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  1. Recommend posting this at the GSX forum.
  2. Greycap461, you can reorder the sections. There's nothing here saying the sections have to be in a specific order.
  3. @Gizmo05, to be explicit, you do not have to purchase most addons again. See what others have posted regarding installation.
  4. Was this a case of premature uninstallation? 😄 I haven't even purchased V5 yet. My hat is off to the early adopter pioneers that take the plunge and experience the joys of having the newest version right away.
  5. @cooperwarner8, are you experiencing this problem with versions of these products that were updated for P3Dv5?
  6. @Maaarp, Suggest focusing on this issue before buying anything else. Is this a problem reported by other QW B787 pilots? Could you provide an example of the problem, i.e., what runway at what airport and what points were added? You already have a good simulation of one of the newest long haul aircrafts. You also said you like learning, which is a mark of a good pilot. Let's figure out if what you're experiencing with the 787 is just an opportunity to learn. Hope we can do that before this thread turns into another battle between unpaid marketing departments for popular add on manufacturers.
  7. @GEKtheReaper, thank you. Solved! I had done everything except "be sure to check also Experimental Updates in the ASUpdater". While I wonder why it wouldn't work with the downloaded version of, I've had enough fun for today trying to get this solved. Again, thank you. Dave
  8. After uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of the Aerosoft CRJ Pro, the flight displays and yoke do not work on startup (see photo). I was installing it again because I've read that was the way to eliminate an issue with the localizer needle not working correctly. Has anybody encountered this and knows how to repair? Here's what I've done so far to attempt to fix it: Posted at the Aerosoft CRJ forum Reinstalled the CRJ Pro (deactivating anti-virus while downloading and installing) Installed c++ 2017 redistributables (read issue could be a problem with a corrupt 2017 C++ Redistributables) Replaced P3D with P3D thinking that perhaps it would work with the older version Tried it with Windows 10 game mode both on and off since I read some people are having problems with game mode in some games Any ideas or suggestions? Dave
  9. I found one here. It's freeware.
  10. To me the pauses in the P3D video caught my attention more than the lights.
  11. This combined with the current prices is what makes me hesitate buying it, specially when their web page says "Highly detailed Embraer E170, E190 built from scratch, including new model, flight dynamics, AP and other system codes and sounds."
  12. Guess it comes to comparing pros and cons for each approach. First, I like to have scenery installed where P3D can access it at equal or close speed as it can access itself, i.e., if P3D is installed on a PCIe NVMe SSD, I wouldn't install scenery on a HDD or even an external SSD. This, of course, provided I have the available storage capacity in the preferred media. Next, not having to reinstall a product when I install a P3D upgrade is a plus since I reduce the chances of introducing errors and get to enjoy the update faster. This assumes that P3D's preferred method of installing scenery works without any performance degradation, etc. Hope this helps you. I'm sure others will offer what works best for them.
  13. @Handfist Mike, Yes, hotfix 3 includes all the previous hotfixes. Here's a good process to follow to update. Hope this helps, and if not, ask away. Dave, USAF (Ret)
  14. I'm looking forward to hear from the early adopters. Suggest focusing on the things that were buggy in their B757, i.e., VNAV.
  15. @TrevorS, you know "worth" is subjective. What are you expecting to get from this $75 product? If you list your expectations, we could tell you if it the product delivers. But your expectations should be as objective as possible: does it offer a complete simulation of a B757 FMS vs. would it make me feel good and warm inside. Otherwise the thread will turn into another CS haters vs. everybody else. I have the product and have enjoyed it because it simulates well enough the things I expected it to offer.
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