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  1. Great program and very fast, even on my Surface Pro. But I have a couple of questions: EGSS doesn't show any SID procedures. EGTE doesn't show the Class D circle that surrounds it. Is there something further I should be doing to update the data? Many thanks Bill
  2. Hello, I recently bought this program in coordination with my purchase of FS Labs A320X because I'd read that this new plane may cause problems with VAS shutdowns. Until installing DX10 fixer, I'd never had any VAS problems. Ironically, I now have lots of VAS problems. Probably something I'm doing wrong. The reason for my post is that I can't seem to restore DX9. I've followed the instructions but when I run fsx afterwards, the scenery loading screen gets stuck on 80%. I would like to restore DX9 to check whether this improves the situation. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Bill
  3. Can't get the download link on the orblog site to work! Anyone else have this problem.Thanks
  4. The same issue has occasionally arisen for me so I would also be interested to read any feedback on your question.Renzo
  5. Is there anyway to configure the panel switcher so that it defaults to the zoom view of the Captains or First Officers panel when you click the relevant button rather than defaulting to the non-zoom view.I prefer the zoom view and just trying to save myself a button click by having to click twice to bring up the zoom view.Hope someone understands what I am on about.Renzo
  6. Thanks chaps but my fuel dump estimate is way off. 3 or 4 mins to drop 1 minute.Renzo
  7. Hi,I have noticed that when I activate fuel dump on the PMDG 747 and it annotates that it will take 13 minutes until the fuel level reaches the specified amount, 4 minutes later, it says there is still 12 minutes to go etc etc. The whole thing runs slowly. I am sure I am following the correct procedures and would be grateful for any advice.How fast should the fuel be leaving the aircraft and why does the clock and fuel dump appear to run slowly?ThanksRenzo
  8. Indeed, it was the font DPI set to 120.Thanks for your help in sorting this out chaps.Renzo
  9. I have put a screen shot of my PFD problem below if anyone is interested.
  10. Thanks Ron. Please read 'magenta' for 'magnenta'. Don't know where that extra 'n' came from.renzo
  11. I wondered whether someone could give me advice witth some problems I am having.I have a new vista laptop and I have installed the PMDG 737 NG on it.I have remembered to install the updates but I have the following issues:1.On the PFD, the magnenta altimeter reads '100' for both 1000ft and 10,000ft. On my old XP computer, the magnenta would read 1000, 5000, 10,000 etc. This install reads 100, 200 etc.2.On the 'About' screen, my vista version reads something like 2.4 whereas my XP version was something like 3.2. I noticed also that the 'options' screens are different.3. Lastly, and this is not a PMDG issue, can someone tell me where the FS9 joystick assignments are saved because I would like to copy them across to my new installation rahter than start from scratch again.ThanksRenzo
  12. Private message has been sent. Awaiting my download link.ThanksRenzo
  13. Thanks Ryan. Will do this evening. Pigeon already left though.Renzo
  14. I purchased 747X yesterday, with paypal, but have received no download link. I did receive confirmation of Order. I have emailed support with two different email addresses and received no automated response.I have just sent a pigeon with my details to your head office and hopefully he will be with you tomorrow.Yours Renzo Nicoletti
  15. Hello All,The time has come for me to buy a new computer and I would like some advice as to whether I will get away with buying a laptop to run FSX and the new 400X or whether I will only get satisfactory results on a PC.Bear in mind that I would be running the following:FSXPMDG 400XActiveskySqwarkboxWhat sort of specs should I be looking out for and can anyone recommend a particular laptop?ThanksRenzo
  16. Hi,I also paid with paypal and got PMDG order confirmation but no download email. Been a couple of hours but don't know how long is normal to wait.RegardsRenzo Nicoletti
  17. Just to add my name to the list of customers who would like this functionality on the 737 NGX.CheersRenzo
  18. Pod562


    Hello Alberto,I think what you have to do is tick the 'Allow Overhead to be undocked' box in the PMDG options menu at the top of your screen.No doubt others will confirm if I have that wrong.CheersRenzo
  19. Talking of John Travolta's 707, how I wish someone (and PMDG specfically as IMHO they are he best at jetliners) would make a realistic 707. I know this is a bit off topic and there is a greater chance of a camel passing through the eye of a needle but the 707 is such a great plane.Renzo
  20. I am having a problem with FS2crew for the PMDG 747 with regard to key assignments. The problem is that after installing this program and then assigning keystrokes to panel switching in the PMDG menu, I cannot then engage CMD L.The keystrokes I am assigning to panel switching are:CTRL ALT 1CTRL SHT 3CTRL SHT 5CTRL SHT 6CTRL SHT 7These do not appear to conflict with key assignments used by FS2Crew butwhen I assign them, CMD L doesn't work, if I remove them, it works again. This problem only occcurs if FS2Crew is installed.Any advice would be appreciated.Renzo
  21. Ron,I have the following observations regarding your suggestions:1. I note that you fly the 737NG. I do also and in two years I have never experienced a problem of this nature with it so I am minded to think that this relates to the 747 only.2. I do fly with Active Sky and I note that it can sometimes cause thethe plane to overspeed as a result of down drafts or otherwise.3. However, if the plane was descending too quickly in VNAV mode, you would ordinarily get a drag message followed by a VNAV disconnect.4. However, what I experienced was the plane overspeeding in the descent whilst (and probably caused by) the engines thrusting up to over 100% for no apparent reason. During this strange moment, the AP remained in VNAV mode with CMD L lit. This theoretically should be possible.5. I have a screen shot of the displays at the time which might give someone a clue to what is going on. I haven't displayed it because I don't know how to reduce the picture from 2.5MB in size to something you are permitted to post.ThanksRenzo
  22. Just to note that Peer's advice all but solved my problem.The reason for the slight caveat is that during a flight last night, descensing in VNAV mode, the 747 started to throttle up and speed, not only beyond the VNAV descent speed set but also beyond the overspeed limit.I changed to FLCH and that solved the problem but there are still obviously some issues still there for me.Thanks for input anyway.Renzo
  23. Thanks for all the advice. I will try your suggestions this evening Peer and report back. Thanks.Renzo
  24. I have the PMDG 737, 747 and 747F.I fly the 737 without any problems and have done so for over two years.However, I cannot get the 747 to function properly and have given up on the plane on numerous occasions, never having had a satisfactory flight.The problems is that the Autopilot, whether in LNAV, VNAV, FLCH etc does not behave in the way that I have been led to expect. The plane will fly above an altitude, notwithstanding a restriction in the MCP, it will sometimes fly a different course to that set in the CDU and appearing in the ND display. It sometimes climbs at 9000 ft a minutes in FLCH mode, busts through an altitude set in the MCP and then goes into a dive etc. Sometimes the CMD L won't engage at all. You get the picture.All the correct notations appear on the PFD as to what the autopilot should be doing and the CMD L light is lit.If I knew how to take a screen print (perhaps someone could tell me) I could show you all what I am seeing.The only addon I am using is Active sky and a CP flight MCP.Thanks for any advice that might be forthcoming.Renzo
  25. Ok Markus, you explanation is good enough for me. I am really more concerned with graphical quality than angle.RegardsRenzo
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