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  1. A lot of the major airports are using CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) for clearance delivery, so even the bigger places are going to seem somewhat slow. Another problem is that many liveatc streaming sites have a hard time picking up aircraft on the ground.
  2. jcmissionary

    Difficulty in slowing down

    Energy management is one of the big struggles pilots have with the 800. I've jumpseated on the 737 a number of times, and it's been something that the captain comments on every time in the approach briefing. I've also seen the speed brakes used extensively in the descent. If they're planning on a short approach, then they'll sometimes drop the gear early to help in getting slowed up. High energy approaches are also something I keep in mind as a controller, and we've been told to be keenly aware of the workload that it can put on pilots. If I have a sequence where I can put a 737 on a short approach, I'll look at the type. If it's a -400 or -700, then I can usually get them in pretty tight without any problems. If it's a -800 or -900, then I'll think twice before trying to set them up for a tight approach. If you want to get a taste of how energy management works in the real world, next time you fly an approach hold 210 kts to a 15 mile final, and then 170 to the FAF. This is typically how we set aircraft up on the finals here at IAH. It can be challenging, but I find it to be a satisfying way to fly approaches.
  3. Hey all,Just a quick question about how VOXATC handles traffic in FS9. I know that it won't talk to or control AI traffic, but will it give you traffic advisories for said traffic, or can it only give you traffic advisories for it's own phantom AI traffic. Thanks in advance!
  4. jcmissionary

    Voicepack Question

    Very well. Thanks for the quick reply!
  5. jcmissionary

    Voicepack Question

    First off, congratulations on the release of Flight Crew X, Bryan. I am downloading as we speak. I've meant to pick up FS2Crew for some time, and now I have the perfect opportunity to do so.I do have a question, though. Are voice scripts provided, so that one may record their own voice to be the captain? The narcissist in me would be greatly satisfied if I could hear myself bossing my poor FO around. :-)
  6. jcmissionary

    This is a sad day....

    This post made me laugh. Thank you.That is all. :-)
  7. jcmissionary

    Jaggies Ruining EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Here's the thread he's talking about.http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtop...aded&show=&st=&The new Nvidia drivers force their own settings on FS9, so you have to use nHancer to override the driver settings. I just upgraded to an AGP 7800 this week, and I was scratching my head over why I wasn't seeing any AA in FS9, and this thread fixed things for me.
  8. jcmissionary

    FSX, Crysis and framerates

    I've been playing Ace Combat quite a bit lately, and I was thinking the exact same thing, in regards to it's graphics engine. Maybe for FSXI......
  9. jcmissionary

    FS9 Payware Aircraft

    "2. The AirlinerXP A320 is nothing but PR hype at this point. First advertised as coming in Q1 of 2007, now advertised as coming in Q2 of 2007 (end of Q2 is 11 days away as I write this), soon to be advertised as coming in Q3 of..."There was actually a post made at the AXP forum nearly a month ago stating that they would not make the Q2 timeframe. Time to rename it "AirlinerXP A320 Forever". :-hahJ.C. Howell
  10. when PMDG's 747 was first released, it killed the forums for a few days. That was fun. Either SP1 isn't as big of a deal, or Avsim's upgraded their forum servers since then. :-)
  11. The DX10 FSX update won't be out till this fall. As it stands now, FSX only uses DX9. Any posts you may have seen regarding DX10 performance have usually been speculation as to what we may expect when the DX10 update is released.
  12. jcmissionary

    May 15th, dont get gas?

    It's more around $10 a gallon, with
  13. I have a feeling that your IP address will be the next thing banned here. Good bye.
  14. jcmissionary

    No airport buildings at KSLC?

    How much memory and video memory do you have? FSX, when it comes close to using up available memory, will stop drawing buildings and such to try and improve performance.
  15. jcmissionary

    Which B-747 to buy ?

    If you're looking for a 747-400, there's really no question about who to go with.http://www.precisionmanuals.comI'm not aware of any other payware 747s out there that even come close to PMDGs offering.