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Up and close to one of Alaska's last-frontier airports...

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On my earlier (CS) B727-200F test-flight, I'd described a quick go-around, lifting off (PAYA) Yakutat's Rwy 29 (and landing back on its ILS Rwy 11). Please note Yakutat has two criss-crossing runways, as follows:

  1. 11/29, 7745 ft, Asphalt
  2. 02/20, 6475 ft, Concrete

Both of these runways are nicely replicated by Orbx (see screenshots below). I invite you, here, below, to visit (virtually), with me (and BOB!), in/around this Airport and Township, that's tucked in an isolated (and extreme edge) location of the world. (BTW, I hope they leave it, as it is, (unspoilt), w/o external road access to it....i.e. only air-connection...)

Here are, bits of Notes, on the images:

[General: None of the aircraft shown, below, belong to my virtual hangar. They are all AI, thanks to Orbx (they look quite decent for AI purpose, I would say...).]

(AI) Alaska Airline B737. Here, the iconic (smiling) Eskimo face on the tail of the plane, is worth mentioning. "From the five-year-old native Alaskans (to the Internet surfers round the world), the question of just whose face adorns the tails of Alaska Airlines 737s is an oft-asked question about the Seattle-based airline, but the truth is anything but simple..." I leave this mystery there, too! One thing for sure, that face has always stood for the symbol of Alaska Airline, and the Airline, of course, goes back, a long long way, to its roots of connecting people in such remotest regions of the continent. Here is a related joke, that you may enjoy, "In Barrow, North America’s northernmost city, residents joke that before construction on the city’s new hospital was completed in 2013, if you were sick, “you didn’t call the hospital – you called Alaska Airlines.”...

Yakutat Lodge, as portrayed...F.B.O. it says on the sign, and (Food Shelter Booze), probably spoken like an Alaskan, sounds good after a long flight, but, not sure, though, if they would let me in without (real) Pilot's credentials...🙂...The N4751W (Silver Creek Aviation Services) Cessna Caravan-208B is seen (outside the Door) waiting for a sight-seeing trip, maybe...

FUEL stop, and the ever-present (and hard-working) cleaning crew member, in uniform, sweeping away, the ground...


It says "FLY SHOP" on the front of this (run-down-looking) building....the hangar...I understand...

Another AI Amphibian heading out for takeoff...(ideal for exploring this region)...

Cascade Airways DC-3 (If you wish, please search for "cascade airways dc-3 vintage images". You'll be led to an attractive painting (Ad) for the RL (vintage) plane of the Cascade Airways...with (classic) signs on it such as, "Fly the Path of the Eagle", "SERVING ALL NORTHWEST", "ARCTIC EQUIPPED", and "YOU CALL...WE HAUL"...etc.). This AI is a thoughtful choice by Orbx, indeed! Here's why. You may also search for "cascade dc-3 n91314", click on the first link, "dc-3 - Bob's Blog - Situk River Fly Shop", and go all the way down to the bottom...."First Attempt" by Bob Miller. You'll see the (RW) N91314 standing just outside the (identical looking) hangar building - failing to get its engines started, per the story. A former (DC-3) Pilot reminisces there somewhere, in the description, about another DC-3, "If this plane could speak...and sometimes she does..."!

Winter scenes...please note the two criss-crossing runways...

2Y3 Yakutat Seaplane Base...1.5 mi north of Yakutat Township.

A68 Situk Air Strip...nice place for start of bush-plane adventure....(I noted the Moon at one end of the runway, while I was there on the strip...)...

Yakutat's vicinity looks beautiful, in the twilight glow (the peak, you may notice, to the right of the Sun, is (I think) the (18,008 ft) Mount Saint Elias, situated on the Yukon and Alaska border (about 66 miles northwest of Yakutat). It's the second highest mountain in both Canada and the United States. The famous Hubbard Glacier is 53 miles further east of Mt. St. Elias, and Canada's highest mountain, Mount Logan, is, another 26 miles northeast of Mt. Elias.  (it will be good to explore, locate, and confirm these areas, in Orbx Scenery...).

Finally, back to the F.B.O, after, a long and enjoyable sightseeing day...! The Alaska B737 gets the (deserved) rest for another day. [Side Note: Alaska Airlines, at "normal" times, connect Yakutat to destinations such as (Anchorage, Cordova, Juneau, Seattle/Tacoma), and Alaska Air Cargo also operates their Boeing 737s into Yakutak airport.]

Hope you enjoy these images. Thanks for your interest! And, of course, good flying with whatever your platform(s) is/are!!

[Orbx(PAYA/SAK/BOB)/REX/No other (SIM) Aircraft]





















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Very nice set! :cool:

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Mark Robinson

Part-time Ferroequinologist

Author of FLIGHT: A near-future short story (ebook available on amazon)

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Hasn't changed a lot in 58 years.  In '62 the FAA Flight Service Station was in the second floor of the Hangar and I worked there before airport fencing and other security stuff.

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Mark; Thank you!


1 hour ago, olderndirt said:

Hasn't changed a lot in 58 years.  In '62 the FAA Flight Service Station was in the second floor of the Hangar and I worked there before airport fencing and other security stuff.

What a coincidence...?? Glad to hear from you, Sir!

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***Excellent*** Love all those small immersive Details in your shots.

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Excellent info and superb shots to support it, P_7878 !

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Any attempt to stretch fuel is guaranteed to increase headwinds

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