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  1. I believe it should. Though I'm not 100% sure since the ATI Tray Tools I use is installed with the 'Omega Drivers' and uninstalled when I uninstall them(when a new version comes out).
  2. Try here; use ATI Tray Tools as they are apart of the 'Omega Drivers' set. Which is the "normal" latest CATs tweaked for image quality. He hasn't done them for Vista yet, just XP/2K.
  3. Bob_D

    I HAVE 30 FSX DX10 FPS!

    The cake is a lie! ;-)
  4. Bob_D

    I wonder if...

    If I had to throw out a wild guess I'd say 0 lines.
  5. Keep em coming Phil! No matter what some others think I always think its interesting to take a look inside the "sausage factory". :) Boy the wireframes of Chicago sure bring back some flight sim memories! heh
  6. So your saying that an AGP's video card memory & aperture isn't both mapped at the same time? Just one or other is sounds like your saying. As example my AGP video card has 256mb w/ an aperture of 256mb. I was under the assumption that that both are mapped in this case mapping 512mb of the mem area between 3-4gb.As mentioned in a recent 'Ask Dan's Data' that I posted about over in the hardware forum."If I had a video card with 512Mb or 768Mb of memory on it, it'd take up even more space in the 3Gb-to-4Gb memory map.And if I were still using an AGP graphics card, there'd be another block of memory reserved for the AGP aperture, used when devices on other buses in the computer want to talk to a graphics card on the AGP bus. I've got a PCIe graphics card, though, which sits on the same bus as all of the other stuff and so doesn't need an aperture."
  7. >Normal Win32 processes have 2G of address space, out of the 4G>available. 2G is left to the OS for its needs,drivers, etc.>>The /3G switch makes applications able to address memory above>the 2G line. How does it do this? Normal processes only use 31>bits of the 32 bit address, effectively limiting them to 2G (>2 ^^ 31 ). Toggling this switch for the app lets it use some>of the remaining address space. It needs to be used with care,>since PCI-Express maps the entire address space of the>graphics card into the OS address space. If you set the app to>use 3G with a 768m graphics card, that leaves 256m for the OS.>A better setting is 2560, eg 2.5G, since that leaves 768m for>the OS with a 786m graphics card. Much more reasonable.>Don't forget for us AGP users we also have to include our AGP aperture into that address space on top of our video cards memory.
  8. Last week over "Dan's Data" (Letter's) posted a great write up on the problem with 4gbs on a 32-bit machine.'s a great read, and can say just about everyone will learn something.
  9. Bob_D

    SP1: Mini Panel Disappears!

    Bump, for any homemade remedies?
  10. Bob_D

    SP1: Mini Panel Disappears!

    Hmm, It does fit with last 2 test flights which did have Low Fog layers. But its strange that I didn't run across it at all pre-SP1.Drat, this is going to be an annoying one to live with, since there wont be any more fixes any time soon.
  11. Hmmm, This is a strange one I've been working on myself but so far, with no luck. Clean reinstall w/ SP1 no tweaks or addons yet. On all planes when using the mini-panel (2D of course) when I select any of the panel overlays(such as radio stack or GPS) the shape of the overlay shows up just for a flash, then it and the mini-panel disappear! If I bring any overlay back up again after that its cycles me back to full 2D panel with any past overlays brought up also. This wasn't happening Pre-SP1.If this is happening to more people than just me, I'm assuming it just hasn't been reported since the 3d view is more popular. I miss my mini-panel for both its visability and its gauge info. x( Anyone else run across this yet?
  12. Bob_D


    Try the disabling/stopping and Anti-virus and/or Security software?
  13. >SP1 is absolutely fantastic now, and I can't wait to try so>much more.>hehehe, Sorry I'm laughing at you. But once you start trying "so much more" your sweet spot will probably move with it. So maybe you should just enjoy things for a few weeks before installing anything new and 'enjoy the view!' ;-)
  14. I just checked.After reinstalling FSX & SP1 a few hours I took a screenshot of the changed file dates in DXDIAG then installed the DX v9.0c (April Redist) And all the same files that changed dates before did so again. BUT all the version #'s are still exactly the same.Edit: spelling
  15. Bob_D

    My Personal Blurry Fix

    That fix is a part of SP1 now.