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  1. Very interesting histories and a stroll down memory lane here. (I did not know of Virtuali's work with ATP's "descendents.") FYI, Dutch - the FS Captain developer - has said the next version aims to implement saving / loading (so you won't lose ((much)) if the simulator crashes) as well as an FCOM that's not an in-sim gauge -- hopefully still an ACARS feel-alike device though.
  2. I believe he's referring to a single "traffic density" setting. VoxATC does not have separate GA and Airliner traffic levels.Then too, VoxATC has a "Max number of AC at an airport" setting, but I don't know if that's exposed via a GUI.
  3. Fenric

    No runway

    Well I guess that would explain why no available runways were found. :( I'm curious - where did your airport scenery come from? I'm using one supplied with MyTrafficX.
  4. Fenric

    No runway

    Rog,I need to make another flight, so I'll fly back to Liangjiang and see what happens.I'd suggest you email info--at--voxatc.com with the details and let the developer know of the problem.Just a thought, but have you checked your VoxATC error log? If you haven't enabled detailed VoxATC logging, that might be a good idea to do before you try a similar flight again.
  5. Fenric

    No runway

    I read your post earlier and needing to make a flight today, spun up a direct route from ZGKL to VHHH. VoxATC 6.05 gave me ATIS, ground and tower. Nothing odd occurred here.I'm using the MyTraffic X scenery for ZGKL and I've long since indexed it. Perhaps you've added a new bgl and forgotten to?Even if you haven't, maybe running the indexer and trying to start a flight again and see if something different occurs. If not, drop Tegwyn a note.Regards,