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Update Prepar3dv4 4.3.29

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Hi All


I have just installed update Prepar3dv4

Just to check that I did the right thing!
When I clicked on the install icon, it displayed a path to Programm 86/ Lockheed Martin/........
This is not my default sim folder it is C:\Prepar3Dv4
Did I do the correct thing and direct it to my default folder, or should I have let it install to the folder it had displayed?
However I would of assumed it new where its own default folder was.
It continued to install the update and was happy at the end. It just stated there would be graphic issues with the first startup, then they would be resolved.
Unfortunately all my graphics are corrupted, both default scenery and Orbx scenery.
I am getting corrupted scenery squares, some are night or black scenery squares, some are purple, blue all mottled incorrect scenery squares. How can this be corrected . Don't tell me I have to reinstall everything all over again.
I tried reinstalling with a repair, no difference still corrupted.

Also while I am here.  When using Pro-ATC/X  I used to have a text box that showed the voice instructions from ATC. Now since I installed the latest update, I cant find any options to enable the voice text box, s I can read the instructions

as well as hear them.

Regards Paul Hursey

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When you 'updated' what did yo do, just the client or a full install, did you uninstall before.

if Orbx stuff is in the same folder then you need to run FTX Central as admin to uodate.



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only need to install client after removing previous one through microsoft uninstall program.

there are many topics in avsim and Prepar3d web on how to correctly install/update P3d. Hope this helps

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Paul why don't you simply follow Elaine's clear instructions on AVSIM, it's so easy and... it works!!! Any shortcut or deviation from her knowledgeable guidance will give what you presently get on your screen.

In particular trying to change P3D folders is asking for trouble.

Here is the link:


Good luck!

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I thought the default install was c:\ProgramFiles/LockheedMartin/Prepar3DV4?

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