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  1. I've been using FSX-Steam since the end of 2015 and I'm concerned about the possible end of a contractual agreement that Microsoft has with Dovetail Games once 2020 is launched...
  2. Yes, for a very first post he sure stirred-up a Killer Hornet's next... I believe ORBX will survive, but probably won't be reaping the $$$ of the past (assuming FS 2020 is all we think it will be).
  3. When Facebook first began taking the the Internet by storm, I felt the word "like" was for someone say, 12 years old or younger. But in today's social media culture, I suppose it's quite appropriate...
  4. I can't tell the difference between the sim and and an actual photo😆 Seriously, that sure does bring back memories of 1985 and MSFS ver. 1 or 2...
  5. ARK, Let me guess - you must be in quarantine, right?😉 Seriously, thanks for this new app...
  6. How much did y'all pay for your IPhone, and what does that contract cost every month? Huh?
  7. MY WISH : I want the long night of the Covid19 horror to be over, and a new dawn where I wake up to find FS 2020 installed on my PC...
  8. Forget the DVDs if you can't complete the install - Download the hassle-free FSX-STEAM for a nominal one-time fee (as many here wait in a holding pattern for the MSFS 2020).
  9. Remember: "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone is not following you".
  10. According to news reports (but not confirmed) the deceased did not have airport ID badge...
  11. Landing lights. as we know. can be seen for miles at night, so unless the guy was totally inebriated or high as a kite, he surely knew what was coming... Or maybe he thought he was on the St. Maarten Beach...
  12. I'm probably gonna need a new rig for this. Can't really tell right now. But who knows what gaming Intel chip, or GPU will be available if "2020" is actually released about a year from now!
  13. Big question is, will it fly in 2020? MSFS 2020 that is...
  14. Did anyone hug a tree today? Oh, go on. You know you want to. But don't forget to put on your N95 mask...
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