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  1. Jonathan, you're correct, this is how the FMC in the sim works. If you enter wind info into one waypoint, this info will propagate into remaining enroute wp's. Of course, you can finetune every single waypoint afterwards to suit your needs if you like. What I usually do for shorter trips, is to enter average winds info from Active Sky into 'CRZ WIND' at the 'PERF INIT' page, and eventually insert greater changes for specific waypoints if needed. On longer trips, I tend enter as much info as possible from AS into RTE DATA, as winds changes can be quite significant on longer trips. It take some time, but I like to get as real as possible, that's my way to do it. Lazy real world drivers have ACARS to do the dirty work for them :)
  2. Search for 'ttcomp20.zip' and the update 'ttcomp21.zip' in the library.
  3. As the FMC do not allow an entry of the overfly command, you may also try to cheat a little to get the desired effect while you are in flight. You do this by entering an ATW (Along Track Waypoint) in the FMC very close to the waypoint in question.Downselect HOLLY to the scratchpad, then enter HOLLY/0.1, then click on HOLLY again. This will create a waypoint 0.1NM after HOLLY and will force the aircraft to wait with the turn. You can also try HOLLY/-0.1, then the new wp will be created just before HOLLY.Bear in mind that I'm not familiar with this exact procedure at Gatwick, so you may try with other settings to get the desired effect.
  4. Hi RichardI have tested CIV4H at EBBR. and it must be something wrong in the source data here. When heading 277 (after reaching 1700ft) there's no way you can intercept the BUB 224 radial, that's a complete different direction. So I assume it must be intercepting radial 224 from CIV. Then the string will be something like this according to the chart:SID CIV4H RNW 07L TRK 066 UNTIL 1700 TRK 277 INTERCEPT RADIAL 044 FROM NAVAID CIV NAVAID CIVorSID CIV4H RNW 07L TRK 066 UNTIL 1700 TRK 277 INTERCEPT RADIAL 244 TO NAVAID CIV NAVAID CIVEDIT: I see that many others came to the same conclusion below, didn't update the browser after testing/posting
  5. I can also highly recommend kaitak98 scenery by Jim Vile available in the library as kaitak98.zip. It's without any framerate hogging eye-candy's, easy on framerate. User aircrafts will have all approach options through ATC and GPS under both VMC and IMC conditions too.Jim has even coded and compiled the scenery so that AI aircrafts will follow the full IGS/LDA Precision Approach and operate under both VMC and IMC airport conditions for AI Planes.The zip also include charts, AI flight plans, simple mesh files and an option to remove VHHH. Remember to read the documentation carefully.Together with Steve's SID/STAR data in this thread, fire up your PMDG 747 and be ready for some challenging approaches!
  6. >The only way you can fly EHAM is to buy and use the addon scenery>by Cloud 9. I just avoid the airport.>>AnthonyOf course not. There are enough freeware alternatives available if you don't want to go payware. But you definetively need a good Afcad file. The easiest and cheapest way is to download a decent Afcad or freeware scenery at Avsim. Do a search in the library for Jim Vile or Peter Bos. They have compiled quality Afcad sceneries for EHAM. I just did an succesfull approach into 18R at EHAM with the 737 with one of these.
  7. Hi Qas.As Mats says, you need to have charts for departure to determine which SID to choose. There are several SIDs for each runway depending on the direction for your flight. The BPK sids (in this case BPK6G as you are at 27L) are used more for east/northbound flight (as via airways M185 and L620). BPK6G is definetively not good for southbound to LEBL as you tried. Try instead MID3G or SAM2G for southbound flights from 27L to an appropriate airway from the procedure end at Midhurst (MID) or Southampton (SAM). And for the record, the procedure for EGLL made by Simon Butler is of top quality and always up to date (and for that matter all of his proedure files).I will also recommend Eurocontrol for all European charts. For UK you also have an option at http://www.ais.org.uk/
  8. Hmm, strange, I remeber there was something with the decimals in the NDB frequencies in 0610, but I can't say I have seen this. Sorry I can't help you more but here's is how this page is for me with 0612 anyway:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/162711.jpgEDIT: FYI, I did a quick check with the 0611 files installed, and I didn't get those strange text strings.
  9. Pedro,to get the FMC to draw a green line you have to insert a radial on the FIX page. The FMC will also then calculate the distance to your route. You can also insert this point into your flightplan if needed. In the picture below you can see what I mean. On LSK2R and 3R I have inserted two differnt radials and also auto-generated the abeam point by clicking on LSK5R. I think the FMC will generate the closest point when clicking on ABEAM both radial and dist, at least it does here in the sim. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/162270.jpgHere's just the ABEAM point in the flightplan:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/162271.jpgThis works exactly the same in the 747 (sim, that is:))
  10. Guys, remember that VTBS must be present in the AIRAC files (the data file present in ...(FS9)/FMCPWP/Navdata/wpNavAPT.txt) in order to show up regardless of which prosedure file you have. Jackson (or whatever your name is), if you have the current procedure file, this may look like you don't have an AIRAC with VTBS in it. As suggested, check the IDENT page for which airac cycle you have.
  11. I would recommend you to use the procedure file for EGSS from Navdata written by Simon Butler. This file is also up-to-date and working with current AIRAC cycle. All Simon's files are of high quality and always checked and updated.
  12. You can find charts for VTBS here: http://www.aerothai.co.th/thai/orat/2_operation.php
  13. AIRAC 0605 version is obviously missing quite an amount of waypoints around. As Richard Stefan has stated we may consider this as a test version until everything is up and running again. Now for UUEE you may go back to AIRAC 0513 as this was the last stable version, OR you could d/l the earlier version 1 of the UUEE procedures(my own) at Navdata, as it still works with 0605(I havent't updated it after the other guy overwrote it). I guess these issues will be present in 0606 also as it is already done, and Richard is on holiday. But I'm sure he will sort these things out sooner or later, he's making a wonderful service for us simmers.
