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N904DL at night

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6 minutes ago, bjratchf said:

@Steve Dra is this one of your beautiful paints? 

Hey B,

Not one of my paints but I will be doing Delta as Scott B demands that I do it or he'll report me to the IBoIFPwPwmttF  (The International Board of FreeWare Painters who Paint way more than they Fly):blink:

The last thing I want to do is lose my affiliation with them...I've been a member for a loooong time!

My Delta will be fresher, have an accurate blue color, and generally less beat-up and faded like it's been sitting in the boneyard for years.:wink:  If the color or details are wrong you can blame Scott as he'll be my technical resource on the paint (seeing he worked on them in the real world for a looooong time)

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