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  1. Fusion Airways. It's a fictional VA operated in the US, and new pilots enter into an equipment type, and that's what they're rated to fly, unless they request a transfer down the line. That means there aren't any pilots that fly the 737/747/757/767/777/A320/A330 interchangeably. You get a release with all the details down to arrival gate, etc and there are entrance minimums to apply. Definitely a serious company, which tail number you fly between cities even matters as that is all tracked.
  2. Gotta go with the 737, It's a classic and makes much more sense for short-hopping around in the limited time in the sim bay.
  3. I have to respectfully disagree with you on that one. The reception of the -8 has been a bit underwhelming overall, and the -8i even more so. Only six companies fly the -8i, and if you include the cargo variant, only 15 companies total operate the aircraft. That is compared to the over 70 companies that still actively fly the -400 today in all her different variants. As cool as the new tech is in the -8, you're really getting a lot more bang for your buck by buying the -400 variant first, you only have to understand that it isn't intended to be packed full of whiz-bang gizmos. If you're up for a challenge, try getting behind the stick of a more classic airplane like the L-1011, or to go even further back, something of the DC-6 era. I promise you the 747-400 will seem like a miracle of modern technology after a few flights chock-full of engine management and complicated descent planning based entirely off of DME and estimated winds aloft.
  4. Thanks for doing this! I keep getting that the file is broken?
  5. I shift technique day-to-day. Sometimes I want a flight to be easy, so autoland it is. Most times I'll click the automation off and just hand fly. I wouldn't leap to detract from those who want an ILS or autoland to be implemented however, as that's just either a realistic simulation of the bird (or not, in the case of the Q400.) If I'm going to shell out $20+ for an addon, it had better be able to fly an ILS! As we know, the weather isn't always perfect. There's also nothing like performing a 0/0 autoland sometimes just to mix up your sim experience. I don't think anyone should do it either "This" way or "That" way, it just depends from person to person, flight to flight. I used to autoland a lot more, and as I've become more comfortable with the various airframes I do it less and less.
  6. Now I have never flown a real world P-51D (obviously) but I wouldn't be surprised by the turning tendencies if I were you. You're rotating an 11.2 ft propeller up onto the mains and even just your gyroscopic precession is gonna be going crazy. Are you using a joystick or rudder pedals?
  7. Very much looking forward to this as well! Good on you Kyle.
  8. Except it's a French airplane! Great shots, enjoyed the second one very much.
  9. If there's only one left and two ever built I doubt they'll model it. FS is a niche market already, to focus it to that extent to cover the even smaller number of people who would be looking for that specifically would likely be something of a waste. People are impatient enough as it is just to get the regular model. I could be wrong about all of this, but it just doesn't seem likely to me.
  10. PFPX is great for planning, but it's also good to double check. Sometimes you'll file a "Turbojet aircraft only" SID or STAR in a turboprop, and that's a little embarrassing.
  11. FAA approved for what? To what level are they "approved" to simulate? Could you get instrument current or an IPC check in them? Can you log it? I'm not trying to argue with you, I'm just curious. FAA "approved" means a lot of different things, and if you're talking about a flight simulator meant for real world flight instruction and loggable time, I doubt they run primarily on either X-Plane or FSX.
  12. I've been looking and hoping (I even had another painter working on the livery, but another obligation got in the way) for someone much more talented and artistic than me to paint a Horizon Air Q400 (Majestic) in the colors of the University of Washington Huskies. I'm always fearful of posting copyrighted images and links on here, so a Google image search of "horizon airlines UW" will provide many photos of the correct scheme. I would be eternally grateful! Your other paints look quite incredible!
  13. I know it's been a while and you've probably got it backburnered, but any progress on this?
  14. I must say their website isn't filling me with confidence...
  15. I must be one of the only sods who's having issues with it. Whenever I boot (trial version) and do a flight, I suffer periodic lockups the entire time. every 15-20 seconds it'll lock up for 3-5. The moment I turn off ASN they stop. I'm at a loss, and I'd certainly like to partake in this apparently wonderful creation!
  16. The media revered those pilots as heroes, but they'll be getting a call from their local FAA inspectors and with all that video evidence, I doubt we'll see them in the skies any time soon.
  17. Congratulations, and welcome to a very exclusive club! Keep after your education, the safest way to fly is to approach every flight as a learning experience, even when there's no instructor pulling on your coattails. It sounds like you've got the right idea, so get out there and get endorsed, certified, and rated!
  18. Wow! Most of those look real! I'll definitely be watching this one.
  19. They don't. PMDG doesn't just do externals, the reason for the price point is that they remodel the flight dynamics and characteristics of the aircraft. The only exception to this rule is their 747-8, which is just a skin laid on top of the 747 flight model. That's also only $25 for the -8i and -8F models, which at that quality of depiction I think is a fair deal. If they were just taking the 777-200LR and putting a 300ER-200ER model on top it'd already be done. They've gotta test the new one, put it through it's paces, etc. so that's the cause for the delay. As far as the DC-6 is concerned, it's (so far as I can tell) back-burnered for now. They need to support and develop their most recent release in the 777 before they leap into another whole product line. Like has been said, this isn't Captain Sim.
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