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  1. Probably just a bit of fun. I've only just seen it and am still in the 'well I never!' phase..
  2. Well I for one am going down the PC route. I've only just heard about MFS and after several years away from the hobby (seems like a lifetime) I'm now resolved to finally replace my ancient PC and pick it up again. This seems like the perfect moment. Expensive though... Ian
  3. And you'll also feel less sick... FS9 taught me to stare at the panel too much. The instructor - and my stomach - said it was much better to keep looking outside. B)
  4. Hahaha. If anyone needs to look it up on Wikipedia, they weren't there! A finger of fudge is just enough, which always sounded a bit rude to me... Ian
  5. I'm really pleased there's a BA livery. I always prefer to fly the flag! With so few UK operators in the real world, I'd also like to cast my vote for Thomson and Jet2 Thanks
  6. ChrisWhich tweak doesn't work in the demo?After reading various threads on the subject, I'm definitely going to get some more RAM. And after a bit more work following the various tips and advice given here the demo is working a lot better. FSX could be on my Xmas list after all..:)Cheers Ian
  7. Thanks for the explanation, and the tweak.The .cfg addition helped. FPS were much improved. I'm still not sure about buying FSX yet, but thanks MS for giving us the opportunity to try it out first.Ian
  8. I tried the original FSX demo and frame rates seemed reasonable. I just tried the updated version and I'm getting worse performance. About 10-12 FPS (sinking to 6-7 FPS on finals) for the CRJ scenario, for example.What's been changed? It's really put me off buying FSX - that and the prospect of a lifetime's tweaking. Unfortunately I can't afford to upgrade my system any time soon.ThanksIanAMD Athlon 64 3500+1 GB RAMRadeon X800
  9. Is that supposed to be Windsor?It looks nothing like it.. hardly surprising, of course. I love the featureless desert in the background - and all the fir trees!Ian
  10. I was studying Ancient and Medieval History at Manchester University.Very useful stuff..;-) Ian
  11. Wise words taildragger.My first flight will be the default, wherever it is. For my second I will have to start from KSEA because it's one FS area I know like the back of my hand and it'll be interesting comparing the new version.I'm not so bothered about re-installing old payware stuff - I'm looking forward to new things, especially the PMDG Airbus..Ian
  12. Comments?It'll run perfectly well on most systems.It'll represent excellent value for money.You'll buy it like everyone else will.
  13. Careful. We have to understand that the P-51 represents far more to the Americans (at least those who care about such things) than to us Brits. Personally, I still think there is a fundamental difference between the two which, dare I say it, can only really be appreciated if you are British. The Spitfire achieved its place in history in 1940, when the freedom of this country hung in the balance, the Mustang in 1944-45, when the Allied/Soviet victory was assured. So I suppose you could say that historically the free world owes a much greater debt to the Spitfire than the Mustang. But of course, in the end it does indeed boil down to personal opinion. I love both aircraft, but nothing brings on that 'lump in the throat' feeling more than R J Mitchell's classic design.Ian
  14. I agree with 'Engine Room' on this - the Mustang's principal achievement was to achieve air superiority over Germany in 1944 for the benefit of the USAAF bombing campaign. It had much less of an impact on RAF Bomber Command as we were still operating mostly at night, although we did benefit from the general attrition of Luftwaffe aircraft once the American flyers were cleared to strafe their bases.But valuable though this was, and few would deny the Mustang was one of several war-winning designs, it cannot possibly match the cachet of the Spitfire, which, together with the Hurricane, won the Battle of Britain, the most decisive aerial campaign of the Second World War. No other campaign, not even the combined bomber offensive, was as vital to the outcome of the war. The Spitfire has become truly iconic in a way no other aircraft has become because it represents a nation standing firm against a really bad dude, when all other nations had gone under, or were not yet involved. The Mustang appeared too late to take part in such a life or death struggle. Rather it helped magnificently to ensure a victory that was already guaranteed.Ian
  15. DaveI lived in Leyton - close to Orient's ground !! Not ideal I have to admit...I like Devon, but prefer Cornwall. My wife comes from Helston. I love the rugged coastline, even in winter when its mizzling. And in the spring, on a sunny day when the light is good - perfection. Mousehole is our regular bolt hole. We used to take pleasure flights from the aerodrome at St Just. I'll stop blathering..Happy flying !!Ian :)
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