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Eaglesoft/Citation x 2.0

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Im sure Im not at the right forum, but I do not know where to go.

I purchased the eagle soft Citation 2.0 three days ago, and im yet to get a response on getting into the forum for some questions on the Citation.

When I purchased it and downloaded it.

It threw the files all in one folder for you to correctly place them, first time ever that I spent that much money on software and that happened.

thought it was a mistake and loaded it again and same thing.

I finally placed all files in correct folders for the plane to finally work.

What am i doing wrong.

2. I have tried several times to email , contact eaglesoft and still no response.

the only quick response was the taking of my money. and a email.

I have issues with this beautiful plane.  It now wont load.

What am I doing wrong here? I have all the documents, thats not the problem.

Im still waitrng on a response.




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Are you using FSX or FSX-SE?  Did the installer for this aircraft have a problem finding your Sim and did it give you

the option of installation to a folder of your choosing?

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It usually takes a couple of days for them to active your account on the forums, it's a manual process.

The good news, Eaglesoft's legendary courtesy and customer service awaits you once you get access... you're going to love it!

But it would be helpful to provide some more specific information on where you've installed it, what (specifically) the problems you're experiencing. I can assure, a post like this in their forums will not go well for you. They like to have specifics (sim environment, error messages, what's happening, etc., versus a frustrated tone.

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I understand that it takes a few days for Eaglesoft to get you registered on their forums.  Are you using FSX-SE?

Did the autoinstaller point you incorrectly or made you create your own folder to extract to?

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Thanks for the quick reply

Heres my set up:

w10, 6700k, 1070 vid card.

Im running FSX-SE.

Been using Steam for some time now, love it.

When I down loaded the plane, it was going to my c drive.

I changed that to the D drive that I have steam on.

That was a mistake, because it put all the folders on my d drive all scattered around.

They did not put the files where they go automatically..

I had to figure out where thay all go, years of experiance helped me.

The plane file goes toD:/ Steam/Staemapps/common/FSX.

I had to make my own folder to get it to work.

Never had software that you buy(50 bucks) take you through that.

So I use Steam and now I get an error saying that my hyperguage dll is corupted.

Where do i go from here, Should i dump and load all over again.

Im sure Im doing somthing wrong here.


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Sorry to hear you're having issues.

I too have yet to hear back from Eaglesoft RE my entry to the golden forums request. Maybe he's on vacation...

However, I too recently bought this aircraft (for P3D) and had no problems. It's pretty nice, complex and only slightly wonky.

I assume it was delivered with the Flight1 wrapper. Yes. It initially puts all the files in one spot. In my case: C:\Eaglesoft Development Group

Did you read the install instructions first? This directory contains several documents including ones which explain, in great detail, how to properly install the aircraft.

I'm not following what you have tried but I would suggest you uninstall this aircraft and start over. Hopefully you didn't willie-nillie copy files here and there...

Anyway... Good luck

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Still having a hyperguage.dll problem.

Seems a shame that they make you wait for answers. 

This hyperguage should  not be this much trouble  to  get to work.

And after reading where they want you to put the files.

At this point I dont think even Eaglesoft knows where to put these files.

In all the years that I have loaded software theres is the stupidist to get it done.

I should be flying now , and not messing around trying to load there program that i bought a frikin three dsys ago.

And why are they so focused on prepare 3d and not fsx.

None of those pathes they show do not work for me.

My Path for FSX-FE is D:\Steam\Steamapps\common\Fsx, I dont use those paths nor do I own the boxed addtion.

i donot run double instalations.

FSX will run only if i drop the hyperguage.dll and only then will CX2 run but without the guages on the five screens(just a black screen).

At one time I had it working just fine, dont know what happen.

What I dont like is having to wait on them after I spent money on their product.

Its just a plane software, not gold bullion.

Im not for sure if it is a flight1 wrapper or not. I bought it through Simmarket, for whom I have used for many years.

Im a little ###### , because im sitting here lookin at a 50 dollar plane in all its glory and I cannot even get it off the ground, due to their super special way they do things.

Thx..................who ever is listening RobertC



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The installer will automatically put all files where they are supposed to be. Your only manual task is to ensure that you choose the proper path for your FSX installation, but that's only necessary if your Registry entry does not match reality... :dry:

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Thank folks Eaglesoft Finally got in touch with me , and fixed the problem.

It was a regisry problem.

Thanks for your folks input.


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