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  1. Will second Josh's recommendation, for the AI traffic lights mod. Works as intended. Would be nice if Asobo would fix it, so to have a dozen less things in community folder. A semi-related problem to AI traffic, I have never seen a contrail on AI craft yet. I am not flying high enough for more own contrails (in C208b), if FL in relation to AI has anything to do with if a contrail appears or not. With the AI lights not working and no contrails on AI aircraft it's like they're all flying Wonder Woman's Jet. 🤪
  2. Had this happen back about a year ago. Prior to the -fastlaunch flag being known I moved the Logo animation files from their normal location to help FS start faster. Didn't work, but in the process of putting them back I accidentally deleted them. "Use the steam file verify" to get them back was the suggestion. All it did was wipe the FS install folder clean so I had to reinstall the sim. 😢 Not Fun. Guess that means it's one of those things that is not fixed, if it's still happening.
  3. Disappointed to see AI nav lights not working, but yeah at least that "temporary" fix still works. The Cessna 208B Inop switches are still broken too(one of my biggest pet peeves post SU5). At least for me as of the last update for the G1000 GXi(v.0.5.0), it no longer causes CTD's and seems to work well so far. So none of the things that were broken on 9/6 were fixed, nothing from WU6 seems to have really broken(with perhaps exception of the render scale bug) so I guess we have to take the small victories when presented with them and hold out some eternal hope for SU6 in a couple of weeks. 🤨
  4. Has anyone noticed if AI has working nav lights again under WU6? Haven't taken a flight yet but all updated was using the AI Nav light fix from Flightsim.to that was broken after SU5.
  5. I have also see it off and on since release. Haven't seen it lately tho. You only see it in outside view, but if you have the sun at your back the "black box" will cast a shadow on the prop. So it's always there even when you cant see it. So I think it's a problem with the model and unless Asobo fixes the "glitch" in the model the annoyance will remain. Fingers still crossed (makes it hare to type 🤞)that WU6 on Tuesday fixes the since SU5 cockpit switches that are now INOP. Stall Heat,Backup Pump, & Heat Bleed.
  6. I've seen this in a few places around the world, Don't have screenshots handy tho. Did have 1 run-in with this problem where it was a large wind farm with all the turbine's X4 really hit the frame rates, after getting far enough away things went back to normal.
  7. Finger,toes,legs, and eyes are all crossed hoping one of the unmentioned 'fixes' is bringing back informative tool tips on legacy, eg. % of throttle or numbers on AP knobs. Though everything hasn't been all bad. With the downtime, finally got around to 'installing' addon linker and getting all addons into a usable folder structure.
  8. Darn, what hoping the biggest annoyance for me in SU5 so far was among the fixes but doesn't look like it. The %'s missing from the tooltips in legacy mode, eg like throttle % or the heading degree on the AP.
  9. Used it today after update and it worked just fine. Installed to load up with FS if that matters any.
  10. Clear your caches? Both rolling & manual? Updates specifically mentions recreating manual cache.
  11. Has anyone tried and have a report on the newly released 21.2.1 drivers? I have been away from the sim after constant CTD's on final, drove me away from sim for the last 4 weeks now. Got the Sept. 2020 drivers to try but interested to hear on impressions of the new Feb. drivers. I have a Power Color 5700XT (no extra OC), even tried switching bios to 'silent'.
  12. Yes I had this problem at KBED back at end of Nov. Sent a bug report to zendesk. In my case KBED ground freq. of 121.7 was answered by KBOS ground. So only option I had was "say again" and even if I selected it I wouldn't hear the response. Haven't seen it since (haven't been back to KBED to check either). Although thanks to CTD's on final I haven't flown since New Years Day
  13. Ok, good to know its an occasional glitch rather than something related to a community folder object. The glitch I've seen at least a dozen time is the black rectangular box that forms in outside view on top of the C208B. If it was made a feature you could VFR flight in all types of weather. 😉
  14. Had to get an image hosting account for this one(my old Photobucket account apparently doesn't allow hosting anymore). After a few days in a row of CTD on approaches usually 1-3NM from airport(and 1 CTD midflight) this flight from the screenshots didn't CTD. Previous 3 of 4 flights did. Afterwards moved everything out from community folder and have been adding older stuff back in. Haven't had a CTD since. This flight started with low clouds and rain in Portland, OR. (KPDX). When I broke thru the clouds I noticed I had slices taken out from the clouds, have never run across this before. I don't know if it was a 1 off thing, or was caused by something in the community folder have since did a few flight without most of addons in community folder and haven't seen it again so far.
  15. Thanks for the link, will have to give it a try. Was using the mod this one is based from https://github.com/Exp232/C208-MSFS2020-Fix But with the newest patch it wasn't working anymore and had to remove it. The row of the buttons on the MFD were controlling the PFD so had to stop using that version and it hasn't been updated since Sept.
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