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xEnviro + XP11 magic

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Thx for posting those shots Stephen! They're very good, and show, IMO, aspects that reveal how more detailled and complex this add-on is.


From a post I did at the .ORG and was answered by the developers I understood something which pretty much justifies why X-Enviro can be so much more close to real in setting it's weather around the area our virtual aircraft is flying through, even with the limitations still imposed by X-Plane, and I strongly hope Ben and Austin can relax in the XP11 cycle, as soon as possible, to at least open room for 3pds to do their work.


Some can recall a post  I made yesterday regarding the limitations that any weather injcetor suffers from when using only observation data ( METAR and even some PIREP / AIREP / TAF / GAMET ) - the height of some cloud bases above the MSA at a given area / airfield.


To cope with this limitations products like Active Sky use a sophisticated network of compound info, pretty much like thos I use professionaly in my daily work at the MetOffice. Most of the forecast and nowcast products are available through some well known sources. We use ECMWF and Meteo-France and run our own local models for mainland Portugal and the Azores and Madeira islands which need a much higher resolution. But access and processing of Radar and Satellite imagery can actually give the additional information used by sophisticated weather injcetors, and even access to syntectic satellite images that display the forecasts ( from the numerical models and ensembles ) as satellite images !


From the devs answer ath the .ORG I believe they also use some of those sources to buld the huge area in use around your coordinates, in order to achieve the smooth and ultra-realistic transition I am seeing in all movies and shots I've been able to see around.


It's expensive, just as most add-ons for XP still are, due to the rather smaller user base, but with the advent of XP11 and more users starting to move into this platform, I believe that the increase in sales, and the competition, will help bringing prices down to at least where we're used to in MSFS ....


This being said, I didn't buy X-Enviro. Truth is I did buy XP11 more as a way of supporting it than as a wish I had. My main flight simulators are still IL2 Battle of  and DCS World, where even some aspects of weather ( very important for aviation ! ) and the Moon!!!!! are correctly represented. There is simply no graphical sky representation ( even if for a very restricted set of fixed weather scenarios ) like what I have in IL2, where sometimes even cloud streets that we glider pilots love so much form !!!

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I think the best solution,at the moment, for "accurate" weather in XP. yes the cloudshapes are not HD or something like that, but the realistic weather depiction (and I do not mean some nice puffy HD clouds) and smooth weather changes are for me much more important. Except FSGRW - for me the best external weather engine for XP10 (and I think soon XP11). Only what I´m really missing (at the moment, I think that´s a "bug") are the cloud shadows with xEnviro...... nice pics !

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