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  1. ScottJ.

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    Did someone just say B350? And a 350i at that? Wow... I'm speechless. That's the best flightsim news I've heard in the last few years. Bring on the Proline 21 goodness.Scott
  2. ScottJ.

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    How about a jet? I would LOVE to see Carenado produce a 550 series Citation. That would be great.Scott
  3. ScottJ.

    Chances for a VC?

    Did you say, Gulfstream? I must have misread that, that would be too good to be true.Scott
  4. I would appreciate it if someone would paint N31CG on the aeroworx B200. Here are some pictures:
  5. ScottJ.


    I'd like a Saratoga.Scott
  6. ScottJ.

    Problem with new TM 732

    >>Ever thought that maybe I missed that part in the manual? I>>glanced through it and didn't notice it in there, so excuse>>me. There's no reason to act like a jerk because I made a>>small mistake.>>Yes, I thought that might have been possible, up until I>easily found your question explained in the very first file I>opened and read:>>"5. Forward view perspective. The panel comes configured for>a left-offset (captains-side) perspective. Sit so that you>are looking directly into the monitor ~1/4 of its width from>the left edge and sight down the runway centerline over the>base of the windshield wipers. This is a view that gives the>user the proper perspective of having
  7. Bob, I noticed that with squawkbox the transponder switch is reversed. When the switch is on, the transponder is off, if the switch is off, it is on.-Scott
  8. ScottJ.

    Problem with new TM 732

    >>Did you actually read the documents that came with the>>package? This is clearly explained, and an option provided>to>>change it if you wish.>>For some reason Freud could have likely explained :), by and>large simmer's prefer to read the same information on a forum>that could be more quickly found in the "readme's" and>"manuals" that developer's provide. *:-* Ever thought that maybe I missed that part in the manual? I glanced through it and didn't notice it in there, so excuse me. There's no reason to act like a jerk because I made a small mistake. I asked the question, it was (politely) answered. That's it, no one had to say anything else. But I guess none of you can miss the opportunity to exploit someone else's mistake.-Scott
  9. ScottJ.

    Problem with new TM 732

    That did it, thanks a lot Pete.-Scott
  10. In the new TM 732 the viewpoint is at a really weird angle. It's as if I'm looking off to the side of the panel, when I should be looking forward. Anyone know of a way to fix it?Thanks, Scott
  11. I feel the same way as Jeff, this is going to be great. Thanks a lot for all of your effort guys.Scott
  12. ScottJ.

    PMDG 744 has no wing views...

    I've me a break guys. You have to be kidding me. It's not acceptable because it doesn't have wingviews? What a joke, I could care less about wing views.-Scott
  13. I haven't noticed any problems.-Scott
  14. ScottJ.

    How about a...

    >Hi Scott,>>Not long for you to wait;>>>>-Paul ;-)Thanks for that Paul, but that's an MD-80. I want an MD-95.-Scott
  15. ScottJ.

    How about a...

    B717, or MD-95, whatever you want to call it. It's never had an accurate sim version, I think PMDG could do it justice.-Scott