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  1. I am using VR exclusively for Warthunder, DCS, X-Plane, P3Dv4/5 and previously Aerofly too. I am having my Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and my mouse in use. Never use the hand controllers with exceptions of XP . Works perfectly. A good VR headset support is what I want. Thats all.
  2. VR is a performance sucker. Thats what I learned. Still, after more than 12 month with my Rift I will never go back to TIR 😉 Every release of p3d, VR is getting better. One thing I disagree, is with disabling all features that would make it nice. Some people say, AA is useless in VR. I disagree. The aicraft still looks better having it turned on. Maybe not 8xSSAA. But a bit more conservative will help on fps. Autogen. I mean, what is a forrest worth if the forrest is not dense or the city has no buildings... For some reason you are in the sim and VR improves the sense of real flying. Why to turn off the gimmicks then? I tell you my 2 cents. Plan for VR don't run into it because it is just nice. I did rush into it and ended up in changing pieces of hardware afterwards. Forced to it. Lessons learned. Anything below a GTX 1080 8GB+ is nonsense for Flightsim. It works for some other games on a 1070 too. Not DCS, not XP11, nor P3D 32GB Ram. You will have this many processes running for VR, that suck your memory. Better have some spare. i7-7700k, thats what I am on. It is low end. I am still waiting for upgrading Mind the table and the screen. You will have to move more distant otherwise you will score a hit with your head or your VR hands on the table or like me on the monitor when leaning forward 😉 All your hardware panels become useless. How much did you invest? Sell it. You will no longer need it - except for P3D, hurray, you ca keep pedals, warthog stick and throttle but consider some move with those here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN83TQoI-bk Harness - god yesss!!! Forget only once that you cannot hold to the side of your F5 cockpit while leaning out. You will be resting on the floor. This was my warm welcome to DCS ... P3D uses mouse to control buttons and switches. Have a little pad on the side of your chair ... Last, Oculus Rift needs 3 USB3 (blue) ports and one HDMI port. Headset and Tracking devices should not be on the same USB3 Host controller. I had bandwidth disconnects having all on same hub. XP11, DCS are way more sophisticated in terms of VR. In DCS you can control the knobs, switches and buttons by hand controller. In XP11 you can even fly the plane fully on VR controllers, except pedals, of course.
  3. Since I did not update the scenery, it is still 4.4, this cannot be the reason.
  4. No frame loss here I uninstalled Client 4.4. I uninstalled content 4.4 I installed client 4.5 I installed content 4.5 I removed some addons from the dll.xml and exe.xml, related to active sky, VRS and aerosoft recorder SteamVR is OFF NVIDIA Drivers 419.67 I did not delete any shareds nor change any settings, getting the same results as before. I do use processlasso otherwise my VR headset and frames are unstable. In VR ~40fps no VR 100+fps
  5. Correct, while not all buttons or displays work as expected. Menus might not work in VR
  6. I am using ForeFlight, but do also have Garmin Pilot App. For VFR real flights, Garmin suits better. Approach plates are coming from Jeppessen and the similarity to the built in Garmin devices, makes more sense to me. At least considering Europe, Switzerland. I am pushing on ForFlight team to get certain easy things done for Europe. - Split screen with document viewer, in order to see the approach plates, side by side - High Res terrain - NAV Data with VRP included. Today they are not. Thats a quick win for both sides if this is done SkyDemon is nice, but I really don't like the handling and the interface. Garmin is much quicker there. And while flying, specially when I fly helicopter, you cannot release the cyclic for a second. And for this, Garmin wins. Foreflight here would be good to, but lacks of some details. Airspaces ceilings or frequencies are not being displayed. Both work with X-Plane and don't need a plugin. Expensive? Yes, but flying is expensive anyway ;)
  7. I got an active subscription for Garmin Europe. Will this work?
  8. Does it simulate the subscriptions, like SafeTaxi, FliteCharts and Jeppesen Subscription in this device?
  9. No, it will not cover all with Snow. region_Winter.png controls where it will have snow. And you could change it. Autumn is different, as there is no region_Autumn.png which would control the Autumn. 1. Autumn will be everywhere 2. Winter only where you want it to be. PSD with worldmap is included to have the choice of snow ;-) region_Winter.png controls the snow textures on ground, i have not yet tested with autumn, to create a file, but I think the logic is exactly this. Cheers Martin
  10. Solved - thanks for your help ;)
  11. helloyesterday i upgraded from XP SP2 to Vista 32. I had to reinstall a fresh copy of FSX and FSX Acc.AA does no longer work as it did under XP.My framerates are equal to what i use to have in XP but without AA. I tried with nhancer, deactivating the default S profiles. what worked in XP does no longer in Vista.Did i miss something?My system:E6600 Core2Duo 1066FSB3GB Ram DDR2-667GForce 8600GTS 512MB DDR3Vista 32BitForceWare 169.09 BetaNhancer 2.3.2Driver SettingsAA = Multi 4xAF = 8xVSync = offFSX Settings:DX10 = CheckedFiltering = TrilinearAA = uncheckedI have one diffrence, i installed 169.09. Under XP i had 169.04Any help would be appreciatedThanksMartin
  12. I have them too after installing FSX Acceleration pack.Any ideas?CheersMartin
  13. ok, now lets assume a place the carrier somewhere. Does the CAT and the TRAPS work automatically in acceleration?CheersMartin
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