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  1. I am using ForeFlight, but do also have Garmin Pilot App. For VFR real flights, Garmin suits better. Approach plates are coming from Jeppessen and the similarity to the built in Garmin devices, makes more sense to me. At least considering Europe, Switzerland. I am pushing on ForFlight team to get certain easy things done for Europe. - Split screen with document viewer, in order to see the approach plates, side by side - High Res terrain - NAV Data with VRP included. Today they are not. Thats a quick win for both sides if this is done SkyDemon is nice, but I really don't like the handling and the interface. Garmin is much quicker there. And while flying, specially when I fly helicopter, you cannot release the cyclic for a second. And for this, Garmin wins. Foreflight here would be good to, but lacks of some details. Airspaces ceilings or frequencies are not being displayed. Both work with X-Plane and don't need a plugin. Expensive? Yes, but flying is expensive anyway ;)
  2. Hollywood

    Garmin and Navigraph crux

    I got an active subscription for Garmin Europe. Will this work?
  3. Does it simulate the subscriptions, like SafeTaxi, FliteCharts and Jeppesen Subscription in this device?
  4. No, it will not cover all with Snow. region_Winter.png controls where it will have snow. And you could change it. Autumn is different, as there is no region_Autumn.png which would control the Autumn. 1. Autumn will be everywhere 2. Winter only where you want it to be. PSD with worldmap is included to have the choice of snow ;-) region_Winter.png controls the snow textures on ground, i have not yet tested with autumn, to create a file, but I think the logic is exactly this. Cheers Martin
  5. .ORG store is on V2 too - My downloadlinks are pointing to a V2
  6. Hollywood

    Antialias gone ...

    Solved - thanks for your help ;)
  7. Hollywood

    Antialias gone ...

    helloyesterday i upgraded from XP SP2 to Vista 32. I had to reinstall a fresh copy of FSX and FSX Acc.AA does no longer work as it did under XP.My framerates are equal to what i use to have in XP but without AA. I tried with nhancer, deactivating the default S profiles. what worked in XP does no longer in Vista.Did i miss something?My system:E6600 Core2Duo 1066FSB3GB Ram DDR2-667GForce 8600GTS 512MB DDR3Vista 32BitForceWare 169.09 BetaNhancer 2.3.2Driver SettingsAA = Multi 4xAF = 8xVSync = offFSX Settings:DX10 = CheckedFiltering = TrilinearAA = uncheckedI have one diffrence, i installed 169.09. Under XP i had 169.04Any help would be appreciatedThanksMartin
  8. Hollywood

    FSX Run time error. FSX SP1

    I have them too after installing FSX Acceleration pack.Any ideas?CheersMartin
  9. Hollywood

    Acceleration or Flight Deck 5?

    ok, now lets assume a place the carrier somewhere. Does the CAT and the TRAPS work automatically in acceleration?CheersMartin
  10. Reply from Flight1: CheersMartin
  11. Dear allWe are proud to announce that the Swiss Virtual Airforce opens the doors for the public. A very special moment for my team, as we are the first virtual airforce of Switzerland that will be flying on the VATSIM network.Our objective are clear, we want to become the leading virtual airforce of Switzerland. A representation of our Armed Forces on the virtual skies.As you can imagine, i high level objective. Switzerland is a small country. Our Air Force is not really welcome by Swiss ppl. as it costs money. To find members will become the most difficult issue.We will under no circumstances publish confidential material!! But we do operate as close as possible to the real Swiss Air Force. ATO's of the Swiss Virtual Airforce- Transport of Goverment personel (Falcon50)- First Aid service (Super Puma)- Training on (Pilatus P-3, PC-7, PC-9, Tiger F-5E II, Mirage III RS, F/A-18 Hornet)- Formation Training- Display Team, Patrouille Suisse, once enough members and if interest is here ;)- Training for Online Airshows (vRIAT)- Participation in Online events, once accepted by VATSIM Special Ops department- Participation in Trainings with vNATO maneuvers, once accepted by VATSIM Special Ops department- ...Currently we have positions to fill for squadron leaders of mentioned aircrafts, send your application here -> info[at]virtualairforce.chPilots my apply here -> www.virtualairforce.ch -> follow the link Swiss Virtual Airforce PilotThanks for readingBest regardsMartin "Hollywood"
  12. hii had to install my system from scratch. this week installed a vanilla version of FS9.1. After having installed now several add-ons, suddenly a message popped up when loading FS9. there is a dialog coming up and in the window title is says "unknown name". i can click on OK and FS9 loads normal. i can play normal. there is nothing that is not working as it should. the last add-on i installed before the message came up was FS Flightdeck 4.does anyone have an idea what this could be or how i could debug?thanks for helpcheersMartin
  13. i have installed Vista one week ago and i am running FS9 at about 5fps faster than under WinXP. It might be only related to the fact that i did not update Xp to Vista. I did a fresh installation. Finally i don't care. FSX is no topic for me because i could not run it well under XP neither i can under Vista.My Specs:ASUS P5P800 SE MoboP4 3.2 Ghz2GB Ram DDR400GF6800 GT 256MB320 GB SATAVista Ultimate Build 6000I have 25fps (locked at 25) in 90% of all sceneries running complex panels 100% 3D clouds 80% traffic. With FSX Demo in St. Maarten using the cessna i got 5 -10 ;) sliders not maxed out.CheersMartin
  14. hii have moved to Vista and i am experiencing a slight problem.Vista does not have the c:document and settings folder. Due to this FS9 .cfg is not located there. With a trick i was able to relocate it. However, AS6.5 B533 is searching for the folder on startup. Every time i specify the default FS9 folder where i installed actually FS9. It keeps me prompting. Any resolution?CheersMartin
  15. Hollywood

    Merry X-Mas

    The Air Switzerland and SkyOne Group Team wishes you all a merry X-Mas.http://www.airswitzerland-va.ch/images/weihnachten06.jpgCheersMartin