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  1. If it really says '/3G' in your boot.ini, try '/3GB'...Martijn
  2. Wow, I never knew he's a painter, and those are wonderful paintings-he's a great colorist!All the best, from me too!Martijn
  3. Well, FWIW, a couple of weeks ago I finally decided it was time to delete FS9 (and all its associated add-ons...yeah, that was a bit painful in some cases) from my system...FS9 and FSX had been living side-by-side from FSX release, but I found I really never went back to FS9 even though FPS were so much better...So, as a number of key add-ons were being re-released for FSX, I decided to finally go ahead and reclaim the space that FS9 was taking up.We've been there before in the past, but I guess FSX is the most controversial FS release so far...but, I for one am not looking back any more ( which, come to think of it, is kind of unusual for me I have to say ;-) ).
  4. Another satisfied customer here!I'm experiencing very few problems with the 747X, just finished a flight yesterday from EHAM to KJFK, with AFX weather, flightplan created with Routefinder and adapted for PMDG 747 with FSBuild, predicted to last 7:54 hours; did it in 7:49...(used up more fuel than predicted though).The displays froze twice during this flight, a quick shift-A to the 2D panel and back took care of that, no big deal. FSX is holding up well too, I do run it at slightly lower settings when flying the 747, no use in having cars and sailboats running around when you're at FL350+ !Frankly, now that the PMDG 747 has made it into FSX, it is very likely I will be saying goodbye to FS9 soon!Martijn
  5. Out of curiosity, I did try an autoland at KMCO 35L, and all went smooth, nosewheel on the runway centerline...Martijn
  6. No problems with ASX and 747X as far as I'm concerned. I do start ASX before launching FSX.Martijn
  7. Yep I've seen this too, but only in the 'F'.Martijn
  8. This may help some who may be getting this message.After hitting the confirmation button on my order for the 747X (my account was recognized and discount was applied correctly), I received the message that "the order could not be found" and that I could not access it.However, after logging in to the account again (but not ordering anew), it was on my previous orders list and I am downloading now!Martijn
  9. "My final PMDG 747-400 liveries turning final."hmmmm, could that mean landings are imminent??? ;-)Martijn
  10. The date on that post is september 4th, so I suppose today, october 3rd, still qualifies as "within the month" :-hahHowever, I'm quessing that the "standard disclaimer applies"!And that, in turn, would qualify for the standard reply: "OK, fine, we don't want an unfinished or faulty product do we?"And that's just the way it is...it'll be ready-when it's ready! And when it is, then it will get released...I know it sounds boring, but common sense sometimes is!Having said that, some news would be welcome too!Martijn
  11. Same here.This looks like the exact same problem that we had this monday...Martijn
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