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  1. Hi Ray. Just to add my 2.2 cents worth (GST inc) I have recently purchased the Throttletek B737 TQ and the A320m TB. Both products work very well. The 737 TQ is basic but has the needed components - non motorised and no trim wheels but that didnt bother me. The A320 TB works a treat. And the maker (Roberto) has excellent customer contact and is quick with help and responses.
  2. Here is the grand old lady who the DC6 was modelled on. V5-NCG sitting on the tarmac at Eros (FYWE) Windkoek Namibia. I have the pleasure of working with one of the original crew who flew this ship, Capt Alwyn Bierman, know to all in the Namibian aviation industry as Kappi. I named a waypoint after him on one of the FYWE RNP APCH procedures I did in 2016. We have been trying to get the covers removed and get a few more shots internally. If we manage that I will post.
  3. Print out the checklists that come with the Q400 on A5 sheets on both sides; laminate and then put them where you want them. Thats what we all do
  4. Hi Ryan. Great choice - great bird!. I flew it in FSX and P3D then had to wait for the P3d v4 version and I am once again a happy camper! Re checklists: print out the ones in the docs directory - they work very well and cover all essential items.eg NWS is switched on after start and left on until shut down. Its a bit late turning it on once you have touched down. Engines shutdown: the condition levers need to come to start feather for at least 30secs before fuel shutoff. This is why I would suggest you print the Majestic checklists and use them. Hope this helps
  5. Ask anyone from Honeywell about opening the 744 FMS to look at it for an upgrade and they blanch visibly then run away screaming. (taht was my experience at a Honeywell conference many years ago :-) ) The 744 box is a very old box - so to emulate RL I imagine thats why PMDG did not give it that capability. Bear in mind the 744 can fly an RNP APCH (LNAV or LNAV/VNAV) but not RNP AR APCH. If the terminology is confusing its because it is changing: RNAV (GNSS) or RNAV (GPS) = RNP APCH (LNAV or LNAV/VNAV) RNAV (RNP) = RNP AR APCH Its just not up to it.
  6. easy fix: turn your sliders down. Sounds logical really!
  7. Gents (and Ladies ) VPilotai has been updated as of last Saturday . Works very well. What I know want to know is can I add more ai aircraft to the standard database - should be possible? Any thoughts?
  8. Using the P3D v4 NGX with latest updates through the OC. When I activate the HUD the lower right area of the display seems to be missing as if it is hidden "behind" the glare shield: see attached pic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgxu79g50sil3u9/IMG_1506.jpg This is probably not correct. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. Andy don't worry. You will. I'm 65 so you'll at least get there
  10. yes of course you are correct But it does work in P3D Apparently
  11. Chas I thought this might cause you guys "up there" an issue What I mean by that is - great , fantastic, the best thing since sliced bread, or as smart as paint. In short RNP AR is one the most interesting things I have ever dealt with. Hope this clears that point up? BTW how are the English lessons coming along for all you "up there"
  12. Actually it was Steve Fulton and Hal Anderson who did the pioneering work for Alaskan in Juneau for RNP AR. I had the pleasure of meeting Hal and working with Steve for a number of years when I introduced RNP AR procedures at 15 airports throughout Australia i 2006 when Steve and Hal still owned Naverus before GE got their hands on it. Fantastic times. This AR stuff is mickey mouse and fun to work with and fly.
  13. Glad you got your problem sorted.I have disabled weather in FSINN yet I am cursed by the temperaure rise.Unisatlled FSINN and reinstalled...same problem.Is it the one wetaher box to check or more...I must have missed something.______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - Stretch your wings, Australia.
  14. Thankyou, I appreciate your assistance.Rob______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - Stretch your wings, Australia.
  15. Hi PMDG and thanks for another excellent product. I know there have been a few issues but hey, thats what life's all about.OK I've been looking at how to fix the issues and when I deleted the original [TRUSTED] section in the fsx.cfg file then restarted thi sis how is came up[Trusted]F:Flight Simulator XModulesFSCopilot.dll.ikuwblurelalboieckrnbtctuaouoeqotetattck=1F:Flight Simulator XPMDGDLLsPMDGOptions.dll.waaunhcqweqhunirzkarwulitkuhzzuwakoiolqa=1F:Flight Simulator XPMDGDLLsPMDGEvents.dll.eakorcocnznkilctkeruliurhhzkwrbhhihrzzuw=1F:Flight Simulator XPMDGDLLsPMDGSounds.dll.itrbhoktetkcbzorhwnhathnarwialcwnbcwiine=1F:Flight Simulator XModulesFSUIPC4.dll.wruuqaezcuhucwaazntabhwculiuetaweqcbqzne=1F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESCessna.DLL.cuolnolwreetulhiweitnwwnwonwhwawtttqrcnb=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESCessna172.DLL.tteiiqlueokqbcwnaiaqzqkqooaolkquqqcaztir=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESCessna182s.DLL.ianqqoeautbiiholioatatewohlonuoubhkwboea=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESCessnaWAlpha.DLL.uhikqhcqncrlqthulruekitcuqtnncznbntttthq=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESBendix_King_Radio.DLL.zwcnoqulbqezauaacarhcbqzbnkoibeuhqrrbqqq=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESBell_206B.DLL.nookcththhuelblhlabrzqciooibhtalrbzkwian=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESPMDG_747400_Main.DLL.qrekbnubawaqhlowqikreqhcanznezbzhcewabur=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESPMDG_747400_ACS.DLL.urhihnekcwuthraaanzooceaquzchleqbqqnllih=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESPMDG_747400_Overhead.DLL.rleautaunqhkwhkwtahweihlzbkzrikaobqlqzlb=2F:Flight Simulator XGAUGESPMDG_747400_Center.DLL.ciowcbuceilwlntqzbzwwezokznaibborwubwltl=2Are all the alpha numerics after the .DLL necessary, should they be tere , or should I stand a safe distance from the computer??Appreciate your help.regardsRob GrantYBBN______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - Stretch your wings, Australia.
