FSI Panel Worth The Price?

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I have been considering the purchase of this product. I'm wondering how many people use it and is it worth the price. I have P3d v3.4 and the PMDG 737, 777 and the new 747. Plus others like the Real Air Turbo and Carenado aircraft. I went to the FSI Panel site but didn't see any recent posts. I thought I might get a better idea from here.


Thanks, To all who reply.


Bill MCCracken



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I have it.. its a bit glitchy none the less its an amazing addon. helps out alot, however only two failures engine one or two. :? Mehdi 

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I have seen the Froogle video. But as I said in my original post. I don't see any recent posts. Either the product works well with no problems. Or, not many people have tried it. At $45 US I'd like to hear from more people.


Thanks for your reply.


Bill McCracken

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I got it long time ago and it's perfect for add-on with custom FMC sometime it dosen't start correctly so you need to

relunch the sim.

Then you need to add data in pause mode to the FMC for a perfect setup about the airport you train. 

You can setup every approach even with Star or custom position and also doing engine failure during takeoff with weather integration.

The support is nice and very fast in also the developer is always integrate new addon like the last Queen v3 as soon is release.

For training it's great.

You can find also similar tool free like

But you will have to adjust every thing like trim, speed, flap and so on, where FSIPANEL do it for you  and you can also save the snapshot for future load.

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I use it a lot to practise landing, approaches...  with different weather..... There are some good video on youtube which explain how it works. Very good for training. 



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I purchased it yesterday and am very pleased with it. There are a number of programs which can position aircraft and set weather conditions etc - the difference with this one is that is caters for high end planes - such as PMDG - and then after positioning - the software takes 'control' and configures and trim the aircraft for take off or landing. It is a great way to gets lots of practice.

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I purchased it 2 years ago ...

Never worked properly on my testing.

Ended up getting a refund.

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I have now watched numerous YouTube videos and spent a number of days using this fantastic add on. You have to persevere with it - but once you understand it - it is in my view - well worth the price,

Yesterday, I set up several scenarios - approaching and landing at UK airports  - using the historical weather metars from storm Doris. 

The cruise to me is the least interesting part of a long haul flight - so the ability to position my airbus, 737, 747, or 777 at a STAR for the chosen airport, and then select weather and visibility parameters is just brilliant.

It has also made me upskilll my knowledge on approach plates.

All in all - a happy simmer.








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