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  1. Only a guess, but I'm not sure if a laptop will handle MSFS's demanding graphics? I remember that MSFS had an app that checked the specs of a PC to see if your system is viable (before purchasing the flight sim). Welcome back to this crazy little hobby,,,
  2. Most of us are now paying a tidy sum of money each month just to watch the many cable apps on TV. (A concept people scoffed at back in the the 1960's).
  3. The Yukon UFO was probably using a Chinese anti-gravity device to hover😏
  4. Almost twenty-three years after 2001, we still have not sent a man back to our moon. Plus, we don't have HAL, but we do have the rather annoying Alexa🙄
  5. I watched about the first 45 minutes: I found the initial plot-line very confusing - learned much more after reading a review of the series. I actually found The Walking Dead to be more clear cut, and the main characters more sympathetic. (Did not know it was also a video game). May not continue to watch...
  6. When something seems to disappear, I always check the Recycle bin (just in case).
  7. Autonomous vehicles have not yet proven to be free of many safety issues (I guess the same can be said of ones with drivers in total control). But I believe that a person, at this point in time, can better anticipate the actions of other road vehicles, or of objects in the road, and make certain corrections to avoid accidents. So right now, I would not take a ride with a robot driver. Perhaps in 10 years or so...
  8. Though I only know you over the years thru AVSIM, your sad, sad story just about pierced my heart... I hope and pray that 2023 will give you some joy, and over time, some solace.
  9. Imagine 10 million aircraft in the air! Everything Everywhere All at Once...
  10. It's a cliche, but America, as well as many other counties in the world were changed forever in the '60s - for better or for worse. Big budget heartwarming movies are a rarity nowadays. I myself have not sat in a movie theater for more than 15 years. Today, ultra-violence and super heroes abound in films, all appealing to the youngins. Not my thing - maybe I'm just an old curmudgeon?
  11. I would say that there is a very high probability that life exists somewhere among the many thousands of other galaxies. But I still think we must all remain agnostics on that speculation, as well as if "they" ever have, or will visit Earth... But more food for thought: Stop and consider the complexity of higher life forms on Earth, and esp. the human brain - and it took millions of years to develop these complexities; Many solar systems way out there are much older than this planet we live on...
  12. It seems that this conjecture seems rather presumptuous on the part of the NASA team. It appears to be more of a warning to Earth's population, now numbering about 8 billion, that time may not be on our side in the coming millennia...
  13. I was on my honeymoon in Barbados. Took a Southbound 747 from NYC. The return flight on another 747 was packed with American college students who were being evacuated from Granada following an attempted coupe by rebel forces. Coincidentally, it also was some of the worst turbulence I ever experienced, before or after. I actually had thoughts at the time that it might be a very short marriage...
  14. Greats pic! Only thing missing(?) was the checkerboard...
  15. Thank God the American colonists in their great wisdom rejected the metric system, the Pound shilling, and driving on the left side of the road...
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