  16. Nope sorry but that didnt fix it for me.Every time I oress the Y (slew) button offit goes. No NUM LOCK or whatever.______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - a new direction!
  17. Porthos

    Can't Climb

    Hi all my 2.2 cents worth (GSTinc)Is thi shappening if you are flying online or offline.If online r u using FSINN? Because if you are thats the culprit.Disable the weather interface for FSINN and th eproblem will go away.I didnt have the issue until I used FSINN and found a thread on the subject.for me SB and AS have no issue.______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - a new direction!
  18. Steffan the FMS cannot calculate the winds unless the operator is engaged in dynamic wind uploading. Not many operators are.Crews enter the forecast winds on the ground before departure generally and update them if they get an update.some of the more modern aircraft with progressive operators are having up to date winds uplinked via ACARS or CPDLC into the FMS. Otherwise its only forecast...the FMS does basic calc from that for VNAV path.______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - a new direction!
  19. All, my 2.2 cents worth (GST inc for those who live in OZ)True the 757 FMS is not exactly the most schmick piece of kit around however, until one item is enabled in the FMS then the VNAV wont be as accurate as it might be (my opinion only of course)To enable the forecast winds in the FMS input would give a better chance of the aircraft maintaining VNAV path as IRL.The forecast winds assist the FMS to predict TOD and hence VNAV path.If the forecast winds are not enabled the FMS sees nil wind. If it encounters anything other than still air it is going to be somewhat askew trying to get to a height requirement of make a level on descent or even maintain a CDA path to the runway.Now unless I have missed something or my FMS is one surplanted from an Airbus the forecast wind is not enabled in the PSS bird (Steve that is correct is it not?)Having said that I have made a few flights with v1.3 and find it rock solid (ahem... after my initial HOLD problem that is which a reinstall fixed... my problem I think)BTW install 1.3 (fresh install after an unistall).______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - a new direction!
  20. Well I uninstalled the V1.3 then reinstalled and so far so good..no lock up when using HOLD function.ANy ideas ??______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - a new direction!
  21. Hi All and thanks for the update.I searched the threads but could not find a specific reference to this issue.LAst night between SCIP and NTAA I initiated a HOLD function at MOANA. The result was a total lockup of FS9 - not CTD but a freeze.I restarted and did the same thing again with the same result. Is this a known issue?I tried to enter a hold at MOANA for RW 22 VOR at NTAA.System specsAMD 4600 dual coreASUS A8NSLI Premium board2G PC800 RAM2 x Leadtek PX 7800GT cards (not in SLI function)2 x 250G WD SATA II RAID in RAID 1 config.I'll try again with diferent approaches and advise if the same result.______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - a new direction!
  22. >Hi>>I am normally really patient. But now i am getting>a little bit annoyed to this issue.>>No really good information is coming through about this tools>or other issues in the 757.>I personally don't care if pirated copies can use the tools or>not.>Anyway the cracker always find ways around security checks.>>We want the tools now, and not in 6 months!This is a hobby. If you dont get the exact numbers then who cares. Play with it for a while and :-eek you might even discover something for yourself without having it shoved in front of you!Rob
  23. Thanks for the info...and whil eon the topic of secrets (well eastereggs really)In FS2002 there was a spot in the ocean upon which there was a skeleton and a boat wreck.For the lif eof me I cant remember where it was.Any helpers??______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - a new direction!
  24. Greetings PSS types.I have just returned from YSSY from a briefing by one of our regional operators on their new Dash 8-400 or Q400 for short. (DH8D)This beastie is vastly diffeent from the Q300 which PSS (to my mind at least) did an excellent job with.So PSS can you be tempted to provide us with the brand new Q400?______________________________________Rob YMA002 - Compass Airlines Australia - a new direction!
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