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  1. flyingleaf

    How much do you spend on addons?

    Just donated $15.00. Feels good wish I could give more.
  2. flyingleaf

    More simming than I used to

    Get well John. Enjoy simming. All the best for a speedy recovery.
  3. Thanks Captain Sim for the 737-200 sale. I am having tons of fun and totally recommend this marvelous plane even without the sale. I am a definite new customer. Combined with orbx Alaska and mce with rex and asn I am totally in "Heaven". Cheers.
  4. Jumped on the 737-200 sale. Wow I thought I was a pretty good "driver" of planes. But must humbly confess at the incredible but deliciously complicated flight procedures. My head is spinning. However I am truly impressed with this airplane. Captain sim have done a great job producing this bird. And the sale price of $10.00 is above and beyond fantastic. Thank you guy's. Now back to my head spinning instruction manuals. Ugh.
  5. flyingleaf

    Piper M600 Demo flight

    Wow. Great plane I want one too.
  6. Great stuff Gerald and David. Thanks for this.
  7. flyingleaf

    Project Opensky

    Thanks' for this link Alan.
  8. flyingleaf

    Alaskan Airlines TV Ads

    Great vid. Lol
  9. Gent's I just wish to say what a great program MCE is. Flying with Jean-Claude is a great pleasure. When way back in April I said he is "nasty" it sure is well deserved on my part. Jean-Claude if you read this it was truly meant as a compliment. Once again I am more than happy having purchased MCE and thank you guy's for the hard work and continued support you have given me. I still would love to have the C47 done if possible. I also follow David's videos on how to work with voix box and try to fit my DC 3 checklist. Cheers and thanks Gerald, Ben and David.
  10. flyingleaf

    ORBX Shot

    Great shot. Asn?
  11. Yes Gerald that is the baby. Wow it would be awesome if you could do this. Thank you for your kind replies.
  12. Thank you Gerald for your reply. Yes it is freeware but it is so well done that I would gladly pay for this plane. As for a reliable link I am not so sure how to post this. Sorry not the brightest star when it come to pc's. I found the plane on the avsim lib. I am very happy with mce and the endless discoveries. I still have a lot to learn but it is great to have a F/O beside me on long flights. If you could add the C47 DC3 it would be just awesome. Thanks again.
  13. Please don't lough at me. What about my trusted C47 Dc 3? By Manfred Jahn. She is truly an awesome Lady.
  14. Yes it is a great program. I purchased it awhile ago and love it. But still learning a great deal about the amazing and endless things it contains. Great video. I fly with Jean-Claude and he can get quite nasty at times but he doesn't whistle lol. I wish I had David's abilities he makes it look so easy.
  15. Hi fellow simmers. I got a prob. that I just can't figure out. I am sure it's me that is the prob. but here it is. I start my flight at PANC set IFR to PAJN and load it. Then I go to mce atc to get my flight plan. However it won't load and in the top bar says from LHD (Lake Hood) which is float plane base. How the heck can I get outta there? I even went back to factory setting but it came back.