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  1. SAX702

    How Good Is ORBX Global

    I was an Ultimate Terrain user for years. Moved to ORBX Global + ORBX Vector without regrets. While UT was limited to an area, ORBX Global covers the globe with new textures. As others have said, to get the nice rivers, coastlines, roads, railroads, etc., you would need ORBX Vector (which is global too), but this product is known to use more resources.
  2. SAX702

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    A giant in our community has passed. His contributions where ground breaking. If we had a hall of fame, his name should be right up there with Artwick.
  3. Thank you, that was it. In Windows 10, it's the Manage Audio Devices, then the Communications tab. I can now hear the RC voices as before the patch. I still hear the GSX voices kind of subdued, but that's OK for me. Again, thank you.
  4. I also have the same problem. Raising the RC volume with the Volume Mixer doesn't solve it. Don't know about James, but in my case, I can hear the RC voices at normal volume when I disable the P3D4 sounds (using 'Q'), but very quiet when P3D4 sound is enabled. It's like the RC voices are far behind the sim sounds. Like James, I had not changed anything, other than the Win10 update. I've now updated the sound drivers, specifically from the mother board web site, but this also doesn't solve the problem.
  5. I noticed that after the last Windows 10 update, the RC voices are now very low. I've maximized their volume to no avail. The only way to hear them clearly is to turn off P3D4 sounds. Appreciate any help.
  6. SAX702

    Farewell FSW

    And other highly influential brands condemned it from its start.
  7. SAX702

    Farewell FSW

    Sometimes because they want to steer the user herd towards their products/initiatives, but all in the name of protecting the community. An old pattern seen repeatedly throughout history.
  8. It's amazing how we keep repeating what other high influence folks are saying. There's nothing wrong with DTG outbidding the famous "consortium." It's business competition. Microsoft sold to the highest bidder. It was about business (money) not about which competitor had more flight simulation development experience. If DTG is "money grabbing" then so is also Microsoft. How many in this community asked some influential developers to continue developing/selling their add-ons for FS9? Do you recall the developers' response? The numbers are not there to justify development cost. Does this make them "money grabbers?" These are business decisions that unfortunately don't play out the way we would like to, but it's just that, business. We're in mourning about FSW. Let's be careful about how we're influenced, but let's move on.
  9. SAX702

    Farewell FSW

    I'm also disappointed. Great potential with FSW. X-Plane seems to be the only entertainment option left.
  10. SAX702

    JustFlight Traffic Global Previews

    Hope it includes cargo airlines like FedEx and UPS.
  11. SAX702

    Captainsim 757 thoughts?

    Also curious about the CS757 for p3d4 but hesitant due to the reported bugs and other aspects. Keep in mind the QW757 is going to be a straight port of the existing FSX version, no new features.
  12. Per their forum, the author is looking for aircraft performance data. It would be great for those that have such data to contribute.
  13. SAX702

    QW787 and QW757 coming for P3Dv4

    Based on their 787 lengthy development time and their Facebook statement that their 757 is on beta testing for P3D4, it's most likely it's only a straight port of the FSX model.
  14. I can see career mode advancing when IFR flying and jets are available. One could have a corporate pilot career and/or an airline career. As I suggested on separate email, this was the main feature in subLOGIC's Air Transport Pilot. Hope to see an evaluation mode added on how well was the assignment completed combined with a good pilot's log.
  15. SAX702

    ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    I just found the answer for me. I had two KATL folders in "C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects" ImagineSim_KATL ImagineSim_KATL3_PD4 I also had two KATL .xml files "C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml" ImagineSim_KATL_Stands ImagineSim_KATL3_PD4_Stands Since I have both FSX:SE and P3D4 installed, I thought one folder/.xml file for each, but that's not the case. I removed the ImagineSim_KATL folder and the ImagineSim_KATL_Stands .xml file and the double jetways are gone from both FSX:SE and P3D4. I didn't have any jetways.bgl files in either of the two sims. Hope this helps.