  14. Owen, there is an export module available for PMDG at the FSNav site. This will export your flightplans directly to rte format from FSNavigator(the doc says).
  15. Hi MartinI guess you have the KMCO file by Dan Downs. If you open the file in Notepad, you'll find instructions on how to get this to work. You have to edit and add some info into the wpNavAID.txt. Then KMCO will be fine in the FMC. I guess this info will be included when a new AIRAC arrives.You probably know this, but in order to actually use the new runways and get the NAV radios to work, you must have an add-on scenery or Afcad file reflecting the current rwy's and navaid info.
  16. Glad it worked for you John:-) Steve, that's easy, open the stock Afcad for the airport and right-click in the window, the Properties tab will tell you.. If you want to go further into this, do a search for "XML Approaches" at the Project AI forums. There is a wealth of useful info there, especially by Jim Vile who has done a extensive research on the subject.
  17. Hi Steve.1. To get these new approaches available in ATC you have to decompile, edit and recompile an internal FS bgl file, for EGPE this would be AP946110.BGL located in FS9SceneryEURWscenery. This is a lot more complicated work, but it's possible. Please refer to the BGLCOMP SDK for further info on how to code this.You have to do this also to get the new approaches available in the ordinary FS GPS and for any AI traffic in the area.2. I believe this is due to the differene in magnetic variation in FS and real world
  18. John,The FMC in this NG reads it's data from the airac files(and thus updated), and the NAV radios read data from the old bgl/scenery files in FS9, unless you have any updated add-on scenery or Afcad with the ILS transmitters included.However there is an easy and quick solution. In AFCAD you can insert the missing ILS transmitters at the correct positions and save. Then you will have full ILS and correct DME readout.I played around with this and if you want you can try the new Afcad file attached. I have inserted ILS at both rwy 05 and 23, edited the rwy designators and start locations, inserted the IVR NDB and done some other small adjustment. Both the I-DX (23) and I-LN (05) DME's should read zero at rwy thresholds as per charts.At glideslope capture rwy 23:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/148932.jpgThese new navaids are also available in other aircrafts. If you have FSNavigator, remember to run the FSNAVDBC to update the database.
  19. >how do I tie in the rwy to a STAR and does this not>conflict with the approach RWY selection or do you end up with>a mess on the legs page to sort out later?>Steve, If you write in the rwy at the end of the STAR syntax, that rwy will be tied to the STAR and you will get the warning message as described above. It's that conflict that will trigger this message. Here's an example: The syntax:"STAR AND.4L NAVAID AND NAVAID D220S AT OR ABOVE 5500 NAVAID D034X NAVAID D204Q NAVAID D190O NAVAID CI01 AT OR ABOVE 5000 RNW 01"If I now select the "ILS.19" approach first and then the AND.4L I'll be presented with this message:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/147910.jpgAnother workaround "trick" to sort the STAR's is to write the star procedure as STAR transitions. Start the coding with something like: STAR RWY.07... and then write the actual stars for that rwy as transitions. Not rw realistic, but it may help in sorting out the correct procedure for a given rwy.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/147911.jpgThe code for this:"STAR RNAV.07 NAVAID GOKSI AT OR ABOVE 3200 TRANSITION SOVIG1G NAVAID SOVIG NAVAID AL801 AT OR ABOVE 6000 NAVAID NERLO AT OR ABOVE 4000 NAVAID RUNAD TRANSITION TUVUG1G NAVAID TUVIG NAVAID VETIG AT OR ABOVE 12000 NAVAID AL803 AT OR ABOVE 7000 NAVAID AL802 AT OR ABOVE 6000 NAVAID PILEM AT OR ABOVE 4500 NAVAID RUNAD AT OR ABOVE 3200RNW 07"When you select the "RNAV.07" you will be presented with the star names as transitions. The end result on the FMC legs page will be the same as if your wrote it as a straight forward star syntax. Also here you'll get the "ARR N/A FOR RUNWAY" warning if the rwy is listed at the end.
  20. Steve,You are correct about the listing if runway specific STAR's. However if you code the runway into the procedure, you'll get a "ARR N/A FOR RUNWAY" warning message if you select a STAR not specific to the selected approach. (That is if you select the rwy before the STAR).Besides that I guess we have to wait for the -NGX version for any updates or modifications to the FMC.
  21. You can find current SID/STAR/IAP procedures for LEBL at Navdata. Also be sure to have the latest available AIRAC installed, also from Navdata.
  22. Adrian,The above mentioned document will supply you with all needed info to get started with procedure creation. I also recommend that you take look over at Navdata to check which airports that already have been written in the UK. I know Simon Butler has done a lot of high quality procedures for the UK among others which he also updates on a regular basis. For further background and info also take a look at the forum at Navdata and Terry Yingling's "Terminal Procedures Forum" here at Avsim.Good luck with the writing:-)
  23. Adam,You may head over to fmcguide.com here: http://www.fmcguide.com/support.htmlAs a starter download the pdf document called "737 profiles". Take a look from page 6. Maybe this will get you on track for some nifty approaches. The other content is also very useful.
  24. You'll find answers for both in your (FS9)../FMCWP/NAVDATA folder. This folder should contain 6 txt files.
  25. Giorgio,do as Damian wrote in the first post here.1. Run the unwrapper you downloaded WITH ASV installed. I verified OK, the unwrapper installs a normal setup file. This is the ASv6 full installer.2. Now you can go ahead and uninstall ASV as described earlier3. Then run the setup file (the ASv6 full install) that the unwrapper made for you4. Set up ASv6 according the manual, and then, ENJOY. Fantastic software!
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