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  1. Probably just a bit of fun. I've only just seen it and am still in the 'well I never!' phase..
  2. Well I for one am going down the PC route. I've only just heard about MFS and after several years away from the hobby (seems like a lifetime) I'm now resolved to finally replace my ancient PC and pick it up again. This seems like the perfect moment. Expensive though... Ian
  3. Good grief, are you still here?
  4. Yawn... So you keep saying. So why don't you actually do it? Edit: Just seen Fr. Bill's post above. Thank you. I hope he gets the message.
  5. Good post. But you're wasting your time. The naysayers will huff and puff about why they don't like it, or keep asking the same questions that have been answered hundreds of times by DTG. Many have missed the point of Flight School entirely. It's not that this lot can't see the wood for the trees. They're peering at the bark...
  6. You're right there. This is where I did my real flying lessons! I could never fly over my house because it was the wrong side of the line. Anyway, I think it's a brilliant video and can't wait to try the game. And good on those who are taking a positive attitude over this. Makes a change from the endless moaning and griping from some quarters. As if it mattered....
  7. Isn't that one of the classic faux pas comments about the `bus? :-) I've always found that there's just as much (or as little...) to do as in any other modern automated aircraft. And don't forget you've got to manage the slide out tables! The FSL A320 should be the definitive airbus, if it ever gets finished... Ian
  8. Andreas I know what you mean about 'wrong immersion factor'. I can quote a more sedate example. I recently flew from Heathrow to Milan Malpensa. Up there in the real plane, looking down as we climbed out, the world seemed miles away at 6000 ft. I recreated the flight in FSX and flew the same SID and route. This time the ground seemed much, much closer - I felt I could touch the little FSX houses and trees below. If I didn't know I'd have guessed we were no more than 2000 ft. FSX is a bit like that I find. It's ok for technically getting from A to B by pressing buttons in the right order, but the actual view of the world can seem strangely distorted. Ian
  9. And you'll also feel less sick... FS9 taught me to stare at the panel too much. The instructor - and my stomach - said it was much better to keep looking outside. B)
  10. Hahaha. If anyone needs to look it up on Wikipedia, they weren't there! A finger of fudge is just enough, which always sounded a bit rude to me... Ian
  11. I'm really pleased there's a BA livery. I always prefer to fly the flag! With so few UK operators in the real world, I'd also like to cast my vote for Thomson and Jet2 Thanks
  12. ChrisWhich tweak doesn't work in the demo?After reading various threads on the subject, I'm definitely going to get some more RAM. And after a bit more work following the various tips and advice given here the demo is working a lot better. FSX could be on my Xmas list after all..:)Cheers Ian
  13. Thanks for the explanation, and the tweak.The .cfg addition helped. FPS were much improved. I'm still not sure about buying FSX yet, but thanks MS for giving us the opportunity to try it out first.Ian
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