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  1. Hi Guys, I tried to do the same, saving my flight plan in .FLP, and putting it under documents\Aerosoft\airbus\Flight plan, but all AES airbus, cannot read it. It shows empty folder. Any idea whay? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Today I tried to go to LFPO to install a scenery, but found out that the stock LFPO performance is very bad. 5 to 6 FPS. If I go to LFPG stock I get 30 fps also way lower if I go to any other area on the globe. Did anyone encountered the same issue, and managed to fix? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Guys, Thank you so much for the info, so how can I disable the Avatar mode all together, I probably activated by mistake. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Guys, No one encouterd this issue before? no idea what I am suppose to do to remove this message from appearing everytime I choose a scenery. Thanks
  5. Hi guys I need your help please I have started to see a new pop up about the avatar not being attached to the vehicule and if I want to attach it or not. If not the current offset from the vehicule will be used as the new location. I don't know what I did to start getting this message. I never had it before when I choose an airport. How do I remove that? Thanks for any help
  6. Yes Rob, please. I use yours on all my aircrafts, and I was wondering if you will be updating it. So please yes. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, I am running P3D v3 and I am using the old PTA for it, but when I run PTA, I get the message that: 1- I am using an unsupported version. 2- can't locate Prepare 3D Shaders folder The shaderHLSL is there, and I even reinstalled client to fix it, but no luck. Any idea why, and how can I fix that. Thanks
  8. Thank you very much for the information, got it now. Thanks
  9. Can anyone please give us the link for the download, I registered for the forum, and I cannot get the link. Thanks
  10. Hi Matt, Yes it was the correct one, but since I had reinstalled P3D V4 and now all is fine, as I installed PTA the first thing. So now all is working thanks Hani
  11. Hi there, I have P3D V4 and I got PTA 2.5.1 and I get this error when I launch the program. Preset F:\PTA V4\pta2-preset-thopat-2_0.ini loaded ERROR: You use unsupported version of Prepar3D! Shaders cache directory found at C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders\ ERROR: Prepar3D main configuration file not set! ERROR: Can't locate Prepar3D shaders folder How can I get PTA to recognize the P3D V4 folder. Thanks
  12. Thanks Zicheng, mush appreciated.
  13. Thanks David, I thought so, but just a try. Thanks
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