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  1. My own rather frustrating experience with FSL's products using FSX was that installation and/or re-installation was way too complicated: Maybe they will make it easier with MSFS2020? In any case, I'm going with Fenix...
  2. I just happened to watch Horizon Line by coincidence this week . A lot of the film was interesting to me, being a long-time flight simmer. But a lot of the movie was quite implausible as well. It's the old adage of What could go wrong? But I was rooting the whole time for the two very inexperienced pilots to land the plane safely. It reminded me a little of the non-pilot guy who recently somehow landed a Caravan in West Palm Beach without a scratch on him or the plane...
  3. A little British humour, I suppose?
  4. This flight simmer will also never give Flight Sim Labs another dime, but for another reason: Their crazy obsession with proprietary rights, plus crazy installation requirements, and RE-installation of their products has driven me batty over the years. I spent untold hours trying to re-install the A320 to no avail (I have given up and it is now lost to me), and the Concorde is still is not right working right after re-install. Yes, I contacted FSL Support - totally inadequate...
  5. It's the old saying: Live by the gun, die by the gun...
  6. If self-driving vehicles make some people uncomfortable, just wait until the possible creation of half-way sentient robots: Current two-legged editions can do back flips, and walk across a one foot plank that's 10 feet across... Also, there is remarkable advances in hand dexterity... I'm fairly convinced that robots will walk on Mars way before humans ever do...
  7. Just check "YES" on FSX startup - that box appears every time now... If you have DX10 checked in FSX display options, it will run in the background... You may have to tweak the fixer a few times though. But close FSX for any DX10 adjustments.
  8. Just wait about 20 years or so when simmers who can afford quantum-powered PC's start complaining about the brand new MSFS 2040 flight sim😏
  9. The lawyers are probably already circling the drain looking to goad the kid into filing a civil law suit...
  10. I believe it was in the early 1980's that I saw a similar planetary alignment of four or five(?) planets at dawn on a Ft Lauderdale beach...
  11. Now if we can only teach a little geography to the Flat Earth Society... Speaking of which, did the early sea goers not notice the continuous curvature of the ocean way off in the distance?
  12. Yes - Go with 32gb RAM, and at least 850 watts PS...
  13. Why can't the blades be made of aluminum covering the fiberglass ? They should last longer than just fiberglass and won't rust... But I guess they probably would be too heavy for the turbine towers?
  14. Did I just hear a mike drop? Farewell Birdguy...
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