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  1. Anyone know how to delete your own post on this forum?
  2. Tom,Yeah, I think Daryl and Rondo already "teamed" on a project at Fancon. Would someone please post that picture? :-wink2Headline: "LDS and PMDG Release MD-757!" The mind boggles...Bill
  3. Thanks Tero. PMDG always enjoys being the "crowd pleaser".:-kewlBill
  4. Bill,Great picture! Will add to my collection.Too late. You've already been seduced to the dark side. You too will soon charge in Euros. :-lukeBill
  5. Daryl,Oh, low blow! :-erksRobert, post a picture to remind Daryl who won the Reader's Choice Award. BillP.S. Since Daryl is an honorary PMDG member, does this mean he also shares in the Reader's Choice Award?! Egads.
  6. Gavin,You have chosen ... wisely. Glad the ERJ's still are to your liking!Best,Bill
  7. Hey Bill,I thought all the Level-D guys were now official honorary members of PMDG?! You know what that means... And actually, we LOVE CDN dollars. Send all you can.Best,Bill
  8. Jason,That old MD-11 model still looks good after all these years!That was a VERY nice little piece you wrote above. I and the rest of the PMDG guys are honored by your words, but actually, it was our pleasure to have met both you and your wife Christie at FanCon. You two are the sweetest couple I've met in a long time, and I loved being with you both. You also modestly forgot to mention how well you handled the MD-11. I was impressed. You're a natural.Thank you and warm regards,Bill
  9. "... it seems a little weird to advertise a product like this 24 months before you plan on releasing it."Not if there's been six years of work on it and predicting when it would be finished would be impossible."Hurry up and finish..."What a moronic statement. After six years we're supposed to "hurry up". It will be released when we've completed our work, and we aren't there yet. "... or take the advertising down." What?! After everyone else demanded that we put it up so there would be information on it? I guess we can't win for losing.Oh, and by the way. Sign your name to your posts.Bill
  10. Thank you Steve. An intelligent and insightful appraisal.Bill
  11. Gavin,Thank you. You are too kind. And... I don't think you'll be disappointed. Actually, I think the SkySimulations MD-11 will provide a nice comparison to the PMDG product. Bill
  12. >The long and short of it is that there is currently no useable>good panel for the EMB 120. Plane's in the hangar until>someone steps up to the plate. Well, I guess I'll limber up, swing the bat a few times, and step up to the plate. I might not hit a home run, but I'll be looking for a good solid double.Bill
  13. More realistic feel than what? The observer in the back of the cockpit? If you've ever sat in a cockpit and looked at the overhead panel,you look straight up and almost back, and it's flat.
  14. I thought "Lefty" was another name for "Babe Magnet".Bill
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