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  1. I think Bambi is going to need a bigger set of antlers.
  2. Nice to have a BBQ Bambi-berger now and again. Just wish they would stay out of the road.
  3. See, deer are vandals: that's why we need to kill then all.
  4. n77737

    Locking Frame Rate

    My experience: V-sync off frames unlimited, 40 to 140 FPS depending on where I'm flying, smooth and stutter free. Frames locked at 30, no change, the sim is fantastic. The big difference is that with the frames locked at 30 my video card is running 10 deg C cooler. So I will continue to lock my frames to ease thermal stress on the system.
  5. Bad timing. I'm in the process of loading my plane for the flight to Oshkosh. The DC6 will have to wait till after the fly-in.
  6. I had this problem with the X52 Pro Joy stick. The method below, from Saitek support worked. Try substituting your driver. Dave After the major Windows 10 update (build 1511) there have been a few reported issues with Microsoft. Try this short version first: - Connect X52 - Open device manager -> look for an USB input device with an ! - Right click: update driver - Choose "search on my PC" and then "let me pick" (2nd option) -> you get a list of 2 compatible devices - Now select the 1st option "USB input device" or something similar NB: NOT the 2nd one with USB X52 in the name!!! - Device should work now... If this does not work: this is the long version which was the first way I found to get it working again: - Plugin the X52 - Go to device manager and delete the X52 and USB devices with an ! sign (warning/not installed correctly) - Restart your PC - Unplug your X52 - Run the installer (with the latest beta drivers for W10) - When the screen pops up with the instruction to plugin your X52 -> plug it in... - Just let the installer run (with the NEXT button greyed out) and go to device manager - Right click on the X52 device and select update driver - Choose "search on my PC" and then "let me pick" (2nd option) -> you get a list of 2 compatible devices - Now select the 1st option "USB device" or something similar NB: NOT the 2nd one with USB X52 in the name!!! - Directly after this W10 detects your X52 and you can select NEXT in the installer - Install will continue and finish correctly The right selection of the USB device (AND NOT X52..) is important. If you select the X52 line you get a critical error and it stops.. Also I would recommend disabling FAST START. It seems that Windows starts too fast for USB devices to report themselves and to be enabled. You can find this option here: Energy management -> behaviour of on/off buttons -> Fast start is greyed out, but if you select "choose options which are not available right now" you can disable it. -
  7. n77737

    727 Upgrade

    On the overhead panel there are two covered switches for the remote compasses that need to be turned on. Not sure about the Vone gauge, works fine for me.
  8. n77737

    Douglas DC-6

    I was reaching for my credit card until I noticed two of the engines are about run out and the other two are over half time. I'll keep looking. Dave
  9. n77737

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    I'm wirh ya on a DC-3
  10. n77737

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    The FS world is awash in glass paneled airliners, I can't see purchasing another, however, the DC6 has been at the top of my want list since it was announced. Hope to hear some news one of these days. Dave
  11. n77737

    Captain Sim L1011 released.

    Looks petty, but I can not consider another CS product until they complete the 727.
  12. n77737

    Next PMDG plane, Boeing 727 ?

    Glad to hear that someone is considering a 727 for FSX. I stayed with FS9 for a long time, before switching to FSX, because I did not want to give up the DF727. If I had to choose only one aircraft to fly in the sim it would be the "Whisperjet". Dave
  13. n77737

    Next PMDG plane, Boeing 727 ?

    Of all the jet airliners, the 727 is my favorite. Since FS9 there is nothing out there worth having (yes, I did waste my money on the CS offering). My wishes for FSX are a 727 and DC3. Dave
  14. n77737

    Regretful purchases for FSX

    JustFlight DC-3, this product turned me away from JustFlight, no second chance for them. CS727, a great visual model and VC....but, they never finished it, the flight model, sounds and instrument programing are atrocious, (I sure wish Dreamfleet would have completed a 727 for FSX). If CS ever finishes a product let me know and I will take a look. Vertigo RV8, Nice model and flys well but some of the instruments and avionics behave just plane weird. These top my list of wasted money. Dave
  15. I have installed the following KONT files: ont2006_194593.zip, ont2006sp2_afcad.zip, ontups.zip and ontsp1.zip. The scenery is excellent, first class. I am having but one problem: at the arrival end of runways 26R and 8L there are vasi lights that do not belong and are centered right at the end of the runway's left edge. I checked the afcad and it indicates that should be papi4 lights but they do not show up. Any ideas?Dave