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  1. klk232

    777 Performance Manger

    As Skinner said, although it is not a fun thing to do, a complete reinstall, piece by piece will help your system run better. And as a bonus, will help you find out exactly what is eating your fps. It is usually not the aircraft, but interaction with something else in FS which eats frames.
  2. My PC is nearly 3 years old and runs FSX perfectly, even with all the hardware and addons. Of course when I bought it I bought a top end for the time.
  3. klk232

    PSS B772LR - CLB CON button

    KenIf I'm correct clb-con is only used in engine out climbs, it is maximum continuous thrust. It spools the remaining engine to the maximum rating avialable ( usually quite a bit more than the standard epr rating), again if I am correct it is only allowed if 1 engine is down.
  4. Funny it was in my installer with the packeage I bought>>Folks,>>>>PSS decided to leave this beauty up to us, so here it is :-)>>hmmm.... It was definately done>>http://bjones4.co.uk/temp/pss-prev-x-3.jpg>>http://bjones4.co.uk/temp/pss-prev-x-5.jpg
  5. BrianNow that LDS has relelased the FSX version, are you planning an update for the 767 version?
  6. BryanI am having the same issue with the assignment of red and green. I set it up in start center to use button 1 and 2 but neither works in flight
  7. GuysRemember the team has been off for the holidays, they have families and friends to spend time with too.
  8. klk232

    FMC Fuel Prediction

    I have noticed with a couple other addons, that fuel prediction will show you low during initial climb. Once you reach cruise it usually recalculates fuel use and will show correct values.
  9. klk232

    Your First 757 Flight

    COA268Departing Newark LibertyArriving Las VegasFPRoute: EWR7 Eliot J80.DBL J60.BCE LUXOR2Flight Level 380Get it out so I can fly it lol
  10. >Vittorio,>>Thats all the liveries (heck I havent even looked at them all>there are just so many!) on the 752, 753 and the freighter,>both with and without winglets, as a single and>complete package for
  11. klk232

    FLEX ?? newwui question

    Hi LeoFlex is a derated takeoff option, you set a temp that is higher than actual to "fool" the computers into using lower epr rating for takeoff and climb thrust.
  12. BrianI took the tutorial flight today, and I am thrilled to announce that other than a couple user goofups, it went perfectly. Son you have done it once again, this makes one of the best planes out there even more fun to fly. Thanks bud
  13. DAYUMlooks good don't forget Continental>>Hmm, so, maybe Phoenix are now getting the idea that the>757>>is gonna be popular! :) >>Jet2 are getting LOADS of RR 757's so someone has to make a>>nice paintjob>>Shhhhh... just between you and me ;-) >>http://www.bjones4.co.uk/images/gal/PSS_Ga...y/pssprev21.jpg
  14. OKLooks good so far, will wait semi-patiently