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A Guide: How to Sweetfx + FLIGHTFX for prepar3d v2 injection

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here is a guide i posted on the REX forums to get a little bit more beauty out of your prepar3dv2. My setting are very subtle but you guys can play with it.


Now that prepar3d v2 is out, I thought it would be a good idea to put a guide for anybody that wants to enhance their prepar3d experience by adding a shader injection. In this case we will use sweet fx and flightfx GUI since regular enb doesnt work in dx11 and FXAA tool seems a bit buggy in prepar3d v2. This guide should also work for fsx dx9 and dx10 but will need setting adjustments.


Right, so lets get to it.


1. download flightfx here :


2. donwload my settings if you choose to here :


3. Install flightfx, I know this thing is supposed to be for ROF but it works just fine in prepar3dv2 and fsx.


4. Now before you launch anything, make sure flightfx and prepar3d are set to run in administrative mode. very important otherwise it will not copy the files that you need.


5. Launch flightfx (admin mode) 


6.In the lower left corner of the program it says "register a new game" click it.


7. Find the prepar3d.exe file in the root folder here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2


8. Good, now the fields on the right should be already filled up. click on "Enable SweetFX"

 right below where it says "data folder". 


8b.  Check the root folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2) to see if flightfx copied the necessary files. ex. d3d9.dll  d3d9.fx dxgi.dll dxgi.fx  etc.  


9.Ok, now go to the "FX settings " tab on the top. at the bottom click where it says "Load from" 


10.find where you saved the downloaded file that has my settings (file: "prepard3dv4.txt"). you can also put the txt file inside : C:\Program Files (x86)\FlightFX\FX\SweetFX\Presets  for greater convenience.


 This should put the settings that i have done for preapr3d, you can change them as you want. i did mine with a bit more punch on the colors and bit more "clarity".


11. Now go back to the "Profile manager" tab and check that you have the right file under "FX Preset". this is the file that  prepar3d will use for the settings that are active on the "FX settings" tab.


12. Great now leave flightfx open and launch prepar3d v2 and pick any scene that you want to test and adjust.


13. Now to use this we have by default 3 keys:

- printscreen button does exactly that.

-screenlock button turns the shaders on/off.

-pause button reloads the shaders for changes (unmap from p3d if you want). can leave prepar3d running and just go to flightfx and change some of the settings. anything that you want. as soon as you move a slider it saves it automatically. so move a slider then just go back to prepar3d and hit the pause button.this will reload the shaders with your changes and you will see it immediately.


here is a before and after for comparison. The settings are very conservative but like i said you can changed them as you want.






Also note, my prepar3d setting have HDR off since its a bit buggy currently, and has FXAA off as well as no MSAA. flightfx deals with it better and its more adjustable.


Thats it keep playing with it and help build amazing settings for the community. The thing seems very stable, although you might see that clicking menus seem a bit slow, you can turn off the shaders and it will go back to normal. Also i did not see any hit on FPS if anything maybe 1fps lost. 


Happy flying.

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Thanks for the effort to share this with us.

I had a look at your screen shots and was surprised how less the difference is. Is it worth to do this for such little changes (a bit darker)?

Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing.


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Thanks for the effort to share this with us.

I had a look at your screen shots and was surprised how less the difference is. Is it worth to do this for such little changes (a bit darker)?

Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing.


oh i think its worth it. my settings are conservative. they dont add alot during mid day but at dawn and dusk you really see a difference. remember this are my settings but you can change them to your particular taste and they do improve the look of your sim. not to mention they add a much better AA than the sim itself. I believe an injector is a must for fsx and prepar3d.

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i need a bit of help. when i launch p3d v2 with flightfx and sweetfx enabled, p3d v2 crashes to desktop before loading flight. if i turn flightfx off p3d v2 works. help

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Hi There... Try this link.


Tells you everything you need to know. Also has the downloads needed for Prepar3d.





Thanks a lot for trying to help but when I launch it still tells me that it was unable to load progam files...

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SweetFX is without doubt the best thing that ever happened to my Sim experience.

Can't imagine that I enjoyed it for so long without it, because when I switch it off,

the scene looks 'dull' as if with a grey veil over it.

The downside of it in P3D is that it also processes the menu's and I have to switch

it off every time I need to be in the menu. Is there a solution for this?


For whom interested my main conservative settings, makes day bright and vivid and night a

little tad darker.








RGB_lift - 0.99 (3 sliders)

RGB_gamma - 1.00 (3 sliders)

RGB_gain - 1.02 (3 sliders)














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Hi, When I tried your method to get SweetFX working with P3D I launched P3D (As admin) and it said "Prepar3D was unable to load some program files and will now exit. Please reinstall Prepar3D to restore or repair the program installation." Is there a fix for this?

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I'm working to get a new SweetFX bundle for P3D2. I have to run some tests on 2.3. After that, if it turns successful, I will be updating my site 'SimTweak'. Mind we have a SweetFX support forum right here on Avsim. See my sig.

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Sorry to bring this topic again but I could not make Sweetfx + FlightFX to work. I followed carefully all the steps even seting FSX and FlightFX as admin but FSX had no changes. 


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I've had very mixed results with P3Dv2.5.


1) Most often, P3D will CTD from the startup/selection scree.

2) If I get past that, it starts with SweetFX active, then toggling it on/off causes SweetFX to stop working altogether.

3) The split screen produces a very dark SweetFX "half" - nothing like the full-screen FX mode.


I did manage one decent session - where I could actually use SweetFX for a while - then P3D did a CTD and I can't get SweetFX to run any more. I've cleared the shaders cache, checked that the DLLs are going in and out OK ... no luck.


Is it all worth it, I wonder?


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Hi guys, I was an avid user of this in FSX. I felt that P3D had enough effects to do more than just satisfy. Do you think it's really worth it to add these effects into P3D? Serious question...if you feel there is real reason to do it still, I will look into tweaking it to work as well!

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