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  1. Thanks for the help, but I haven't loaded any situation files. I simply load a panel i wish to use. Set it up as you have required (APU , Air-cond, etc etc) and then start fs2crew. Also where are those situation files saved at?thanks again
  2. First of all, congradulations on producing such a fabulous product. I've completed a flight of my own with FS2Crew and It's stunningly realistic and addictive!!However, I'm still having trouble with getting the ZFW of the LVD config manager to be the same as the one from servisair. Servisair constantly reports 244.05 whilst I've tried to change the values in the config manager and saved it a couple of times without success. I do have lvdsdk.dll 1.3 version, ran config after install and followed the tutorial word by word.....thanksEien
  3. Every countrys' TA and TL is different. Does anyone have a site where different country's TA and TL are available?
  4. Ok, Not sure if anyone out there has the same problem as I've been having with TOPCAT. TOPCAT will not be able to start. I've found the solution to this problem. You have to manually set the language for the non-unicode programs to English (found in Control Panel->regional and language settings -> Advanced tab. This seems to be an easy solution but on the other hand is very inconvenient because you have to restart windows everytime you change the settings and most of your non-eng programs will not be able to display the characters properly.Hope this temporary solution will help others until a better one comes out.
  5. Before i go buying this piece of wonderful software, just wanted to make sure if it would work on a 64bit version of windows.....coz not every application out there works ...thanks
  6. not every 32bit out there works..e.g. realplayer doesn't....so I just want to make sure before I make the purchase. ... has anyone tried it yet?
  7. does RC4 run on windows x64 version?
  8. I had the ELEC GEN OFF 1 signal displayed during flight. I followed the abnormal procedures and pressed the Drive DISC button for engine 1. Is that all to the procedure? i also noticed that the N1 value of engine 1 doesn't go up to the autothrottle commanded value (see pic) Also the oil temperature on the STAT page is -150C?? . Could anyone provide me with the full procedure for such a failure? ThanksEien Carter
  9. Ground effect is basically a level of cushion of air caused by the relative airflow flowing over the wings hitting the ground and being deflected. As more flaps are deployed, there will be more ground effect because of the amount of downwash created by the angle of the trailing flaps. The 'cushion' to be more precise is actually a increase in total reaction and a decrease in induced drag which results in a "increase" vertical speed without power increase. Not only on hard surface, ground effect could also be found on water surfaces. This natural effect is used by many birds that migrates long distances over vast water bodies.Eien
  10. cx822

    New Computer

    >Problem with that is you'll end up being slowed up by the>worst component. Have a look at the thread above ref graphics>cards.>>If you get a fast mainboard/processor and fit your old slow>graphics card, you'll still have poor performance.>>You'd just as well do it all at once. Just go as fast as you>can afford with everything. Athlon 64 3gB+, 1gB memory,>summink like an nVidia 6800 with 256k>>...... and once again, if you'r going to do this, get a case>with a 400w+ PSU - a 200w one will just not do.>>:-)Athlon 64 3gB+ ; nVidia 6800 with 256k?????
  11. Airport departure procedures and noise abatement procedures also play a role in the speed and thrust you take off and climb at. For example in Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport under normal procedures you must accelerate to 250kts before passing 3000ft AGL (Source : EnRoute Supplement Australia Publication).So check your charts/notams etc. and see what what speed restrictions you might need to follow as wellHope this helped you out a bit moreEien
  12. Hi guys,I'm just wondering what would be the best way to start up activesky and FS9 so that once i have the airport loaded all the weather would be loaded especially the wind as this determines the runway in use. Sometimes when the wind is loaded for example on an airfield with runway 16/34 the winds at first was 300 so obviously atc would choose active rwy to be 34 then when activesky loads the weather into FS9 the winds become 170 then active rwy should become 16 but FS9 doesn't change react to the change.thanks~EIen
  13. Is there a way to change the flight number from the previous flight to another one without reloading the whole aircraft?Eien
  14. What if both engine fails? Ever wonder why most airports in the world has a golf course or flat pieces of land in the close proximaty of the airport perimeters?=)Eien
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