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  1. Awesome, now I'm buying!
  2. erict

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    Really hope to see repaints for : Avianca (Also Juan Valdez special livery link), 2000 Austral 80s, polished, 2010, 2013 Aeromexico polished liveries 1, 2 JAS Swissair TWA
  3. Ya I was looking forward to this but then discovered this isn't button control. Not interested in voice, don't even have a mic setup for my PC.
  4. erict

    Pause at TOD?

  5. erict

    PFPX MD82 Route Export

    so pfpx is abandonware now? what a shame
  6. erict

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    Austral from Argentina would be good.
  7. erict

    PMDG 737-700 Request

  8. erict

    Official PMDG 300ER Livery List

    Yup second that. Looking for the Alitalia 777-300ER
  9. erict

    Next Aircraft?

    +1 Platform:P3Dv4.1 Developer: PMDG Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 QotS2 + future 747-8 expansion Comment: The one and only Queen needs some Immersion love.
  10. erict

    PMDG 737-700 Request

    +1 wanted to do a flight no repaints for this.
  11. +1 requesting Virgin Atlantic current livery + Birthday Girl would be nice. & Malaysia Airlines Hibiscus livery.
  12. erict

    Thai Airways repaint request

    Wow, that looks great. :wub: I would also love their older livery from the 90s/early 2000s
  13. erict

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    I really hope we get the NGX with scimitar winglets. Also 777-200ER & 777-300 non ER. The 777 is great but feels incomplete. +1 Still one of the best older releases from PMDG.
  14. erict

    Unbelievably good visuals.

    Indeed, she is a beauty. Love being able to see through the fan blades.
  15. lol, nice try. I would love a classic PMDG 747. :wub: