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  1. Jaroberts

    PRDv4.1 startup windows10

    I have discovered that P3D still runs for several seconds after it has been turned off. If you turn your machine off right away and P3D is still running, it will automatically turn on next time. Look in ctrl-alt-delete and see what is running. Turn it off there or wait a minute before switching off. John
  2. Jaroberts

    Question about update to 4.2

    If you have scenery folders such as Aerosoft, Tropicalsim, etc they are not affected by a complete re-installation. However, it is advisable to copy the scenery cfg and paste to a safe place as it will be replaced to basic. You can even rename scenery, texture, effects and any other folders you have files in and create dummy folders for deletion. Long winded it may be, but if you want to save all your files, then it is one way.
  3. Aerosoft's La Palma Pro is for P3Dv4. All we need is an updated Lanzarote where I am going in three weeks.
  4. Jaroberts

    Moving Jetways - How important are they to you?

    I fly Boeings and Buses, so air bridges are part of the realism to me. Ctl-J or Sode It is odd that the likes of FSDT and FT have always had the facility whereas Aerosoft not so, unless you had AES (FSX). They are missing out by not introducing that facility to P3D. But to fair to AS, they have now moving jetways in the recently updated sceneries like EDDF, EDDS, EDDH and ENGM so watch this space.
  5. Jaroberts

    FSDT Updated! And KCLT!

    Looks like the FSDT forum site is down. Also, If you have a dummy run of product purchase the discount is actually 15% on additional sceneries.
  6. Jaroberts


    True answer is no, to my knowledge. There are two main FSX 767's . LevelD and Captainsim. Both very serviceable and in great detail in FSX. However, not sure how they would work in P3Dv3 if you could get them to install. Maybe someone else can enlighten us with more information.
  7. Jaroberts

    Non US resident seeks geographical help

    Flightbeam Phoenix and San Francisco FSDT Los Angeles and Las Vegas LVFR San Diego There is five of the best in the area
  8. Jaroberts

    Prepar3d and FSX - Same machine?

    I also have both on separate drives. Easy to drag and drop scenery from FSX to P3D. Most work flawlessly, just add to scenery cfg. Don't forget any effects and scenery/world/scenery files that come with some.
  9. Jaroberts

    FS REAL TIME main page is not accessible.

    Of course, the full FSUIPC program has its own time correction built in. Works well.
  10. Jaroberts

    Upgrading from FSX dx10 to P3D V3 ?

    The main difference from FSX DX10 to P3Dv3 for me is visual. With UTX2/FTX global on both systems, P3D is dramatically superior. Performance wise, P3D is ahead just. However, too much AI and extreme high settings, P3D will still stagger at major hubs like EGLL and EDDF.
  11. Jaroberts

    PF3 V ProATC X

    ProATC's biggest downfall is the lack of pilot voices, about 4 or 5 as I recall. PF3 and PFE before it, has loads. Yes some are electronic but you learn to live with that or delete any annoying ones. Another annoying problem I had with ProATC was that it rejected about one in five of my FSC flightplans for reasons unknown. Latest AIRACS all round.
  12. Jaroberts

    Aerosoft Airbus and ?

    AS Bus works fine in P3D. FPS are overall better. However, F9-F12 zoom does not work. All other panel views are fine. Have posted at AS and here but no reply.
  13. Jaroberts

    Should I uninstall FSX now?

    Assuming you have FSX and P3D installed. Just copy and paste one chosen scenery from one to the other. Some have effects and a scenery/world/scenery entry as well, but not all. Then fire up P3D and install to the library.
  14. Jaroberts

    Should I uninstall FSX now?

    With FSX installed you can copy and paste all your sceneries that don't have a P3Dv3 installer. Most work fine. Trial and error.
  15. The new AS Berlin and Frankfurt are the worst for OOMs. I even took a step back and tried EDDF in FSX DX10 and OOM, Something is not right.