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FSW Lear 35 Closeups / Review

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If you're wondering... just what am I buying when I purchase the new early access FSW Learjet 35 - well I wanted to show off some closeups - because the pics in discord don't really do it justice.  I don't beta test for FSW so I didn't get a beta copy.  I love GA though, and I enjoyed the heck out of this jet in P3D.

FSW told me they will be making a paint kit and it will have a 3d model for those of us using Blender and or Substance Painter.  From what I understand, PSDs should also be available - the textures don't seem too terribly complex.

Yes, there are definitely bugs, especially if you're using the TDS GTN 750Xi - notably the altitude select (aka altitude arm to capture is not working).  So I suggest flying with the GNS 530 for now.  I'm not sure if the PMS 750 is working or not - I don't use it.  RNAV approaches with vertical mins are working fully coupled though using TDS GTN and WT GNS530.  I've found hand flying to be quite sensitive - though I've got an ancient ffb2 stick.  The aircraft is a rocket ship during takeoff and climb... if you have speed requirements there is no A/T - you must control the power levers and sometimes you'll really have to chop them if you need to meet an altitude constraint.  With light loads I was easily seeing 4000-5000 fpm under 10k.  There does seem to be an issue with SPD mode (a pitch mode), but most real world pilots mention they always climb with that, instead of VS.  All that being said it feels like I'm right there in the cockpit - the LJ35 is cramped irl - but it's a good cramped haha.  It's a pilot's plane with many switches to click (and manage) while flying...  such as fuel transfer, environmental, pressurization etc.

I like the interior sounds so far...but the external engine sounds are odd for me...almost missing some jet whine...  again it's early access, I expect these to be improved over time.  The C414 started quite rough and turned into one of the finest gems in MSFS addon history.  If you like GA, and are willing to have some patience, I highly recommend this addon!

Please enjoy these closeups - it's a massive improvement from the visual clarity of the P3D version.

53421363693_4f17f0e03d_o.png1 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

53421209166_58cd49eb78_o.png2 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

No VNAV, A/T on this autopilot (or Automatic Flight Control System)

53421525214_8b5fca0a5f_o.png3 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

53421209101_273fc34e78_o.png5 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

I can't to make some more paints!  (Only 2 are included)

53421631730_3bf16a372f_o.png6 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

It's just a darn good looking bird

53421363258_86a652e156_o.png7 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

53421208861_050ca6c200_o.png8 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

Don't you want to get your hands on these ample nacelles?  😉

53421524754_a04553b4e2_o.png9 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

She'll do Mach .81 with a service ceiling of FL450

53421208386_0bf3a44ee8_o.png10 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

The LJ35 does have thrust reversers

53421524439_37803997aa_o.png11 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

53421208356_98f9f202c4_o.png12 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

Tip tanks provide a little over 2800 nm range

53421208226_00a49790fb_o.png13 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

Plenty of detail to be seen down even down here

53421207946_100f582038_o.png14 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

And FIKI certified with those electrically heated LE's

53421208021_64f404c072_o.png15 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

Cabin pics - reasonable looking

53421630995_147a6df6ab_o.png16 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

Tables need a cleaning

53421362498_03ba1c0972_o.png17 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

Window shades and tables animate - and of course the cabin door opens and closes - though there may be a bug with that at the moment

53421362263_fd660ae79b_o.png18 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

Up and away for a quick ILS RY 27 at KDLH 

53421207486_6a277bf363_o.png19 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

53421523814_65e5b117b3_o.png20 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr

53420282797_580c676240_o.png21 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr



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Great shots as always Ryan! She is a real beaut!


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Great shots! Thanks for the review Ryan.


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Thanks for posting these, Ryan. I'm almost taken with the idea of one of these, but I might hang on for a bit yet. Nice shots and a good chance to take a look at her.

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Beautiful set of images, Ryan, and a most balanced review...!!

Years ago, I recall purchasing this one in FSX after seeing your (posted) images of it...🙂...

I think the Virtual Cockpit gauge-work, here, seems far superior in MSFS...the plane should be a great add-on for MSFS ...

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Cool plane, great pics and thanks a lot for your review, Ryan !!

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Nice pics, it's looking very tempting...

All my FSX/P3D repaints are here on Avsim, for my MSFS repaints, go to FS.2

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