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It's all about the weather - GA+ASE=Magic

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We have all experienced those WOW moments in flightsimming when suspension of disbelief is suddenly perfect and it all comes together. It feel as real as it gets just for this moment - we experienced it and so begins a quest for more of it which may drive some of us into lifelong obsession and an addon bill which would pay a years rent... For me it most often happens these days when puttering along in a nice little GA plane through convincing clouds. Here are some random shots I collected in the last months flying through some beautiful cloudscapes, all generated by ASE


Recently there have been some forum threads debating the merits of different weather injectors (well more threads than usual ), more often than not starting out with the ability of X11 to finally show convincing weather, comparing SkyMaxx to Xenviro and quickly going out to comparisons between XPlane vs. P3D vs FSX vs A16 + ACA, Soft Clouds, REX Overdose and whatnot.


These shots were all taken in FS9 (urghh) using the very old ASE (Active Sky Evolution). IMO the cloudscapes are pretty realistic, nicely varied with thick banks, towering comulus and fluffy fair weather clouds. ASE even delivers nice and unbroken overcast, which some weather apps seem to have problems with occasionally judging by the level of frustration of some forum contributors. And all this on a setting of only 7 cloud layers of a possible 20!


Carenado B90 King Air


Same but different...maybe it's an illusion but those clouds seem to be different after less than half a minute.



I really liked the position of the sun and moon on the flight



Ten minutes along I get low haze. The transition was smooth.



Carenado F33A Bonanza on approach for LIEO



Same place, different perspective. 



Forgot where this one's at. It's the Carenado Cessna 152.





Carenado Cessna 182 RG over Key West, one of my favourite US locations.



Approaching NAS KEY West in the Flight One Pilatus Porter. On this flight, weather was worse than usual for the location.



Another unknown... Best guess Italian coast



Carenado Piper Dakota



Somewhere over the UK, in a Carenado Cherokee



More night, Carenado Cessna 182Q




Takin off in Austria in the Carenado Piper Seneca, my favourite twin until I bought the Dreamfleet Baron a week ago!



Eaglesoft Liberty (one of the nicest GA addons ever made imo). This one is flying over the UK, obviously



Carenado C182Q again, over Germany



Key West again, C182RG again, different time, different weather



And finally, we have heavy snow in Germany for some days now. I'm enjoying it in my new Dreamfleet Beech Baron.



By the way I just switched my image management from Google to imgur. It's super comfortable so excuse me getting carried away, I can now just shovel the images in one after the other :)




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Nice! I always thought that FS9/FSX had better cloud depiction than P3D.

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More then impressive from FS9!!

Those night screens with the lights are some of the best I've seen in any sim. Wow.

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Thanks for all the nice words. FS2004s colour palette works so well when applying sweetfx/enb, makes the atmosphere very immersive without much tweaking. It's only ASE, some of Maxime's sky textures mixed with another addon of which i've forgotten the author (all freeware) and my own clouds (the same set for all screenshots). Plus sweetfx contrast changes and enb bloom. That's it.

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These are stunning!   FS9 can still be a fantastic sim to enjoy flying in.

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