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Grinding out more cities

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Hey Guys,


I have had a lighter schedule for the holidays, so I decided to take a shot at making more helicopter playgrounds for XPX, by converting Aerosoft city sceneries into the x-plane format.  I have already done this with Chicago and Los Angeles with good results.


Whenever I would do it to US cities San Fran or Las Vegas, I would get floating buildings that make the scenery completely unusable.  With Las Vegas, the entire city floats above the ground.  Overlay editor does not allow you to change the elevation of buildings, but WED does, and in reading some forums I learned how to get projects converted projects into WED, and thus my problem was solved(in theory).


So here are some more results, all the cities are placed over separately made 17LOD Photoscenery:


The world famous Las Vegas Strip from the south end near KLAS



I wanted to do this scenery because it is the only one with night lighting, which also converts over:



See the track in the picture, that's a small people mover/tourist tram, I guess Xplane thinks it's a real track so it puts large freight trains on it.



Just a nice shot of the sun setting in the west past the mountains, you can see the night lighting kicking on, I don;t think Aerosoft meant for the night lighting to be scrutinized at this proximity, since it tends to be blocky.



You have to see this in motion with all the cars moving and smooth framerates (44 fps in this shot), it looks fantastic. 



San Fran, heading north from the SFO to the city proper



Over Downtown, frame rates have tanked here



On the whole, I would say Las Vegas is a go and San Fran is a no-go.  Fixing the San Fran Scenery was incredibly tedious, you have to set hundreds of objects to zero altitude individually, and it really bogs down the frame rates(it's much better in FSX), but Las Vegas runs very well.  Now I just need to add some more airports to it.


I don't know why Aerosoft themselves, doesn't do this themselves and re-sell the cities to the X-plane community, it's just a few hours work, and I(with no computer background whatsoever) am able to make a go of this.  Oh Well.


Thanks for looking.  Happy Holidays

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Beautiful,Very Immersive atmosphere,all fantastic shots but I love the last one.

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The more I do this, the more I learn about the process. I am going to re-apporach san fran and edit out some of the extraneous stuff to see if I can make it flyable @ around 30fps.


I really love the city so it would be a labor of love.

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Very Nice shots!  I also think Aerosoft should convert their U.S. cities for X Plane.

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I also think Aerosoft should convert their U.S. cities for X Plane


It's baffling why they haven't, and one look at future products in their forum show almost nothing in the pipeline for XP while FSX and P3d are chock full of works in progress.  I know they are mostly a distributor but it could be mistaken for a waning support posture.

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