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  1. I have RSF and I find it superior to anything else on offer. When I upgraded from v5.3 to v5.4, RSF is still great. IMHO
  2. A common question. Running my trusty 1080ti with P3Dv5.4 settings mostly to the right, the performance is great. However, some airports sceneries, if you stay too long crash with lack of memory. The RTX 3090 certainly has the memory at 24gb, but is the performance good as well. The current second hand market is about £600 up. Is it worth it? Opinions greatfully received.
  3. I have P3Dv5.4 with many addons. It runs like a dream and with Orbx base coat looks great. With v6 now out does that look as good or better? MSFS 2020 currently on offer for £29, presumably with MSFS 2024 out next year. How does it compare to P3Dv5.4 or v6 even. Your comments gratefully received.
  4. Just checking my GSX Level2 control panel this morning and something that was not there previously was. P3dv6 not installed.
  5. I have tried the furmark stress test on the graphics card. It seems fine. I ran a intel stress test on the CPU @ 4.9 and that appears to be fine surviving on 100% load with temperatures in the low 70's. However, firing up P3Dv5 the PC crashes after 2-5 minutes. Lowering the OC to basic 3.7, it still crashes after about 10 minutes. The crash report in event viewer is a critical 'kernel-power 41', which to me is a foreign language. So is it the CPU ?
  6. Hello people thanks for your inputs. I have just gone back to W10 from W11. That surprise, surprise, made no difference. Looking elsewhere, I have come to the conclusion that the graphics card is not well. As said before the PC can stay on for hours with no load. Start the sim and after 3-5 minutes the PC crashes. The temperatures do read normal, about 60 C, however the upper surface of the graphics card are extremely hot. Event viewer and appcrash tell me nothing. I am coming to the conclusion that the card is becoming faulty.
  7. All the errors seem to indicate the same thing, MsSense.dll from the Windows defender advanced threat protection in W11. So it is a windows problem.
  8. Hello. No new addons lately. Appcrashview only shows MsSense.ex as a fault which is something to do with W11 defender. What should I be looking at in the event viewer? John
  9. I have recently had the problem of the sim crashing to restart. I can run the desktop all day on the internet if I want to. As soon as I fire up P3Dv5, pick an airport, have an airplane, the PC crashes and restarts after about 3-5 mins. Confused, I am. Anybody have any ideas gratefully received. John
  10. Returning to the Vram issue, I also have a 1080Ti with most settings to the right in V5. The overwhelming number airports have no Vram problem, but to my knowledge FT KLAS, FT EHAM, JS EDDL, JS EBBR and lately ORBX LKPR do cause issues.
  11. I hope the new version finishes off the building that was just a shell.
  12. Alternatively, you can join their discord forum and download the patch or a new build.
  13. There is now version 2.01 to fix the sode/jetway problem.
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