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  1. SlickNick

    How can I report those who download torrents?

    Its a lost cause. Don't even bother. No matter how noble your intentions, in reality, nobody cares.
  2. "Going to watch the wedding, honey?" hehehehehe
  3. Thanks Word Not Allowed! New build should be coming up by the end of may with the same components, then a complete revamp once LGA2011 hits the streets!
  4. Good stuff Martin! Looks MUCH better in the new case!
  5. Martin, what's running 4.2GHz? System specs?
  6. Thank you SpiritFlyer! I did everything myself, like both side windows, paint, even the graphics on the side windows. Ive had that case for a long while, and it's time to replace it with an 800D. Getting all those wires and hoses to fit in there AND look half decent was a task and a half, and I'm still not happy with them. It'll do for now though, especially considering the 1.34GHz overclock!
  7. Here's mine. I have all the Saitek goodies too, not pictured. TrackIR sensor is on top of center monitor. Specs in sig.
  8. Copied the file from the download link provided on page 2 into my MAIN FSX folder, did nothing else. Fixed the problem for me.
  9. SlickNick

    Missed Approach Fiasco

    Fair enough, but my main concern is why I was not vectored around for another approach, or asked what I wanted to do, or anything? I would have just kept right on flying off into nowhere forever.
  10. So last night on the way into TNCM from KMIA, I was told to go around at around 500'. (THis was for rwy 9.) So, I'm told climb and maintain 4000, when able turn left heading 095*. I do both, and hold both, and don't hear from ATC. The copilot is on the comms, but there's no options to choose except for Req. IAP Approach, even though I wan a visual for rwy 9. SO I click on that anyway, and then hit "none" then choose RWY 9. It requests (and I am granted) the "full approach" for rwy 9. I circle back around, and come into land again when I'm told once again to go around. Same procedure repeats itself. Finally, on the 3rd attempt, I don't get landing clearance or even a "contact tower" nothing. So i land anyway (already cutting into my reserves) and slowing past 80kts I get "go around." I tell him to pound sand and bring the plane to a stop as a baron goes whizzing over my head in the other direction. I thought RC was supposed to hold all other traffic until I was down?Anyways, even though winds were calm, rwy 27 was active. Even before I launched RC, I selected runway 9 in the "controller info" screen.What's goin on here?
  11. SlickNick

    FSGenesis v2 Mesh to Fix Airport Plateaus

    I can't wait for this. I hate the plateau airport issue!
  12. Disable "aircraft casts ground shadows" and it fixes it.
  13. SlickNick

    New User, a few issues... Dead keys?

    No, Vista doesn't allow you liek XP does. What I kinda did was make my headset my primary, sicne FSX SP2 lets you pick seperate sound sources. Then I made all my "primary" fsx sounds come through the speakers. Worked okay for some stuff, but then all my Level D clicks, etc came through the default headset. So I just put it back to everythign coming out of the speakers. For RC V5 I'd be inclined to put in the options a sound output selection.
  14. SlickNick

    New User, a few issues... Dead keys?

    Still trying to figure out how to set the RC audio to come from my headset only. Tried this: it didn't stick. Can you walk me through how to do it in Vista? Also, I thought if I entered my flight number as 10 86 it would read "ten eighty six" but it still says "one zero eight six." what's up with that?