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  1. TFDi's TrueGlass looks promising.
  2. FSX-MS

    If you have ORBX Vector installed, check its control panel for Airport Elevation Correction.
  3. FSX-MS

    Aresito, Te recomiendo que uses el forum de PMDG. (Recommend you use the PMDG forum.) David
  4. FSX-SE

    Thank you Bjoern. David
  5. FSX-SE

    Bjoern, Would you be willing to list this process with details? Or, were you following instructions you found elsewhere? Regards, Dave
  6. Suggest asking in the PMDG forum.
  7. FSX-MS

    Sebastian, It's the same with my QW757. Mine also doesn't show the elapsed time selector or the SET rate selector on the virtual cockpit clock (regular panel). I asked about this in the QW forum but no reply. Hopefully a better rendition of a B757 should be around soon. Dave
  8. Same issue here. Updater gets stock on various files. David Vega
  9. FSX:SE

    A very informative thread. Thank you all.
  10. I'm having the same problem with FSX. These are liveries that were installed before the latest update. With the series of recent updates, the Ops Center would offer to correct liveries it detected. Now it simply offers to delete the folder. This is only happening with the 777.
  11. I've been reading this thread and appreciate the answers from all as I've also been having VAS issues. Regarding transitioning to P3D4, it seems FSW has been completely discarded as a 64-bit solution option. Understand that FSW isn't finished and that some vendors have an issue with their sales model. Is that the reason why FSW has been discarded? Is there enough in what is seen now to discard it? I'm only trying to be sure before making an expensive move.
  12. I've a strange one. My FSX will display an OOM while on pause. I've tried multiple scenery/airplane configurations with the same results. Unfortunately I don't recall what has changed (a side effect of being old). Hoping Jim or someone else knows of an approach to fix.
  13. Agree with Rob and finchkh. Looking forward to a smooth transition. Hope the add on prices do not match P3Dv4 pro lic cost.
  14. Glad you found the answer Ken.
  15. Ken, I got those values from another internet site; was away from my simulator computer. My QW aircraft.cfg shows: [exits] number_of_exits = 4 exit.0 = 0.2, 30.50, -4.0, 12,0 exit.1 = 0.2, -28.5, 5.5, -0.8, 1 Jetways use my L2 door, just like in your case, but that's how I prefer it. Recommend Charlier Aron's advice above.