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Major scenery problem while using PMDG

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Hi all,


I'm a big fan of PMDG, you've done a great job on every aircraft!

Since the beginning a major scenery problem appeared while using the MD11 in cloudy weather. I use REX Essentials + Overdrive as well.

This problem recently 'expanded'  to the 737NGX and the 747-400. I'm not sure wether this problem is from PMDG or REX and I have no idea how to fix this.

I hope you guys can help me out with this... Huge thanks in advance!!



(I don't know how to upload images, if someone could tell me how, I can add some pictures of this problem!)


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System hardware has to be in balance with the settings in FSX plus REX.


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I am maybe experiencing the same. 


1. I flew PMDG MD 11 approach KDEN (Flightbeam) about 30 nm away from KDEN. I warped the plane from Moscow to this position.  After that arrival in US Airspace the fps went down and up. like 4 to 30. AT this time some ftx Global loading was in process. And FSX CTD.


2. I was starting with pmdg 737-700 from KLAX to KDEN. But even though I reduced the settings I got OOM 

This is a heavy scenery I know. 


FTX Global, FSDreateam KLAX, USCitiesLosAngeles.


The reason for I dare to write this is because the LA flight with that plane, I have done before several times and I could handle it.


New thing is that I have installed A. Constabel 3D sounds for the AI.  


Investigations continue. :Nerd:

Jens Michlas
Frederiksberg, Copenhagen


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I am not sure how and Aircraft impacts scenery.... The only way would be if your system cant handle PMDG and then the scenery on top. Neither of you really gave PC specs, but even a good PC can get OOM's. Keep in mind OOM's are VAS related and not RAM.

Michael Backes

Windows 10 x64 | i7 8086k 5.0 GHz | 32GB DDR4 3200MHz | 1250W PSU | GeForece RTX 2080 | ASUS TUF Z390 Plus Gaming | 2x ASUS 22" Monitors + 1 39" 4K SEIKI TV (mounted) | Intel PCIe 1.2TB  SSD and 6TB Seagate HDD (1 for OS and 1 for P3D v4) | Corsiar H100i GTX Extreme Liquid Cooler | 

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