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Since I have been recuperating from my hospital visit at the beginning of this month, I have really resumed simming again.  Since I am on a government stipend for my disability I don't go out that much, to save gas and keep expenses down.  If I ever start working again things will change, I still get requests for interviews for programming gigs but still being ill I turn them down. 

Thank goodness for Xplane11 and Prepare3D!  They have been keeping me company and I've been enjoying both sims so much, an average of four hours a day simming.  Xplane11 has my Ortho4XP scenery which extends down the west coast of North America from Southern British Columbia to the Arizona/Mexico border.  It took weeks to build it but as the now flooded screenshots forum shows, the scenery has turned out quite well.  That's what makes XPlane a keeper for me, the photoreal experience I now have in my favorite flying areas.

P3DV4 is a Carenado bonanza for me. Carenado kept records of my FSX purchases and I was able to transfer them to my new system and P3D.  Only the V35 is missing.  Also, the MSE scenery is wonderful, I've covered the southwestern US. 

I still think back to the end of FSX and what we feared was the end of a hobby.  But people like Austin and members here kept the hobby alive for us.  Now sims are popping up everywhere but I will always be partial to Xplane and P3D.

My study of flight has been lifelong.  In 1975, in the eighth grade, I one third prize in the California State Science Fair in San Francisco for a science project I did on the Rogallo wing now commonly used in trikes and hang gliders today.  I was invited by a pilot who worked for Napa's Iasco that trained JAL pilots for a flght, but a busy summer that year kept that from happening.  The JAL training program finally shut down at Napa several years back.

Anyway, just wanted to reiterate how much I've been enjoying the hobby lately.  It took a system crash and a near fatal hospitalization to get me back in gear again!


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Keep making that steady climb to full fitness and recovery.

All The Best.

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One of the great things about simming is that you can still enjoy it even if your health isn't 100%. Keep working on that recovery John!


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Enjoying life and the things you love is key for recovery and long life (stress and unfulfillment produces the opposite).  Flight Simulation is therapy for those that love flight but can't get out and do it in real life for whatever reason.  It's an alternative like the nicotine patches. Here's to a full recovery for you and I'm envious you have the time to build your simulation up the way you want it.  I haven't had that kind of time since the days of FS9. :happy:

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