Dx10 fixer for fsx se has made the water look awful

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Hi, I am really struggling with the dx10 fixer as the water looks like something from a snes or Sega mega drive, I am running a Xeon 12 core threaded to 24 core and affinity mask settings to utilise the majority of the cores, I have a GTX 1080 8gb gpu and 32gb ram, running my os and fsx off a 500gb ssd, so I don’t lack power or performance, I have orbx FTX global base pack, vector, open lc Europe, and EU England and I have Rex 4 Texture Direct+Soft Clouds.

But something isn’t right
Please help

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Lots of easy ways to do it on Google. 

In the mean time you can play around with water settings inside the DX10 software 


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6 hours ago, Dannyxyz405 said:

I don't know how to upload pictures

Since this problem revolves around Steve's DX10 Fixer, you might get better support if you go to his support forums hosted here at AVSIM.  Without a picture though I'm afraid no one can help except you can bring your settings in the DX10 fixer back to the default and see if that fixes the problem.

Best regards,


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If you have the cloud shadows add-on it is recommended that your water setting within FSX be mid 2x or higher or else the clouds shadows won't work.

Have you had another read through Steve's DX10 manual regarding the water setting sliders within the fixer itself?

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The OP uses REX4 and has contacted me by email.  His water does looks truly awful.   Its ok when the water slider is at 1.x so it must be the extra textures used by the Dx10 shader for waves.  

I believe that he has previously installed a set non DX10 compatible water textures and I have told him to select the DX10 compatible settings in REX and then update the water textures.   Does anyone have REX4 and can share  a screenshot of the options screen and the screen to update the wave effects?

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