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  1. FSX-Steam will currently run most freeware and payware add-ons... Plus, you can fly on-line with Steam, or go off-line as well, your choice.
  2. Yes, install hassle-free FSX-Steam for the price of a good burger... (I did it three years ago with very few problems).
  3. overspeed3

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    "It's déja-vu all over again" (Famous Yogi Barra phrase)
  4. overspeed3

    PMDG 747-8 expansion vs CS 757

    I'll say it again, the 757 is fast becoming a flying fossil so why pay to fly that dinosaur? And the Captain fixing bugs: Hah hah...
  5. overspeed3

    The old chesnut!

    Bigglesfred: Well, in fact, I totally forgot to thank you for this post, and the info offered with this using this app... However, I do not know what effects it will have on my system, or if it even applies to my setup (which is already running pretty good with FSX-Steam). My motto is "If it's not broke, don't fix it".
  6. overspeed3

    The old chesnut!

    Personally, I would not touch TileProxy with a ten-foot pole: I have gained a lot of computer knowledge over the years, but this app or whatever it is not for me , or I think, for most other simmers as well to proceed with.
  7. Just the word delidding brings sweat beads to my forehead...
  8. Yes, I too have not understood the contentious back and forth diatribe over the past several years between developers and their loyal customers in this Forum. I do realize, however, that some of those invested in this little flight simulation hobby may be borderline immature, especially in the age of instant gratification: They want what they want when they want it... Thus, I believe developers who respond to questions should take both that into account, as well as for common business sense. So, bring down the temperature just down a bit.
  9. overspeed3


    We all like to dig-up and fly old fossil aircraft from time to time, so why beef about having to pay that much for the latest dinosaur?
  10. FYI There's been some anecdotal problems in flight sim Forums recently re: Absolute failure of the Nvidia 2080 in some PC's...
  11. Welcome aboard Captain! I know English is the universal language for flight crews, but your command of the written word is also somewhat amazing. Plus, not too many of us here would want to start modifying the .air files (even if we knew how). But for freeware, and especially payware, check to see if you may be violating the License Agreements of any particular flight sim software you modify...
  12. I have had FSX-Steam for exactly three years with almost no problems or hassles, and run it off-line all the time... But you should know that either FSX or P3D requires a somewhat upgraded PC to properly run them. You should check-out some of the PC specs other simmers in this Forum use to see how your system compares. I don't think the PMDG 747 for FSX will run on P3D(?). Plus, it's a lot more bucks for all P3D/PMDG products...
  13. overspeed3

    CS 757 or PMDG 777???

    Though we all collect and fly aircraft fossils, the Boeing 757 is the latest dinosaur: Does that help? BTW, I have the PMDG 777-200 and 300. A really good choice...
  14. overspeed3

    An awkward encounter

  15. overspeed3

    PMDG748 help for unusual crashes

    I humbly apologize to "wanglong" - it's more old timer's humor than current American humor...