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  1. Found this over at simhq. Just thought it might be good for a chuckle:http://gizmodo.com/342920/holy-crap-did-bi...y-windows-sucks
  2. Roger: You may already know about these:realtrim11.zip by Nils Meierwhazzup.zip by Glenn Copelandhere in the library.I've used both on many aircraft and they work very well.Not a cure, but at least you know more about what's going on.Oh, and my New Year's wish is for a hefty twin engine throttle quad HOTAS.
  3. Chris: It sounds like you have calibrated the levers in the CH Manager, but...Have you checked the FS9 contoller assignments to make sure things are working properly there?Check that the sensitivities are correct. Null all the way to the left, sensitivity all the way to the right. Hope this helps.
  4. "... Boeing Stearman, model 75 (N19550). I don't remember what "Package" of aircraft I got it with, but I'm pretty sure... ".Isn't that Robert Sanderson's excellent Stearman?You can get the latest version over at sim-outhouse.com.Search for the file: 450StearmanDusterUpdate.zipDon't let the file name fool you. This is a complete package, including 2 reworked aircraft and updated scenery. For Free!This package must rank at or near the top of anyone's list, payware OR freeware.Get it, you will not be disappointed.
  5. Karl: Having gone thru some recent problems myself, maybe I can help."since my system was totally unstable..." In what way exactly was it unstable? That sounds like more of a hardware problem than software. Are you sure all your hardware is working like it should? All the nuts and bolts and connections secure?"Then I reinstalled FS9 plus SP1 and had the following result :..."By SP1 do you mean the 9.1 official update?"Edit : I should add that NO other add-ons installed as yet !..."Have you tried installing any other programs beside FS9? If you have another flight sim game or any other program, such as Paint Shop Pro or the like, do those work after you try to install them?See if any of this helps...
  6. Tranken: Sorry if you have already done this, but did you check your FS9.CFG file? If there is more than one display entry that could muck up the situation.I feel your pain. As many here will attest, sometimes, if you are well versed in installing, uninstalling, driver cleaning, registry cleaning, and all the other bits, it's easier and faster to just "start from scratch", and keep it simple. Tired of tinkering, not enough flying!
  7. Lots here:http://freechecklists.net/
  8. Wow, thanks for the link to the F-18. That should really set the bar up a few notches when it's released.I'd sure like to match that with a HOTAS twin engined quadrant. CH or Saitek, can you hear me?If the two could be bundled together, I'll bet it would be a top seller.
  9. Jim: I know you're looking for payware, but the turboprop I have enjoyed flying the most in FS2004 is this:ys-11jac.zip, by the Allied FlightSim Group, here in the Avsim libraryThere is a combi version also.AFG's original was groudbreaking for it's time. The latest updated version 2.7 is just a great pleasure to fly. My CH yoke performs better in the sim with this aircraft than almost any other.It comes with an excellent manual and all the information needed to fly it well. No FMC in this baby, though ;-)
  10. SolarEagle: Great topic starter! I love these threads that mix the real world and the flight sim world. Always lots to be learned and fun things to see.So, if no one minds, allow me to add a bit of fuel to the fire, and maybe a wee small challenge.I don't have a high quality 747, as going low and slow is about all that I can handle. Big iron is not my forte.Most of you know of Tex Johnson. If you don't, watch this: Would the PMDG 747 be able to do a 1G roll ( or technically a chandelle ) with all the aircraft stress and damage options turned up?
  11. dave12345: I do not have this unit (yet), but have been following with interest the comments of those that do.I'm sure I read in another post (here?) about a user of this device that found the "C" clamps that you get at the hardware store work well for those with a keyboard tray. Many different sizes to chose from, I think he said.I think the availability of a separate throttle was a great move by Saitek. I purchased their Aviator joystick simply because it was locally available and considerably less expensive than their competitors. Now, for less than dinner for two at an elegant restaurant, I can fly HOTAS!
  12. For all Aeronca fans, Mark Lee's mods of Steven Myer's Aeronca K has got to be my favorite putt - putt 'plane.I've spent hours flying in VOZ along with his scenery. Most recommended.
  13. I'm a big DC-9 fan. I've had the F1 DC-9 for a long time. It's been awhile since I last flew her, though.To the best of my knowledge, there was never a tutorial written using this specific aircraft, other than what was packaged with the program.If your not familiar already with his site, Stellan Hilmerby, a real world airline captain, has THE site for DC-9 fans here:http://www.hilmerby.com/And of course, there are lots of knowledgable folks over at the Flight1 forums. DC-9s Forever!
  14. Hi:I've seen this subject come up many times in the last few years, and do experience it. Yes, turning tool tips off does cure it, albeit being somewhat of an inconvienience. I have an old FX5600 Ultra, but I believe it is endemic to all or most Nvidia cards. Not sure about ATI's, but I do not think they have this problem.Since I always run in windowed mode, the only other solution I know of is to "restore down" your screen, then "maximize" it again. This has always worked for me.It seems, at least on my system, that no combination aa/filters does much good. Oh well, time to upgrade!
  15. Alex - Yes, very good setup there!I,too,would like more info on your rig. My 5+ year old Dell 1.7 running a FX5600 Ultra is quite similar to yours. I'll be getting my older daughter's AMD 1.8 w/ a 5200 at the end of the summer when she gets her new laptop, along with a well behaved Samsung 19" flat panel CRT.May I ask what wattage power supplies you have? My Dell's 250 watt, which i've already replaced once, probably won't cut it much longer. I know there is an aftermarket 420 or 410 watt that will fit, so I'm already planning on that.Perhaps a moderator will step in and advise so we may see some pictures? Sure sounds like you have the low-budget setup I've wanted for some time now. Happy Flying!
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