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Just showing some shots of the Premier 1A over Colorado and Utah.  This little bird can almost keep up with the heavy iron.  I increased my performance with it by lowering my texture res to 2048x2048.  Can't see a difference at all but it yields better performance in the Premier.

The first few shots, over Colorado, is from my scenery which can be found here at Avsim.  Don't be afraid to try it if you think your system can't handle it.  My old system did well with it, which was way below today's common specs.

Hope you enjoy


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Picture #5 the mountain in the distance is Navajo hideout....very nice shots!


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Flying today with you as translucent copilot ;-))... humm very nice shots.


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58 minutes ago, rightseat said:

What's the scenery?

MSE Utah, and my Colorado scenery found here in Avsim's library.  If you want to try it, just download the bgl's into a selected folder, then into a subfolder called "scenery".  You don't need a texture folder for it.  There are eight zip files altogether, just place all the bgls in one folder.  I suggest that your texture res be set at 2048x2048, it will make the scenery load more smoothly, if you notice a big difference you can raise it back up.  I did not compress the bgl's enough, since it was my first try at making photoreal scenery.

Just do a file library search on "Colorado" and you should soon find the scenery.  For the Utah scenery, you can purchase that from MSE, it comes in a package including Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.  I chose version 2 for disk space reasons.

Edit: And don't forget to update the scenery library, place the scenery up top or on the bottom if you manually update.


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