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  1. Jim, the information you enter on the PMDG FMC does change the aircraft. You see this by changing the fuel or payload and seeing the aircraft move up or down. Also found this article very informative.
  2. Jim, From what I have learned, PMDG recommends never to use TOPCAT or anything like it to directly load fuel, cargo, pax, etc. TOPCAT also states the it fuel figures are only estimates based on straight line flying. I do use TOPCAT for the info it provides but I enter that info manually into the PMDG FMC. Understand this doesn't directly answer your question, but hope it helps.
  3. B757, agreed. Now we need influential developers to start porting products for FSW.
  4. FSX-MS

    The tool was great for its time. Unless you have an older computer, suggest using the Avsim's FSX Basic Configuration Guide to fine tune your simulator.
  5. FSX-MS

    No issue here. Any other KIAD AFCADS or scenery installed that may be suppressing autogen?
  6. For all of you in the know and the master speculators, will the B737 MAX be a stand alone product or an expansion to the B737NG? David Vega
  7. Clearly the "looks" of anything is subjective. For me, the still early access FSW looks in par or better than the other options, which I also have and use. There are some features the current FSW release doesn't offer that one can find on other sims: user controlled weather, to include the ability to have real weather, and some features related to using lights at night. It does offer features that could be better, just as the other sims, i.e., ATC.
  8. Performance is definitively better. I noticed the P3D4 installer automatically removed the previous version before installing. The installer for FSX:SE, on the other hand, offered me the option to remove prev version only. So, I removed the prev version, ran the installer again, and it installed the new one. BTW, performance is also much improved on the FSX version. No pauses on approach, no pauses while looking at the airport from the air. Best part is the upgrade was for free unlike the last upgrade.
  9. A definitive performance improvement for me. I also like the new configurator. Thank you for the free upgrade vs. calling it ATL 2018 and charging full price.
  10. Like others, I follow my VA for my next flight. It would be nice to have a web site that would allow one to select a departing airport (could default to last airport you landed) and suggest a random flight based on real-life flights from this airport, other flights flown by other pilots, or just a random one. For each, it could show payware/freeware airport scenery and equipment plus a link to or similar site (or even have offer this service) for routes, weather, etc. What else?
  11. Competition is always good and hopefully we will have two good options for KORD. Besides look and feel, curious to see which developer keeps their product close to its real counterpart.
  12. I'm also enjoying FSW as is while looking forward to its future. This without any guilt.
  13. Thank you Dan Moore.
  14. I just finished upgrading to a new computer. While I'm not done re-installing everything, I've had no problems downloading and installing everything that I've purchased. Some vendors limit the number of downloads but would reset the counters if you reach out to them. In your case, I don't think you would have to reinstall everything, only the items that may be affected by the hardware change.
  15. Molleh, Haven't installed the PMDG birds yet, but will let you know when I do. It's unfortunate some are having problems with Win 10. I simply meant to point out that I wasn't this time. Regards