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    FSX, mce. Love to "fly" Manfred Jahn's awesome C 47. And of course love orbx's scenery packages. Favorite area from Pacific NW to Alaska. Low and slow.

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  1. Well done Jack. You outdid the Mule Team once again. Lol.
  2. Sad. Rest In Peace Christine. Thank you for great music.
  3. Oh boy indeed there are. Must be my fat fingers.
  4. I drive and love my 24 year old Benz E 320. 280 0000 km and running great. Some rust sadly but my old boy is doing great. His name is Carl. We had a Ford once and his name was Henry.
  5. Well doesn't that make me a Horses not allowed to say it. Great info. though. Interesting.
  6. Ah come on, I think that was one heck of a stunt and amazing flying. He should not have lost his privileges'.
  7. Sad to hear Noel. Miss the bird stories. But all the Best to you in any case. Be well my Friend. k
  8. Wow. That is indeed amazing. Creepy yep, but what a talent. Great post thanks for sharing.
  9. I am confused. My wife said to me: "I want a new dishwasher". The confusing part is: I wash the dishes.😲
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