Ingame Vsync vs NVI Vsync

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Hello, does anybody know whats the differences ingame Vsync and Nvidia vsync? also the triple buffering. Because i saw some setting that they turn off on Nvidia setting and turn on it on ingame.

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I have tried out both and it appears I am seeing a pretty good response with the internal VSync but because my monitor is at 60Hz and I lock at 30fps I am forced to do half refresh rate in Inspector and set Triple Buffer there.

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I would stick using NVI and leave the in game at UL and vsync off, but set Vsync to 1/2 refresh and triple buff on in NVI.

Set refresh to 29.5FPS in NVI.

Works good for me.

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What if u have a g-sync monitor?  Should g-sync be active in the display settings?

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4 hours ago, IAhawkeyeDDS said:

What if u have a g-sync monitor?  Should g-sync be active in the display settings?

This is one for the gurus but I think G-sync does not affect P3D. Could be wrong.

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Is the 1/2 refresh rate working?  Can someone verify because it seems to work well for me

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I thought 1/2 refresh NI setting didn't work, because P3D is a windowed app, even when it's full screen?  Can someone clarify?

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1/2 refresh works in P3D as well. Its actually quite a difference. May depend on monitor.

Im using a 60hz Monitor, if i dont use 1/2 refresh (with 2 pre-rendered pics) i get stutters. I mean microstutters. The one everyone knows. I would suggest using the half resfresh BUT dont use Nvidia-inspector to lock. Use P3D instead to go 30 fps.

Why? Because the 2 things are actually quite different. Locking in Nvidia inspector to a certain framerate will most likely lower your GPU power directly. If you try a benchmark you may get lower results and land in a lower spot in the list as without lock. And this is visible in P3D by tesselation. This is used on the GPU. And as it looks this lock will interfer at least how P3D works with this tesselation.

While locking inside P3D does different things. As far i know it changes the internal way for the terrain loading/calculations and that. How much CPU time there is. Im not sure anymore since this may change in the versions of P3D.

My system is

1070 MSI Aero ITX
Asus Prime Z270K
16 GB Infinieon Ballistrix Sport Ram
Windows 10 Pro
60 HZ monitor

If someone has a comparable system he may try it.

Do tests (please in same plane, with exact same weather, same daytime) in a mountainous terrain, best an area like regional ORBX scenery (like ORBX South Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains etc).

A Do one test where you lock to 30 fps in nvidia inspector

B Do one test where you lock only in P3D to 30 fps, no sync

C Do one test where you run fully unlocked, in both nvidia inspector & p3d, no half refresh rate, no vsync, nothing

D Do one test where you do as i suggested (only if having 60 hz Monitor, otherwise you need other values)

At least for me, with my settings and the other ppl i told to try (we made quite a few tests with this) it was always the same outcome:

A = hills get way less detail, textures more blurred ( in longer flights very blurry), autogen LOD is decerased in heavy areas, cities and the like.

B = terrain will look very nice, higher autogen LOD but heavy microstutters

C = hills get less detail, textures more blurred ( i dont mean really blurries), autogen LOD is decreased in heavy areas, cities and the like. But it should still behave good enough. Highest FPS here and medium microstutters.

D = Terrain will look nice because of the P3D lock (same setting as B) while microstutters are reduced nearly fully.

I (nor anyone else i know) understood this fully yet and my results may not be true for everyone. But this is basically tested many many times on various systems. it should be something like that.

maybe some ppl like @Steve B  can comment (i hope i didnt tag the wrong one now... sorry if so. Im not here often but i know there is a Steve here who knows  quite a bit about P3D ^^)

Btw, im not really asking ppl to test here.... But if you dont believe it you may try it 🙂 I think this was tested quite a few times around the whole flightsim world and is a real problem of P3D.

In one way i like this because it means every system can find the right settings, small or big pc. But it may take a while to find it... maybe too long for some and they decide to go to XP where the whole sync thing is way less a problem. But that one has others, so yeah... not wanting to start an p3d vs xp discussion now.

PS: i wrote this in hurry... please excuse typos

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