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  1. ...I'm not complaining.:-) I've got the preview pane back without having to change my video card's AA down to 4 or switch to window mode. The funny part for me is activating AA in FS9, which I'd never done.
  2. Seeing this thread, I thought I'd chime in. Was running old drivers (77.77) for a long time. Rolled the dice with 162.18 drivers with good results; notable are that I have the image back in the preview pane as well and while the jaggies were present the first time I started up FS9, they went away when I activated AA in the sim. And I don't believe I'm doing anything different with other settings as anybody else...
  3. >Rick,>>Here is a link to observe the performance differences>between CPUs:>>Have alook through this boards HW sections, and you might want>to do some research yourself about THG before recommending>anyone to go there. THG IS BIASED and NOT TRUSTWORTHY.>>It been said sooo many times already across many ITboards not>just here.>>You want quality review go to the likes of Anandtech and>HardOCP to start with.Guess that didn't pass muster. Oh well, here's another. Hope this one's usable...http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2933&p=1
  4. Here is a link to observe the performance differences between CPUs:http://www23.tomshardware.com/cpu_2007.html
  5. ...and maybe he's got some stock with the company. These "ugly" forums are fine in another's opinion. This software would "make these forums much better"? I'd think it's the content rather than the appearance that behooves a forum most...
  6. Try a search of "Rwy 12 Object Placer Program" in the AVSIM scenery/scenery design categories? It's in there...
  7. You're right, Tom. I was really pulling for Marty and the boys this year, but it would be great if the Saints could pull it off. Les le bon ton rouller!
  8. Pretty sure he means the 24. The Sierra was the retractable gear version of the model 23/24 fixed-gear Musketeer. Last one I remember seeing was made for FS95...
  9. There's a lot of opinion on this matter. Doing a forum search would be a good thing to do. In my opinion, for a small footprint and effectiveness, my choice is NOD32. You can find out more here: http://www.eset.com/
  10. fbobum

    AVSIM Store?

    >>I was speaking rhetorically...>...and I was speaking sarcastically. I recognize rhetoric. Please don't assume I don't. Anyway...it wasn't so much a rush to flame your post as it was to defend a rather hard working group who volunteer time and effort to make this site and it's news/forums available to us. I see the AVSIM store as second to the site itself and as such would not consider myself slighted if my order were delayed in process due to that fact. While this is my input on the matter, I do not feel your different point of view is invalid. It's just unfortunate you feel this way. Maybe things will work out in the future.Regards,
  11. fbobum

    AVSIM Store?

    Thanks for the apology, but I'm really not annoyed. You see, my purchase(s) from the AVSIM 'store' have all arrived timely. YMMV...
  12. fbobum

    AVSIM Store?

    so i am assuming that they are either out of business or too busy with other life issues.I hardly think out of business is applicable. Don't you think Tom would have mentioned that since he addressed you personally? Dealing with "other life issues" might seem annoying to you, but I'm sure they do the best they can given their situation and circumstances. Give'em a break...
  13. Do you run the sim in full screen or windowed mode? Try putting FS9 in windowed mode and then using the "Restore Down" button in the top corner. Center the window on your screen, restore to full size/full screen and then exit the sim. Should fire up in the center next time...
  14. Since I use bc-dark.zip, I've not used the plain and simple "save as default flight" method. One quick question: in saving the cold and dark cockpit/location, does it not also save as default the time and weather? Thanks.
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