "warehouse" hangar.  I spend on average at Airventure $300 on stuff to use back home. Cheap aviation headsets, gadgets, flight sim hardware/software, etc.  Love the shops!


- Milwaukee.  I go to Milwaukee for a day and eat at Maders (EXCELLENT GERMAN FOOD).  Hit up Usinger's Sausage to get stuff to take home.


I start at gate opening, when the dew is still on the vintage and warbird a/c.  Breakfast and coffee gulped down.  AirVenture is amazing!


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AirVenture is amazing!


That's about the simplest, most accurate statement there is.  Amazing.


I can't imagine trying to see it all in a single day, but if that's what you've got available - I'll buck the trend and recommend you focus on what you enjoy and don't even try to see it all.


It wasn't until my third year that I felt I'd finally seen every area, but I'm a stop and smell the roses sort.  When there are things worth lingering over, I linger.



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Well decided to do the 5k run for United Way at EAA.


Get some good exercise seeing much of the grounds, helps a cause and nets me a day pass for the event. Weather looks to be good too.


I hope to see a lot of steam gauge airliners, guess I'll find out.

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Hey... if you're there today, go see the Press Conference announcing the re-creation of Amelia Earhart's RTW flight. Interestingly enough, it's being done by Earhart's namesake, Amelia Rose Earhart. She is a distant relative of the famous aviatrix, and she's a Traffic and Weather reporter for the local NBC affiliate here in Denver, KUSA.




And please... post some of them here!!




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I hope to see a lot of steam gauge airliners, guess I'll find out.

If by steam gauge airliners you mean the DC3 or Junkers (airliners WAY back) then you won't be disappointed. If you're talking about 737-200s or DC8s, you're not going to find that. As I'm sure you know it's more about smaller planes and the like. I wish they had some of those to see, but there weren't any to be found last year, nor did it seem they wanted them really. One day is hardly enough time! I would recommend going on one of the days when they do the night air show. It is unreal. Have fun!

Elijah Hoyt

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All Pics from my day at EAA and videos


You can ignore the Dropbox root folder junk, I can't find a way to direct link to the EAA folder. What you want is to open up the "EAA_2013_08_03" link at the top of the page.


Pardon the video quality, so much stuff quickly going on, hard to focus and capture things.

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Some good stuff, being a long time EAA member, I was there. Looks like you got around, It is a huge area to cover from one end to the other. I never got out to the sea plane base.  Guess I will have to put some of my own pics up soon.



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