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  1. Boeing certainly seems to want all this to stop *before* they allow PMDG to sell P3D licenses, otherwise RSR wouldn't have to put their plans for P3D on hold at this stage.
  2. He won't receive any warning if he doesn't use FSUIPC or other tools to monitor VAS usage :wink: Thorsten, what scenery addons do you use alongside the PMDG addons? Did you check if the crashes also happen with the default aircraft?
  3. Just logged in to precisionmanuals.com, no problems experienced.
  4. Cameras are confirmed. Lights are confirmed. You can stop the trolling now.
  5. James,if you try the search function on this board, somebody posted a link to a real-world 744 AOM some weeks ago. If not, PM me with your email adress and I'll send you a copy. The AOM is close to 1000 pages, but well worth reading if you really want to knows what's under the skin of the Queen ;)Apart from that, there're a number of publications out there that adress the more practical aspects of flying 744s - I have a copy of Mike Ray's Unofficial 747-400 Simulator & Checkride Procedures Manual here to get me up and running. With that in my book-shelf, I consider myself ready for most normal and abnormal situations while dealing with the PMDG 744 :DAs far as the tutorial is concerned, there once was a post by someone (Can't remember wether it was an PMDG official or not) that basically negatively answered your question. But, don't bet on that, after what PMDG has recently shown, I guess anything is possible ;)Best regards!Jan | MR
  6. Damian,please forgive my ignorance - but will ASV be available through SimMarket or is PayPal the only option for me?best regards,Jan | MR
  7. Richard,you might want to check the Downloads section at precisionmanuals.com, it holds all the files in question for you to download right away.Best regards,Jan | BAW1019
  8. >ACARS, now there's a thought!;)Cheers, Jan
  9. A 757 will probably be done by LevelD. Lookie here: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...pe=search#27982
  10. This hopefully should answer your question: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=73461&page=Cheers, Jan|MR
  11. Props to you, Damian and Jim! HiFiSim leaves me speechless once again... unmatched level of dedication really.Best regards,Jan, MR (One satisfied AS2004 user)
  12. Ah Ferd, thanks many you for goods information! Very anticipated wait this message! If people of the D-Level only having one spark with humour, they make write you to it manual :)And please you excuse likes it which writes false tone name at last post office. Greeting and thus,Jan, MR
  13. Is there possibly a small chance the fact that Fert returns again and me before laughter of the chair falls makes? Would be nice...Jan, MR
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