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Hello everyone!

I am working on a photo scenery for Africa for 2.5 years now.
Sounds megalomaniac? It is.
In the meantime, the project is already well progressed, and many people told me to do some advertising for it.

First of all the little story behind the project:
After I bought the FSL bus, I noticed how bad the performance of the FSL bus was together with ORBX Germany.
So I was searching for a solution, and I found it in Photosceneries.
Since I didn't want to fly without autogen, I used my experience from my geography studies and programmed Python scripts based on arcpy.
These are able to generate high-precision autogen for the sim based on OSM and Corine data sets, as well as water data, elevation data, population data, etc. and with the help of ScenProc.
After Germany was finished, I created Belgium.
Although the data for these countries was very good, I started writing Python scripts in parallel, which can also create autogen based on Landsat and Sentinel data, in regions where OSM data is hardly available - like Africa.
And so, since Africa is a dark spot in the sim, I started to create african countries about 1 year ago.
It took again more than 6 months, until my scripts - and the results - were good enough to post the first pictures.



And yes, what can I say, the feedback was excellent!
And while I'm still improving my scripts piece by piece, I've been releasing a country every now and then since half a year.
At the moment approx. 30 % Africas are covered.

Here's a small list of the features I've put a lot of effort on:
- Good photo scenery with 2 m/px without strong visible color transitions and without many clouds
- Accurate Water- (based on OSM) and Blendmasks
- Color adjustments so that desert areas are not overexposed
- Accurate autogen vegetation (based on vegetation classifications and land cover data), spatial resolution less than 10 m
- Accurate autogen buildings (method introduced with Senegal), placement based on OSM and high resolution land cover data
- Small file size (I expect to get whole Africa in less than 700 GB)
- No performance impacts

But I think I've written enough for now, so some pictures:












More Information about my project you can find here:

Project Africa - FSDeveloper.com

and here:

Project Africa - FSXforum.de

Have a nice wekend everybody and kind regards!

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Kind regards

Matthias Knu

Sim: P3D v4.2, System: I7-7820X, 16 GB RAM, Zotac GTX980, Windows 10 x64 Pro


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All i can say right now is "WOW!" and "Thank you!". Africa is such a stunning country, yet most developers leave it behind because of revenue.


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