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Survey to Help with a School project

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Hey guys, my group for a CS class has decided to make an aviation app for pilots of varying levels to learn/ review various topics. Think Khan Academy or Duolinguo for pilots. Here is a brief survey that we'd like some answers to. As a longtime member of Avsim and flightsim enthusiast myself, I thought this would be a great place to get some answers.  If you have time to answer at least some of the questions it would helpful. Thank you!


  1. What is your experience level with aviation?

  2. Do you have a license?

  3. Are you interested in getting one?

  4. Would you be interested in a learning app to help you with your rating, license or currency?

  5. What specific topics do you think would be useful in an aviation learning app?

  6. In what ways do you learn the most effectively (visual, audio, text)?

  7. Do you use any apps or websites geared toward learning?

  8. If so, what specifically do you like about that site/app? 

  9. An example of an app that you think is easy to use.

  10. An example of an app that is difficult to use?

  11. An example of an app feature that you think is fun.

  12. Rank the following features by your personal preference.

    1. Community interaction

    2. User achievements

    3. Goal Tracking

    4. User Statistic

   13. Give me an example of an app that has an appealing visual design.

   14. Give me an example of an app that has a poor visual design.

   15. Give an example of an app experience that is memorable? 

   16. Give an example of an app/website that does a good job of organizing and displaying a large amount of                data in a streamlined, easy to use way. 

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Seems to me this would be easier for the OP and others if this were put into the "voting" format.

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I imagine "CS" might mean computer science(?)  But this so-called school project questionaire seems more suited for a commercial developer - but I could be wrong... 

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